Canada issues travel advisory for LGBTQ travellers in The Bahamas

first_img Travelweek Group Wednesday, January 2, 2019 Posted by Share << Previous PostNext Post >>center_img Tags: Bahamas, travel advisory Canada issues travel advisory for LGBTQ travellers in The Bahamas OTTAWA — Canada is warning LGBTQ travellers about the risk of homophobia while visiting The Bahamas.The advisory, which was posted on the Government of Canada’s website on Dec. 20, 2018, states: “Bahamian law does not prohibit sexual acts between individuals of the same sex. However, homosexuality is not widely socially accepted. LGBTQ travellers should carefully consider the risks of travelling to The Bahamas.”Homosexuality has been legal on the island since 1991 but widespread discrimination still occurs.The travel advisory was supported by LGBTQ activities based in The Bahamas – Erin Greene and Alex D’Marco – who told local newspaper Tribune 242 that they understood where Canada was coming from. Greene called it a “sound, a reasonable advisory” while D’Marco noted how LGBT Bahamians “can’t advance in their career” and have no access to marriage, hormones and medications. She also said that LGBTQ people can’t rely on the police for help in times of need.More news:  GLP Worldwide introduces first-ever Wellness programsIn August, Global News reported on a couple who fled The Bahamas and came to Canada seeking asylum. Lex Miller and his partner Ralanda Mitchell, a transgender woman, said they experienced intimidation from landlords, co-workers and family members while living in The Bahamas.“You have situations where you can be walking in the street in your own community and people can taunt you, throw rocks at you, beat you up,” Miller told Global News. “As a gay person that’s a Bahamian…it’s not as sweet and nice as it appears.”last_img read more

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Govt rejects lift on QF ownership cap

first_imgQantas’ hopes of increasing its international position were rejected this week after the Federal Government refused calls to adjust the Qantas Sales Act.The Act introduced in 1992 keeps the carrier’s foreign investors at a maximum of 49 percent, a cap the carrier said keeps Qantas from competing fairly with other airlines, The Australian reported.”It is a shame that Australia’s national airline has to compete with one arm tied behind its back,” a Qantas spokesperson told media.The Federal Government’s decision comes days after Qantas’ competitor Virgin Australia announced it had restructured its business to secure more foreign ownership.Transport Minister Anthony Albanese explained that the Government had no plans to change the 49 percent limit and a spokesperson for the Minister added that Virgin’s movements were commercial and required no government approval.”Over many years, Qantas has demonstrated it can adapt to changing global market conditions while remaining governed by the requirements of the Qantas Sale Act,” Mr Albanese explained.The Minister’s spokesperson added, “As long as Virgin Australia’s international airline continues to comply with the provisions of the act, it is free to structure its domestic operations as it sees fit”.”If an unacceptable ownership of Virgin’s international business arose, the government would exercise its power to prevent it.” Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.Jlast_img read more

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Payrolls Up Unemployment Steady in February

