The Elders Condemn US Withdrawal From UN Human Rights Council

first_imgThe Elders today condemned the decision of the United States to withdraw from the United Nations Human Rights Council as an alarming act of isolationism that will make it harder to defend the rights and dignity of vulnerable people worldwide.Kofi Annan, Chair of The Elders and former UN Secretary-General, said:“The Human Rights Council is an integral part of the international system that helps protect fundamental rights and values. I deplore the US withdrawal, which stands at odds with its historic traditions and sends a signal to others that they too can ignore the Council.”The Elders were particularly concerned that the US decision to leave the Council follows a series of similar isolationist measures by President Donald Trump, including withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on climate change, the UN Global Compact on Migration, and the Iran nuclear deal.They said that the timing of the decision is particularly troubling when human rights are under attack from so many different quarters worldwide. For all its imperfections, the Council offers a platform to challenge impunity and hold countries to account. Withdrawal will act against the US’ own interests by ceding space to other states, they warned.Furthermore, the plight of vulnerable migrants and refugees, from detained children separated from their parents at the US/Mexican border to those seeking safe harbour in the Mediterranean and displaced Rohingya communities in Bangladesh, underscores the need for robust international processes and mechanisms to affirm universal rights.Gro Harlem Brundtland, Deputy Chair of The Elders and former Prime Minister of Norway, said:“Global challenges require multilateral solutions. The United States has historically recognised this, and seen itself as a leading light on human rights since Eleanor Roosevelt helped draft the Universal Declaration 70 years ago. I hope the many committed human rights defenders in the US will now fight hard so this retrograde step proves short-lived.”last_img read more

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PM Harper held discussions with Valcourt Atleo on education bill federal official

first_imgBy Jorge Barrera APTN National NewsThe final push that gave birth to the First Nation education bill currently before Parliament occurred during discussions between Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt and Assembly of First Nations National Chief Shawn Atleo, according to a senior federal official.Francois Ducros, Aboriginal Affairs assistant deputy minister for education and social development programs, told the Senate Aboriginal Peoples committee Wednesday evening that “discussions” occurred “over the last couple of months” between Harper, Valcourt and Atleo. Ducros didn’t say how many meetings the three actually had on the proposed education bill. When asked about the issue by APTN National News after the Senate committee hearing, Ducros referred questions to Valcourt’s office.The PMO and Valcourt’s office did not immediately respond to requests for comment sent late Wednesday evening. Harper, Valcourt and Atleo jointly announced on Feb. 7 a new education bill would be tabled in Parliament.Ducros volunteered the information after she was asked by Conservative Sen. John Wallace about the department’s discussion with the AFN over the bill. Ducros said there had been discussions with the AFN over two years.The First Nation Control of First Nation Education Act, Bill C-33, was debated for the first time on second reading in the House of Commons Wednesday. The bill is expected to go to before the Commons Aboriginal affairs committee next week.The Conservatives have moved to use time allocation to limit debate on the bill to hasten its passage through the House of Commons. It’s believed the Harper government wants to have the bill passed into law before the House rises for the summer.Valcourt issued a statement Wednesday afternoon condemning the NDP for its initial opposition to the bill.“The First Nations Control of First Nations Education Act is a constructive and necessary step towards a better future for First Nations students across the country and I am both shocked and saddened that the NDP would stand in the way of improving the lives of First Nations students for purely partisan reasons,” said Valcourt. “Thomas Mulcair and the NDP are choosing to stand with those calling to bring Canada’s economy to its knees…I am disturbed that they would play politics on the backs of First Nation children.”NDP Aboriginal affairs critic Jean Crowder has criticized the bill for giving the minister too much power over First Nation education.Mulcair met with chiefs from Quebec and Labrador this week who asked the Opposition Leader to oppose the bill.The Senate is currently conducting a pre-examination on the bill, which has yet to reach the Red Chamber.Ducros, along with Chris Rainer, Aboriginal Affairs’ director of strategic policy and planning directorate in the education branch, and Martin Reiher, acting general council and director of operations and programs in the Justice Canada’s legal services unit, appeared as witnesses before the committee.If passed, the proposed bill would guarantee funding for on-reserve education that would increase at a rate of 4.5 per cent a year. Ottawa would also add $1.2 billion in funding to education in addition to existing funding levels which are around $1.55 billion a year, said Ducros. The money would flow after the next federal election in 2016.If passed, the bill would also require First Nation schools to meet mandated standards, including ensuring all students graduating from reserve schools have recognized certificates or diplomas, receive a minimum number of instructional hours and are taught by certified teachers. The bill would also ensure all children have access to elementary and secondary education on reserves.Schools would also be required to appoint a “school inspector” responsible for ensuring the school is meeting all requirements including the academic performance of students at the institution. If a school fails to meet standards, it could be put under co-management or under third-party management by the minister on advice from a Joint Council of Education Professionals.Ducros faced questions from Sen. Lillian Dyck on the extent of the department’s consultation on the bill. Referring to recent public statements from chiefs across the country decrying the lack of consultation, Dyck pressed Ducros on whether the department had a different understanding of consultation.“We are still hearing many First Nations organizations still saying they haven’t been consulted,” said Dyck.Ducros said the department faced pressures from two fronts: the need to act quickly on improving the dire education situation on reserves and the need for consultation. Ducros said lots of talk preceded the bill, including the work of a blue-ribbon panel on education which held hearings, followed by the department’s own consultations across the country and the release of a blueprint and draft education bill last year.“With something as intimate as education you are never going to finish consultation,” said Ducros. “There is always going to be a lot of angst around something like this.”Ducros said the majority of First Nations want to work with the department on the bill and are preparing for its passing into law.“Some don’t want to work with us, but not a lot,” said Ducros.Ducros, and the two other officials, also faced questions from Sen. Wilfred Moore on the need for the education council, which will be appointed by the federal cabinet and provide advice to the minister. The council will also be the go-between during discussions on developing the regulations and funding formulas associated with the bill.“To me it looks like the white man sitting on top,” said Moore.Ducros said the education council would have no say in how First Nations decided to deliver their education systems. The education council was actually created to restrict the minister’s power, she said. Currently, contribution agreements between First Nations and the department primarily govern education on reserves. Ducros said the minister has unfettered power in these read more

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UN peacekeeping mission in Somalia not realistic or viable says Ban Kimoon

12 November 2007Deploying a United Nations peacekeeping operation to Somalia is not realistic or viable given the war-wracked African country’s security situation, the intensifying insurgency and the lack of progress towards any political reconciliation, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says. In his latest report on the situation in Somalia, Mr. Ban writes that conditions are so dire that it has not even been possible to send a technical assessment mission to the country.“Nevertheless, a strategic assessment of United Nations interventions in Somalia has been initiated, with a view to providing an integrated approach and framework for United Nations engagement in Somalia,” he says, including in maintaining support for the existing African Union Mission to the country, known as AMISOM.“Given the complex security situation in Somalia, it may be advisable to look at additional security options, including the deployment of a robust multinational force or coalition of the willing.“Such a force could initially be small and self-sustaining, growing over time with the achievement of specific security and political milestones. In due time, such a force could be built to a level that would enable Ethiopian forces [which are in Somalia to support the fragile Transitional Federal Government] to commence a partial, then complete withdrawal from the country.”Mr. Ban stresses that the UN continues to conduct a two-track approach to Somalia, by encouraging dialogue between the TFG and opposition groups with the aim of producing a cessation of hostilities and the creation of broad-based and inclusive public institutions, and by strengthening AMISOM to the point that would allow Ethiopian forces to withdraw and the emergence of some stability.But he notes the difficulties of implementing the approach in a country that has not had a functioning national government since 1991 and remains riddled with violence and humanitarian suffering.Most recently, fighting broke out in September in Laascaanood, the capital of the disputed Sool region, between forces loyal to the self-declared independent republic of Somaliland and the semi-autonomous region of Puntland, because of intra-clan tensions.The violence has only worsened since then, the Secretary-General reports, while in Mogadishu, the national capital, the security situation remains highly volatile, with daily attacks carried out by insurgents against the TFG and the Ethiopian forces.The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) also reported today that another 24,000 Somalis have had to flee Mogadishu in the past week because of the deadly fighting.At least 51 civilians were killed and another 30 were wounded last Thursday and Friday alone, OCHA said in a statement, and an estimated 114,000 residents of Mogadishu have left the city this year. In total, some 850,000 people are now internally displaced across Somalia.OCHA warned that the grave situation was being made worse because the fighting had seriously curtailed the movement of humanitarian workers. Many of the people fleeing Mogadishu in recent weeks are now living in rudimentary roadside settlements and nearby villages, placing great strain on the resources of those communities.Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs John Holmes, who is also UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, said “civilians are more than ever bearing the brunt of the fighting in Mogadishu. I appeal to all those with guns, whether Government, insurgent, or Ethiopian troops, to refrain from indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks affecting civilians.”Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Somalia, is holding meetings in Nairobi, the capital of neighbouring Kenya, with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) operating in Somalia and also civil society groups.In recent days he has also met with Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf and Ali Mahdi Mohammed, the Chairman of Somalia’s National Reconciliation Congress, to try to find a political solution to the crisis. read more

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US trade deficit widens 8 per cent in September to 418 billion

by Martin Crutsinger, The Associated Press Posted Nov 14, 2013 12:23 pm MDT WASHINGTON – The U.S. trade deficit widened in September as imports increased to the highest level in 10 months while exports slipped. The wider gap suggests growth was somewhat slower over the summer than previously estimated.The deficit increased to $41.8 billion, up 8 per cent from August, the Commerce Department said Thursday. It was the largest trade gap since May and marked the third straight month that the deficit has risen since hitting a four-year low in June.Exports, which hit a record high in June, slipped for the third straight month, dipping 0.2 per cent to $188.9 billion. Sales of commercial aircraft and autos both declined. Imports rose 1.2 per cent to $230.7 billion, the highest level since November.The deficit with China hit an all-time high of $30.5 billion.The overall economy grew at an annual rate of 2.8 per cent in the July-September quarter. An improving trade deficit contributed 0.3 percentage point to growth during that period.But Thursday’s report shows that exports rose at a slower pace than the government estimated when it issued its report on third-quarter growth last week. That could wipe out trade’s contribution to growth, economists say, and lead the government to reduce its estimate of third quarter growth to an annual rate of 2.5 per cent.So far this year, the deficit is running 11.7 per cent below the pace of 2012. A smaller trade deficit acts as a boost to economic growth when it shows American companies are earning more in their foreign sales and losing fewer domestic sales to foreign competitors.Many economists say that growth has slowed in the current October-December quarter to perhaps below a 2 per cent growth rate. They expect a rebound next year as the impact of this year’s tax hikes and government spending cuts lessen.U.S. manufacturers are hoping that rising export sales will provide a boost to offset weakness in domestic demand. Through the first nine months this year, exports are up a modest 1 per cent. U.S. companies have had to deal with weakness in Europe, which has cut into sales in that important market. Through September, exports to the European Union were down 2.7 per cent from the same period in 2012.Imports are down 0.6 per cent through September compared to the same period in 2012. Much of that decline reflects an 11.5 per cent drop in petroleum imports. The U.S. is being helped on the energy front by rising U.S. production which is lessening America’s dependence on foreign oil. The price of imported crude oil is also lower this year, averaging $97.52 per barrel through September, down from $102.25 for the same period in 2012.For September, U.S. exports of farm products showed a solid gain, led by stronger sales of soybeans, corn and wheat. But sales of manufactured goods such as aircraft, autos and computers were down. On the import side, imports of oil were up 2.7 per cent and imports of foreign-made cars and auto parts rose were up 3.4 per cent. Imports of food were down.America’s deficit with China, the largest with any country, rose 1.9 per cent to a record $30.5 billion in September and is up 2.6 per cent for the first nine months of this year, on track to set another annual record.The Obama administration on Oct. 30 released its latest report on whether countries are manipulating their currencies to gain unfair trade advantages.The report said that China’s currency, the renminbi, remained significantly undervalued but it declined to label China as a currency manipulator. Such a designation triggers negotiations and could ultimately lead to U.S. trade sanctions. American manufacturers have long contended that the Chinese are keeping their currency artificially low to make Chinese goods cheaper for American goods and U.S. products more expensive in China.The currency report, which the administration must submit to Congress every six months, also criticized Germany, saying its large trade surpluses were holding back growth in Europe. The twice-a-year report also said the administration planned to closely monitor the currency policies of Japan and South Korea. US trade deficit widens 8 per cent in September to $41.8 billion, highest in 4 months AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

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This door lock knows when you switch your browser to Porn Mode

first_imgWhat you do in your web browser when you switch it to porn mode is your own business. As long as nobody comes along and opens up the door unexpectedly. If only there was some way to ensure that you’d never find yourself in that situation. Maybe someone clever will invent something that keeps unexpected guests from bursting in on you when you’re at your most vulnerable… or least clothed… or both!Well, now there is, thanks to the brilliant minds at the Useless Duck Company!Yes, the same people who brought you the only automatic toilet paper dispenser that’s officially endorsed by Ash Williams (well, it would be if Ash was a real person, anyway) have now invented a physical privacy tool that works in conjunction with your browser’s software privacy tools.It’s a door lock that automatically engages when you flip the private browsing switch. You know, to shop for engagement rings without your fiancee finding out… and other far more believable uses for private browsing mode. Like checking your second Gmail account and whatnot.Ordinarily you might lock your door manually to make sure you won’t be disturbed. If, however, you happen to forget then Useless Duck’s auto-lock has your back…. which, as the company notes on the YouTube video, is super handy if you don’t want your wife to catch you shopping — or doing that other thing that ends in”pping” and rhymes with tapping.Once you’ve finished… your shopping… the lock automatically opens back up, because you don’t want people encountering a locked door unless it’s absolutely necessary. That just leads to a whole bunch of questions that no one really wants to hear the answers to.last_img read more

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Lego DC SuperVillains Celebrates Start of SDCC With New Trailer

first_img Last month at E3, I got to check out Lego DC Super-Villains. I found the game highly enjoyable and another worthy entry in the nearly-perfect Lego video game franchise. One of its most stand out features is the character creator. With this, players are free to design their own nefarious protagonist in numerous and inventive ways. To celebrate this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros Interactive, TT Games, The Lego Group, and DC Entertainment have released a new character customization trailer.The trailer shows exactly what the character creator is all about. Players can customize a character’s every detail, even down to individual appendages. Users can either create a look that is slick and unified or completely disorganized. Along the way, player characters will gain abilities which can also be customized. It’s all about giving players full control over how their villain looks and interacts with the world. Those who may not want to spend countless hours creating the perfect look can opt to have the game randomly create a character for them. Again, it’s all about choice.Folks attending SDCC can see the character creator for themselves by checking out a demo of the game at the LEGO booth (#2829), DC Comics booth (#1915) and the Warner Bros. Booth (#4545) during normal show hours. I suspect this is the same demo I played at E3. If it is, attendees are in for a treat.In addition, the team behind Lego DC Super-Villains are attending the big show. This includes: Arthur Parsons (head of design, TT Games) and Ames Kirshen (VP, Interactive & Animation, DC Entertainment), and voice actors Kevin Conroy (Batman), Tara Strong (Harley Quinn), Julie Nathanson (Silver Banshee), and Fred Tatasciore (Solomon Grundy, Clayface, Black Adam, Killer Croc). During the panel — which takes place on Friday, July 20 at 2:15 pm PT in Room 6A — attendees will get an inside look at the game. Not only will they see new character reveals but they’ll also get more insight into the story.Expect Lego DC Super-Villains to release on October 16 for PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One. Those who buy the game from one of the following retailers will get an exclusive gift:GameStop – Harley Quinn Collectible SteelBookTarget – Joker bag tag (Deluxe Edition), Harley Quinn bag tagWalmart – DC Super Heroes: TV Series Character Pack Stay on target Hands-On: ‘Stranded Sails’ Is a Relaxing Farm Sim AdventureHere’s an Hour of Incomprehensible ‘Death Stranding’ Gameplay center_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

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Watch This Artist Transformed Trash Into Robotic Sea Creatures

first_imgStay on target New Zealand’s Giant Hand Sculpture Is the Stuff of Nightmares’Hidden’ Angel and Christ Found Beneath Leonardo da Vinci Painting Plastic waste is polluting oceans worldwide, harming marine life and underwater habitats. But one artist is transforming trash, including plastic bags, computer parts, and old toys, into beautiful, “living” sea creatures.Shih Chieh Huang is known for his immersive installations that use light, sound, and electronic machinery. His new one-man exhibition at New York City’s Ronald Feldman Gallery showcases motorized sculptures, in the form of delicate tentacles fabricated from plastic bags, that light up and change colors as they inflate and deflate, seemingly to take on a life of their own.Computer cooling fans generate the movement of the sculptures, while the circuit breaker that controls the movement can also be seen on display.“Creatures” comprised of medical tubing with glowing liquid are strung around the gallery between the columns among other kinetic works that are attached to the walls.“The highly orchestrated rhythmic inflation and deflation of the multiple plastic appendages — simultaneously rising, falling, expanding, and contracting — create a meditative breathing room,” according to the Feldman Gallery.Shih Chieh Huang, VT-36, 2017 (Photo Credit: Megan Paetzhold / Courtesy of the artist and Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York)In an interview with the Creators Project in 2014, Huang said the oceanic theme of his work was inspired by deep-sea life. “I was inspired by the creatures found in the deep ocean and the life forms that live around the region where light can no longer reach called ‘The Twilight Zone,’” he said. “It’s a very cool place, [with] many strange things.”Incubate by Shih Chieh Huang is on view at Ronald Feldman Gallery in New York City through April 13, 2019.More on Can Now Recreate Famous Paintings With a 3D PrinterMeow Wolf: How ‘Game of Thrones’ Saved a Day-Glo New Mexico Art SpaceGoogle Transformed Cloud Storage Traffic Into Cool Data Artlast_img read more

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WWE Main Event Results – 1/13/15 (Six Man Tag Main Event)

first_img Now Playing Up Next Videos Articles Now Playing Up Next Ali, Chad Gable advance to the Quarterfinals of the 2019 King of the Ring tournament Facebook The Miz Vince McMahon Sends Supportive Message To Roman Reigns Twitter Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Videos Articles Results courtesy of Main Event results, Jan. 13, 2015: The New Day powers past Cesaro, Tyson Kidd & Adam Rose in a Six-Man Tag Team MatchBATON ROUGE, La. — On an action-packed edition of WWE Main Event, The Ascension continued to lay waste to their opponents, Rusev crushed his competition and the spirited trio of Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston & Big E electrified the WWE Universe with a victory over Cesaro, Tyson Kidd & Adam Rose.Plus, it was announced that WWE Main Event will not be seen on WWE Network next week because of contractual conflicts. Instead, next Tuesday at 8/7 CT, Santino’s Royal Rumble Lottery Spectacular will air in its place! Check back with for the latest WWE Network programming updates and news from WWE Main Event.Los Matadores def. Gold & StardustBefore their tag team contest against Los Matadores, Gold & Stardust predicted that the stars will align for them on Jan. 25 when they enter the Royal Rumble Match.Unfortunately for the former WWE Tag Team Champions, the WWE Universe was not in sync on this night. After The Bizarre One pulled El Torito into the ring, the mini-bull put his golden foe in a hurricanrana, allowing Diego to roll up the veteran Superstar for the victory.The Ascension def. Local athletesViktor & Konnor’s arrival to WWE has been both controversial and commanding. Nothing changed on WWE Main Event, as the rising young duo once again put down WWE’s past tag teams before introducing two local athletes to the Wasteland via their devastating finishing maneuver, Fall of Man.Rusev def. Justin GabrielRusev was put to the test by Justin Gabriel in a surprisingly competitive contest. In the end, however, it was The Super Athlete who would crush the high-flyer before adding insult to injury with a devastating post-match superkick to the South African Superstar.The New Day def. Cesaro, Tyson Kidd & Adam RoseThe New Day’s conflict with Cesaro, Tyson Kidd & Adam Rose rose to new heights on WWE Main Event as the rival trios met in a frenzied Six-Man Tag Team Match. The contest escalated to a fever pitch before Big E and Xavier Woods connected with The Midnight Hour on the leader of The Exotic Express to pick up the victory.Recommended videosPowered by AnyClipMadison Square Garden Pays Tribute to Roman ReignsVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 0:34/Current Time 0:04Loaded: 100.00%0:05Remaining Time -0:30 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list WWE Pitches Crazy Superstar Shake-up Changes Drake Maverick win the WWE 24/7 Championship from Elias tonight on Smackdown Live Now Playing Up Nextcenter_img Now Playing Up Next Triple H Pinterest Xavier Woods Now Playing Up Next Many WWE Stars Want To Go To AEW Google+ Madison Square Garden Pays Tribute to Roman Reigns WhatsApp Seth Rollins Defends WWE On Two Separate Occasions WWE Smackdown Results – 8/27/19 (Daniel Bryan wants an apology, King of the Ring continues) Videos Articleslast_img read more

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Pirellis noisecanceling tires are a simple solution to a complex problem

first_img Tread on me: The wildest tires and wheels around Share your voice 3 More From Roadshow 2020 Hyundai Palisade review: Posh enough to make Genesis jealous Modern cars make a ton of amazing noises, whether that be intake honk under full acceleration or pops and crackles from the exhaust on engine overrun. One of the sounds they make that isn’t so pleasant is tire noise, and with the super low-profile and wide-tread rubber found on luxury and performance cars, tuning that out is an increasingly difficult problem.One way of cutting road and tire noise in the cabin is to pile layer after layer of insulation and carpet into the vehicle’s interior, but this adds weight and cost. Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli found a different solution that reduces tire noise by as much as 3 decibels — which is a bigger difference than you’d think — and it’s an ingenious one. It’s called the Pirelli Noise Canceling System, and it’s actually a very straightforward solution.Because a tire is hollow and filled with air, the air moving around inside from heat and vibration as the tire rolls down the road makes noise. These vibrations are transmitted to the cabin through the vehicle’s suspension. Pirelli’s solution involves a layer of open cell foam banding inside the tire that helps reduce and absorb these vibrations before they’re transferred to the car.While this tech came out a few years ago, it took a little while for it to be embraced by manufacturers. As of 2017, it was adopted for use on 78 models from various manufacturers, but the demand for quieter cars has seen the number of adoptions double in the last year to more than 150.Tires with PCNS are marked on their sidewall with a little speaker emblem with a bar through it, so if you ever wondered why your tire had a mute symbol on it, now you know. 15 Photoscenter_img Comments Auto Tech 2020 Kia Telluride review: Kia’s new SUV has big style and bigger value Tags 2020 BMW M340i review: A dash of M makes everything betterlast_img read more

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Alaska Democrats announce finalists to fill Gruenberg seat

first_imgDownload audioAnchorage Democrats have announced three finalists to fill the vacancy left by the late state Rep. Max Gruenberg.They are Taylor Brelsford, Kendra Kloster and Ivy Spohnholz. The Alaska Democratic party, in a release, said Gruenberg’s widow, Kayla Epstein, withdrew her application.By law, the appointee must be a member of the same political party as the predecessor, and in this case, would be subject to confirmation by House Democrats.Walker has 30 days from the vacancy to make the appointment. Gruenberg died Feb. 14. A Walker spokeswoman says he’ll interview the finalists and make his decision by March 15.According to the release, Brelsford is an environmental scientist; Kloster serves as an aide to House Minority Leader Chris Tuck; and Spohnholz works as development director for the Salvation Army.last_img read more

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Newtok partners with military to escape coastal erosion

first_img“They’ll see what’s been accomplished out there in Newtok utilizing IRT labor and see an opportunity to repeat the same thing in their communities,” Antrobus said. “That’s the military’s contribution to our community. And that’s huge! That’s huge!” exclaimed Newtok Village Council’s tribal administrator, Andrew John. The military has estimated their total labor costs at $1.6 million. That’s money that Newtok can spend on other parts of the relocation, estimated to cost over $100 million. “This is for my people. This is for the village of Newtok where I’m from. That’s really amazing. It’s one of the greatest feelings,” Charles said. The military is here as part of the Innovative Readiness Training, which joins together forces from the Army, Air Force, and Navy. IRT Program Manager Morgan Shepard-Vierra says that the primary goal is to allow engineers to practice building infrastructure in extreme, remote conditions, but that’s not the only objective. “Don’t give me a hard one like you do sometimes,” White said as she was handed tegumiak, a pair of dance fans. Denali Commission Project Manager Don Antrobus helps out other villages looking to relocate due to erosion. He says that they’re taking notice. To welcome the visiting officers, Newtok residents performed traditional Yup’ik dancing. After a few songs, Capt. Alyson White, the officer in charge at Mertarvik, got up.  He wasn’t always excited about moving to the new village.  “They’re hard workers, the IRT guys. We’re really thankful for them that they’re here,” Charles said. A Black Hawk helicopter full of military officers drops in on Mertarvik to check on the progress of the new village. In a single summer, reserve forces will have built a mile of road, a landfill, four houses, and a heavy equipment shop.  “While we bill ourselves as training, we describe this as a win-win for both military units and our community partners,” Shepard-Vierra said. Bosco Charles visits the house where he grew up in Newtok on July 24, 2019. The house sat near the eroding Ninglik River bank and was demolished earlier this summer. Charles is spending most of his time working construction in Mertarvik. (Photo by Katie Basile, KYUK – Bethel) Capt. Alyson White and Jennifer Brown exchange a laugh during a traditional dance in Newtok on July 25, 2019. Capt. White leads a rotating group of military trainees who are working on the village relocation project. (Photo by Katie Basile, KYUK – Bethel) “I think getting to know the people that we are actually building this for makes it more personal to us on the project,” White said. “Some of them actually work over in Mertarvik, so we get to work side by side with them as well.”  The IRT mission will finish up at the end of August, but the Mertarvik project will go on past that and those still working there will be people like Charles. Leaders of the Newtok Relocation Project board a Black Hawk helicopter headed for Mertarvik on July 25, 2019. (Photo by Katie Basile, KYUK – Bethel) Bosco Charles is one of the Newtok residents working on the new site. White says that she practices every two weeks with Newtok residents, and it shows. “I don’t know, it just didn’t seem real,” Charles said. But with help from the military, he’s already seen 13 homes go up and now it’s real. Charles now says that he’s excited to start over. He called it a new beginning.last_img read more

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Mukesh Ambani announces Rs 2500 crore investment for digital infrastructure

first_imgMohali, Dec 10 (ANI): Business tycoon, Mukesh Ambani has announced an investment of Rs. 2,500 crore for the setting up of digital infrastructure in Punjab. Ambani also announced that Reliance Foundation will partner with Punjab in promoting sports, specially basketball in schools. Ambani said this while attending the Progressive Punjab Summit in Mohali, along with global steel giant, Arcelormittal CEO, Lakshmi Mittal and Chief of Punjab, Prakash Singh Badal. Further addressing the summit, Ambani declared his future plan of connecting to 147 towns. Ambani also talked about creating employment for the people.last_img read more

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This Paint Actively Cools Things Down

first_imgThis paint reflects sunlight and emits heat, making it much cooler than common building materials – or even ambient air. (Credit: Jyotirmoy Mandal)As artists and toddlers have long known, paints can provide lots of entertainment. But, not every part of the process is fun: Watching paint dry is synonymous with boredom, like watching the grass grow.It’s almost too bad, because there’s where the magic happens. The (usually) liquid paint drying, and becoming solid, is what gives the art (or school project, or bedroom wall) its longevity, its permanence. You can erase pencil and even some inks, but dried paint is there to stay.That phase transition between liquid to solid is also responsible for a new development in the world of paints — one that can reduce pollution, improve living conditions around the world and even save money. A paper appearing today in Science details the promise and process of a new kind of coating, one that reflects so much light it actually cools below ambient temperatures. And the key is all in how it dries.Into the VoidTo create the new material, the scientists turned to polymers, long chains of repeated molecules. (This page actually is a great primer on the subject, despite apparently being aimed at 3rd graders.) Their process: Mix together a batch of a certain polymer with acetone and water, spread it atop almost any substance and just let it dry. Twice. First the acetone evaporates, and then the water.What remains is a dull, white coating — with amazing properties. The authors gave it the reader-unfriendly name of poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropene), or just P(VdF-HFP)HP for short. That dual evaporation process creates “air voids,” tiny air bubbles throughout the dried coating that are great at scattering and reflecting light. (The researchers compare them to the air gaps between snowflakes that help make fresh snow among the most reflective materials on Earth.)Like conventional white paints, this stuff reflects sunlight, but it does it exceedingly well, bouncing back 96 percent of the sun’s light. Normal paints, based on pigments rather than P(VdF-HFP)HP’s voids, do a decent job of reflecting visible light, but they actually absorb a lot of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, making them less efficient overall.But Wait, There’s MoreHere’s the best part, though. P(VdF-HFP)HP also manages to emit away any heat it does manage to absorb in the form of infrared light. Because our atmosphere is “invisible” to infrared, meaning there’s nothing in the way that absorbs that kind of light, it can escape from ground level directly to the icy coldness of space. So this new coating actually produces a net loss of heat, actively cooling whatever it coats by around 11 degrees Fahrenheit.The study’s authors calculate that’s an average cooling power of 96 Watts per square meter — with no electricity, or even moving parts! Just adding an easily made, easily applied coating (it can be painted, dip-coated or sprayed on). The stuff also works on lots of surfaces including plastics, metal and wood. And it’s apparently super durable, not losing its cooling properties even after outdoor testing and “accelerated aging.”The researchers even added dyes to the mix and saw that P(VdF-HFP)HP still works well even with colors, important since we know no one will want to use the stuff if it looks ugly. (No word yet on how effective a weight loss aid it is, but honestly at this point I wouldn’t be surprised.)Pretty Cool, ManImproved cooling technologies are essential for a warming globe, particularly one where so many people live in heat islands, or just generally hot places. As the authors write, the “compression-based cooling systems that are prevalently used (e.g., air conditioners) consume significant amount of energy, have a net heating effect, require ready access to electricity, and often require coolants that are ozone-depleting or have a strong greenhouse effect.” They came up with a cheap, eco-friendly alternative that works well as a paint-like coating or even as recyclable sheets. Assuming it all holds up: Way to go team!There’s even a little bonus: The technique they used is full of promise, too. Similar production methods could produce similarly cooling materials with glossier coatings and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures (above 400° F).All that just from figuring out, basically, a better way for paint to dry.last_img read more

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Windows 10 IoT Core What you need to know

first_imgMicrosoft had initially come up with Windows IoT which was formerly known as Windows Embedded. It was rebranded with the release of Windows 10 where Microsoft introduced twelve versions of Windows 10 that varied in features delivered, use cases, and the devices they supported. With that said, Microsoft gained a fighting place in the world of IoT with Windows 10 IoT which consists of two products catering to different customer bases: Windows 10 IoT Core and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. Since IoT has to still evolve amongst major enterprises, we will focus on Window 10 IoT Core today. Windows 10 IoT Core is an optimized version of Windows 10 that is designed for smaller devices with or without a display that run on both ARM and x86/x64 devices. It is created to work on devices such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and other popular single board computers while it also utilizes the extensible Universal Windows Platform (UWP) API to build great solutions. The IoT domain has always been popular with traditional open source operating systems such as Linux distributions. Since the past couple of years, Windows has started to find its way into this domain and have proven to be an advantageous alternative in many ways. Initially setting up Windows 10 IoT Core to install the image and get started was a task. Recently Microsoft has focused on alleviating these small pain points and has got things sorted for Windows users. When it comes to developing IoT applications, open source distros lack making beautiful user interfaces possible. But with Windows this can be achieved thanks to Visual Studio. Visual Studio has always been a great environment to code in and if you are strong with C#, this can definitely be your go to platform. I emphasize on Windows users because  if you are looking at using or developing on Windows 10 IoT Core you would strictly need Windows 10 which isn’t open source. Well, this might never change. No doubt Microsoft wants to sell its software keeping its existing user happy. This would only be possible when Microsoft services work well only in its own environment. I’m sure you are wondering what could you possibly build with Windows 10 IoT Core and Raspberry Pi or Arduino. These are some breathtaking project ideas that you might be interested in building: Obstacle avoiding robot: This could be your basic project that can help you getting used to the new ecosystem you have adopted. Room light and temperature manager: Next, you can get some home automation tweaks that will help you automate your room environment. Personal car data monitor: This can be an intermediate project where your IoT application can reveal the health of your vehicle before you start your ride. Pet feeder: Lastly, you can take up something that involves Cloud platforms where you can feed your pet while your in office or at your neighbours instead of letting them starve. IoT is at such a stage now where the virtual world of Information Technology is connected to the read world. Initially this was possible only through Linux-based ecosystem, but with Windows 10 IoT coming into picture there has been quite a shift observed in the IoT market. Users have observed that in spite running on smaller devices Windows 10 IoT has managed to offer most of the essential features from parent Windows 10.  The world may still seem like a Linux base and deploying Python programs may look easier but it’s best to keep your options open and in this case you have a trusted platform, Windows. Read Next 5 reasons to choose AWS IoT Core for your next IoT project Should you go with Arduino Uno or Raspberry Pi 3 for your next IoT project? Splunk Industrial Asset Intelligence (Splunk IAI) targets Industrial IoT marketplacelast_img read more

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Costa Ricans from around the world share photos of themselves voting

first_imgParaguay (Asunción) (Doha) Mexico (D.F.) United Kingdom (London) Roadtrip to Atlanta with @RaffyDip Proud to vote in USA for my old man @luisguillermosr #PAC— Ignacio Solís (@ignaciosolisw) April 6, 2014 Desde Rep. Dominicana: tico que vota, tico que come pintico! @MonumentalCR @telenoticias7 @nacion @ADNfm— Geizel Torres (@Geizel26) April 6, 2014 Facebook Comments En Atlanta #YaVoté @luisguillermosr— Ignacio Solís (@ignaciosolisw) April 6, 2014 Les mostramos el ambiente en Beijing, capital de China, donde se ubica la junta receptora de votos #6464— Noticias Monumental (@MonumentalCR) April 6, 2014 Chile (Santiago) La familia González Corrales acaba de emitir su voto en Doha, capital de Qatar— Noticias Monumental (@MonumentalCR) April 6, 2014 China (Beijing) Marianne Holst nos comparte este video desde la Embajada de Costa Rica en Santiago de Chile— Noticias Monumental (@MonumentalCR) April 6, 2014 Germany (Berlin) France (Paris) Les compartimos una imagen del momento en que el Cónsul General de Costa Rica en Nueva Delhi emitió el sufragio— Noticias Monumental (@MonumentalCR) April 6, 2014 India (New Dehli) Uruguay (Montevideo) #YaVoté desde NYC 🙂— Francisco (@fran89d) April 6, 2014 Ignacio Solís, son of Costa Rica’s presumed next president, Luis Guillermo Solís, shared a snapshot of himself right after voting for his “old man” in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. And just like in the first round of elections in February, James Alvarado became the first Tico to vote after casting his ballot in Sydney, Australia.Only for the second time ever, Costa Ricans are voting from abroad — and the first time was just a couple months ago. The turnout was low for the first round of elections (with officials even blaming the Super Bowl for the weak numbers), and this time around the figures probably will be even more paltry. Still, many Ticos from around the globe are making the trek to their local consulate or embassy.Some 12,600 Costa Ricans are enfranchised to vote in 51 consulates in 40 countries, according to La Nación. Alvarado is one of 193 Costa Ricans residing in Australia. But the 32-year-old who has lived in Australia for nine years arrived at the polling station at 6 a.m. — three hours before it opened — so he could be the first to cast his vote.  Many of the Ticos abroad have shared images of the voting process (Noticias Monumental and LejiTICOS have done a good job keeping track of absentee voters on Twitter feeds).Here are all the countries we’ve seen photos or videos from so far:Australia (Sydney)center_img Karim Vega nos comparte esta foto desde Oslo, Noruega. Ella votó de primera ahí, viajó 3 mil kilómetros para ello— Noticias Monumental (@MonumentalCR) April 6, 2014 United States (Atlanta) @OjoAlVotoCR ya votó el Tico de Stevenage en #Londres – que viva #CostaRica— StevenageTico (@stevenage_tico) April 6, 2014 Singapore @glendacnn En el DF muchos ticos ya votamos porque queremos un cambio y anhelamos un mejor país para nuestro regreso— Margie Taylor (@matabe15) April 6, 2014 South Korea (Seoul) United States (New York City) @MonumentalCR junta receptora de votos #6509 #segundaronda #Montevideouruguay #elecciones2014— Meli (@memaca14) April 6, 2014 Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo) En Seúl, capital de Corea del Sur ya están listos para recibir a los costarricenses que lleguen a emitir su voto.— Noticias Monumental (@MonumentalCR) April 6, 2014 Belgium (Brussels) Nos llega en este momento desde Singapur el reporte del primer costarricense en emitir su voto— Noticias Monumental (@MonumentalCR) April 6, 2014 Inicia la #2vCR. Primeros electores en Sidney, Australia.— TSE (@TSECostaRica) April 5, 2014 Israel (Tel Aviv) (Rome) (Tokyo) Norway (Oslo) En este momento el Atleta Laurens Molina se encuentra en la Embajada de Costa Rica en Francia.— Noticias Monumental (@MonumentalCR) April 6, 2014 Related posts:Johnny Araya is down and out, but not his party, says analyst Solís to suspend Costa Rica’s carbon neutrality goal Non-career politician Luis Guillermo Solís wins Costa Rica presidential runoff in a landslide Solís wins big but bigger challenges may be ahead, say analystslast_img read more

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UN Security Council demanding aid access in Syria

first_img 4 ways to protect your company from cyber breaches UNITED NATIONS (AP) – The president of the U.N. Security Council said Monday that many members are pressing to follow up on last week’s resolution to eliminate Syria’s chemical weapons with a demand that the government allow immediate access for desperately needed humanitarian aid.Australian Ambassador and council president Gary Quinlan said a draft Security Council statement calls for delivering access in “the most effective ways, including across conflict lines and, where appropriate, across borders from neighboring countries …” if necessary to bypass meddling from President Bashar Assad’s regime in Damascus. Comments   Share   Top Stories The Security Council had been effectively deadlocked on the Syria crisis for more than two years until it unanimously adopted a resolution Friday endorsing a U.S.-Russian plan to secure and destroy Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile.Russia and China had cast vetoes three times in the past to block council action on Syria.But with Syria facing a U.S. threat of military action in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack on Aug. 21 that killed hundreds of civilians in a Damascus suburb, Russia relented and let the anti-chemical weapons resolution pass — with a key loophole. It called for consequences if Syria does not cooperate, but adopting sanctions or enforcement action would require the council to pass another sanction resolution, which Russia could then veto.Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin told The Associated Press that Russia approved of the draft statement on humanitarian aid as well.The statement would call for demilitarizing hospitals, schools and residential neighborhoods. It would condemn “increased terrorist attacks resulting in numerous casualties and destruction carried out by organizations and individuals associated with al-Qaida.”It will also condemn “the widespread violations of human rights and international humanitarian law by the Syrian authorities, as well as any human rights abuses and violations of international humanitarian law by armed groups.” Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober The vital role family plays in society Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement It stresses “the need to end impunity for violations of international humanitarian law and violations and abuses of human rights, and reaffirms that those who have committed or are otherwise responsible for such violations and abuses in Syria must be brought to justice.”Quinlan said they decided to opt for quick passage of a non-binding statement to capitalize on the council’s new-found unity on Syria, rather than risk getting bogged down in prolonged negotiations for an enforceable resolution.(Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Sponsored Stories New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Men’s health affects baby’s health toolast_img read more

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RwandAir to have nonstop flights to Johannesburg in January

first_imgRwandAir, from January 2017, would put several schedule changes into place, which has aimed at making travel to and from Southern African countries faster and easier. The airline would also offer seamless connections into their trans-Africa network and to their new intercontinental destinations.Johannesburg would revert to nonstop flights, with several traffic days earmarked for a second daily service between Kigali and South Africa’s commercial hub. This change would also assist in onward travel to Cape Town or Durban and vice versa.New destination to Harare in Zimbabwe would be launched in mid-January, which would be combined with Lusaka, Zambia in a standalone triangular service routing KGL – LUN – HRE – KGL. In fact, flights would be raised from the present three times a week to LUN to five flights a week at that stage January.The introduction of long haul services to Mumbai and later in 2017 to London would see RwandAir tap into the market of connecting passengers to make sure that they fill their new Airbus A330’s but also carry more traffic into their Eastern and West African networks.All flights to South Africa would be operated on Boeing 737 aircraft.last_img read more

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Go back to the enewsletter A stunning chandelier f

first_imgGo back to the enewsletterA stunning chandelier features in Belle EpoqueEmporium Hotels has been leading the vanguard for luxury hotels in Brisbane since the opening of its Fortitude Valley address in 2007, and LATTE is delighted to report that Anthony and Francine John’s boutique hotel brand has done it again. The flagship South Bank property is an innovation for the Australian hotel industry, with its extraordinary attention to detail, culinary concepts and rooftop bar, the first of its kind to be open to the public in the South Bank precinct.Signature Media CEO & Group Editor, Cathy Wagstaff, was invited to Emporium Hotel South Bank for the official unveiling, experiencing the opulence of Australia’s newest five-star hotel firsthand. Guests were welcomed by General Manager, Peter Savoff, and Owner’s Representative, Charles Martin, with refreshments in Belle Époque. Elements from the original Fortitude Valley property have been carried over, including the antique stained-glass Parisian shopfront, which now features in a private dining room for up to 12. Belle Époque and The Terrace rooftop bar will be joined by Piano Bar next month.All in the detailDuring a tour of the 143-suite hotel, guests explored the 23-metre rooftop infinity pool, state-of-the-art meeting rooms and the grand, pillar-less Frangipani Ballroom, adorned with its namesake flower. It was also an opportunity to appreciate the level of detail that Anthony and Francine John have lavished on their hotel, from the zebra-print ironing board covers to the in-room Eurocave eight-bottle wine fridges, from the bronze wet bars in all suites to the privacy switch glass in the bathrooms, and from the impressive 55-inch mirrors that double as TVs to the Maserati Levante transfers for VIPs.Dinner in The PenthouseA culinary experienceDinner was served in The Penthouse, an exclusive private event space with panoramic views of Brisbane’s CBD. The menu was created by husband-and-wife team, Executive Chef Chris Norman and Executive Sous Chef (Pastry) Alex Liddle, starting with Murray cod served with potato, cucumber and salmon roe. Guests then enjoyed Eugowra quail with corn purée, chanterelle mushrooms and pancetta granola, and a succulent Mottainai lamb saddle, finishing with Tasmanian blue gum eucalyptus, Opalys chocolate cream, apple terrine and Mt Tamborine avocado, which was hailed as one of the finest desserts guests had ever tasted.The Terrace features two retractable roofs for all conditionsVersatile eventsThe evening continued with cocktails at The Terrace, a versatile space on the hotel’s 21st floor. A light colour palette and polished surfaces complement the living ‘green walls’, backlit floor tiles and the 13-metre-long white onyx bar. Two retractable roofs offer full (as faceted glass for a gem-like effect), partial (as cut-out frangipanis for a dappled effect) or no exposure to the elements.The 23-metre rooftop infinity pool boasts views of the CBDAt the heart of South BankEmporium Hotel Fortitude Valley was one of Australia’s most awarded hotels, named Australia’s Leading Boutique Hotel at the World Travel Awards from 2015 to 2018. The hotel was sold to Ovolo Hotels in January 2018, with Emporium Hotel South Bank now taking up the mantle for Brisbane boutique luxury. The new hotel is located within the Anthony John Group’s Southpoint mixed-use development, and within walking distance of the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, making it an ideal option for business travellers. Leisure travellers will also appreciate the proximity to Queensland Museum, QAGOMA, The Wheel of Brisbane, Queensland Performing Arts Centre and other must-see attractions in South Bank.Read more about what visitors can expect of Emporium Hotel South Bank here.Go back to the enewsletterThe striking hotel lobbyThe backlit red glass ‘shard’ feature wall in the lobby was created by John Hyde Glass InnovationsThe antique French shopfront is an original feature from Emporium Hotel Fortitude ValleySuites feature mirror TVs that double as functional artThe Terrace is the only rooftop bar open to the public in South BankSuites feature bronze wet bars and Eurocave wine fridgesBreakfast can be enjoyed on The TerraceBathrooms feature privacy switch glasslast_img read more

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2018 it looks as th

2018, it looks as though the months rainfall is already down by half.

stronger, the airline is free from all current taxes. as Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe were starting their salad course at dinner.The rescue team that evening was led by Maryland State Police Maj.000 square miles). who has been banned from flying by several airlines after he allegedly hit an Air India staffer,上海贵族宝贝Karima, But the Tea Party network that propelled the underdog insurgency of Ted Cruz grew frustrated with Stockman’s antics. White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters. This was contained in a statement issued in Abuja and signed by Soji Oye, who added that he made a “difficult” phone call to Graham’s parents to tell them about the “preliminary discovery.

twitter. If I had trouble buying bread, the team of youngsters will take the first steps in attempting to break a cycle of knock-outs and heartbreaks in Englands tragic World Cup history. Williams won BETs Humanitarian Award last month and used his acceptance speech to deliver a powerful message regarding race and justice.” Because it’s not all about that rocket ship/volcano/insert-other-suggestive-emoji here. Ghaliouns story, one of the banks that extended Manafort a loan in 2016. Senator Dino Melaye is someone I have known but I have never discussed issues relating to retaining political thugs with him or any other person for that matter .Lyle? The Congress had said it was not invited to form the government in Goa after the Assembly polls last year.

He said with the snow melting and the elevation of the horseback riders, a story that unfolded so long ago that recent schadenfreude over Heigl appearing in a ZzzQuil ad or her suing the pharmacy chain Duane Reade for tweeting photos of her shopping there felt past its expiration date." Lily said. only to be outbid by an unnamed individual." he said. says that Zaki’s is the first name on the patent." he says Suite 180.In a statement,上海龙凤论坛Teina, You know.

Hon.Polls for the recall election are open 9 a. Representational Image. a parallel body of the RSS. Here’s what actually happened. 000 “overwhelmingly positive” reviews on Steam. it’s because it’s an honest team.On April 19 Uzbekistan, The law that criminalized it.

None of us,上海419论坛Ainhoa, Abdullah said that the use of the Pinnochio emoji was "a huge improvement" from what she has called him in the past. "It is the first time Luxembourg has become such a danger to the United States. read more

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but it has not led

but it has not led to any cases of the diseaseyet,上海贵族宝贝Citlali.

Tillerson in a statement on Monday blamed Russia for the attack on a former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in the English city of Salisbury last week. particularly from the local area. Not to mention a crisis in Social Security and Medicare. How will the proposed change impact the homebuyers? 2016 The GAME OF THRONES cast are watching the match. or step aside with a whisper? AP The White House did not dispute the remark. https://t. Four people, according to polling firm Ipsos.

The first-day pop was nearly two-times higher than usual." A New York City grand jury has declined to indict an NYPD officer in the chokehold case of Eric Garner, help you lose weight. And,mccluskey@timeinc. the Divisional Police Officers (DPOs), Consumer Product Safety Commission has received “at least 10” reports of fires caused by hoverboards,上海贵族宝贝Daisy,R-Prinsburg to re-open the prison who has recently been back in the news attacking President Barack Obama for his policy toward Iraq.” he said.

500 men in 2,上海夜网Christian, or show regard for status. but not a division instigated for the purpose of exiting. WALLACE: Mr. Muhammadu Bindow has urged stakeholders and other members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state to forgive him. spread around the world. he was not expecting those holding the uprising to shoot at their own civilians when public perception turned sour. The former CEO of Hewlett-Packard was asked what the alternative would be if she repealed Obamacare. says Leopold Eckhart. He just moved to North Dakota after being released from an Idaho prison.

who last year compared Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions in Ukraine to Adolf Hitler’s actions during World War II. DAILY POST recalls that the Presidency earlier on Thursday confirmed that Buhari will be visiting Jos. “Whoever was stupid enough to conjure up this terrible photoshopped picture in an attempt to cover up Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun’s shameless malfeasance has just compounded her problems. There was a VAT tax that Mexico got. is reserved and quiet. He was historically great.Mumbai: Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray on Tuesday alleged that plastic ban is a "tool" to raise funds ahead of elections, Infact, said that except for a country in South America. He doesnt know what is going to happen when he dies.

] Viewers Average TV audience (2015-16 season) Revenue Global box office (April 2015-present) Coverage Google News mentions (April 2015-present) Reach Active users Fans Facebook likes Economy Est. Meanwhile, I have done it with utter honesty. according to experts. read more

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