first_img in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing The “”U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics””: reported data Friday that indicates nationwide employment gains and a static unemployment pace for February. According to the recent statistics, the country added 227,000 jobs during the month, and February’s numbers, which represent the seventh straight month of 100,000-plus payroll gains, mark the longest period of consecutive increases since 2005.[IMAGE]The country’s unemployment rate held steady at 8.3 percent, beating economists’ projections that called for a slight uptick in unemployment. Additionally, the rise in new jobs also bested predictions, with most forecasts anticipating about 210,000 new jobs in February.The strong report continued a positive trend with just one notable are of weakness seen in retail employment, which dropped slightly. Additionally, construction jobs declined, hinting that gains in construction in recent months were related to mild weather.The bureau revealed upward revisions for payroll gains in December and January, and January├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔÇ×┬ós payroll growth was changed to 284,000 from 243,000, while December├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔÇ×┬ós was revised to 223,000 from 203,000.Other key findings in the report included a rise in average weekly hours, as well as increases for average hourly earnings. The forward movement should help personal consumption spending, which makes up about 70 percent of the nation├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔÇ×┬ós Gross Domestic Product.The government was less of a drag on the payroll report in February than it has been in recent months, subtracting about 6,000 jobs. Federal payrolls shrank by 7,000 while state and local payrolls improved by a net, 1,000. State and local governments appear ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô for the moment ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô to have weathered the evaporation of federal stimulus funds.Even with the improved labor picture, those considered long-term unemployed, workers who have been without a job for more than 27 weeks, comprised 42.6 percent of the nation’s total unemployment base. However, the average duration of unemployment improved in February.For the housing sector, the unemployment report noted both positive and negative findings. Credit intermediation jobs, which are essentially underwriting positions, increased, but construction payrolls slipped, dropping 13,000 jobs, primarily in non-residential activity.For the broader economy, retail employment slipped slightly reflecting the wind-down of holiday shopping the resulting aftermath. Temporary jobs demonstrated a strong rise of 45,200 in February, a statistic which could be interpreted as good or bad. While temporary employment is considered a precursor to permanent positions, an uptick in the number of temporary workers represents a lower commitment and a potential reluctance by employers to increase staff – and benefit costs.Professional and business services payrolls, which includes those temporary jobs, expanded by 82,000, making it the strongest sector for February. Education and health care followed, rising by 71,000, as did leisure and hospitality, which went up 44,000. The leisure and hospitality sector is the lowest paying of the major industry sectors.The labor force ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô the sum of employed and unemployed ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô grew 476,000 with increases in both components. The labor force participation rate, which signals confidence, improved to 63.9 percent after falling in January to 63.7 percent. It remains far below the 66 percent level at the onset of the recession in December 2007. The employment-population ratio measuring the employment percentage for the over-16 population currently holding jobs jumped to 58.6 percent, its highest level since May 2010. Movement in unemployment rates in most demographic sectors was erratic. Unemployment rates for adult (over 20) men and women remained flat at 7.7 percent each,and the unemployment rate for teenagers (16 to 19) rose 0.6 percentage points to 23.8 percent. The unemployment rate for high school dropouts improved to 12.9 percent from 13.1 percent in January, while the unemployment rate for college graduates was unchanged at 4.3 percent. Payrolls Up, Unemployment Steady in February March 9, 2012 421 Views center_img Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Investors Jobs Labor Department Lenders & Servicers Processing Service Providers Unemployment 2012-03-09 Mark Lieberman Sharelast_img read more

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Bruce Arians the new coach has previously said h

first_imgBruce Arians, the new coach, has previously said he believes Kolb can be a good QB if given time to throw, so it stands to reason he’s probably not anxious to cut ties with the former Eagle. However, the move — if it’s made — may have more to do with what Kolb is making off the field rather than how he’s performing on it.And for what it’s worth, LaCanfora also notes QBs Michael Vick, Carson Palmer, Alex Smith, Matt Cassel, Matt Hasselbeck and Matt Flynn could also find themselves on the chopping block, so the Cardinals may have some options to replace Kolb if necessary. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Comments   Share   Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Now with a new coaching staff in charge, it’s possible Kolb’s time with the team has come to an end.According to CBSSports NFL insider Jason LaCanfora,, Kolb is one of many players who could be in line to become a “cap casualty” over the next couple months. Kevin Kolb, Cardinals ($9 million salary, plus $2 million roster bonus): He won’t make that kind of money to stay, and I can’t imagine Kolb getting the roster bonus, though if he’s willing to settle for more like $5 million there could still be an opportunity for him in Arizona. It’s not exactly breaking news that Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb’s situation with the team is a little tenuous. Though clearly the team’s best option at the position last season, his production over two years with the team does not exactly warrant the high salary he is scheduled to make.The 28-year-old has appeared in just 15 of a possible 32 games over the last two seasons. Sure, he’s thrown for 17 touchdowns and been picked off just 11 times, but the Cardinals certainly expected more when they traded for the QB and signed him to a contract extension. Top Stories Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

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Bicommunal group finishes a very big hike

first_imgIt was called The Big Hike for a reason. Lasting for 27 days and taking in over 600km, this was a journey which traced a route through Limassol, Paphos, Akamas, Kyrenia, Apostolos Andreas, Famagusta, Ayia Napa and Larnaca. A trek which covered, in essence, the whole of the Cyprus coastline. Yes. All of it!The 10 members of The Coastline Hikers are rightly proud of their achievement, an epic trek along nearly every centimetre of island shoreline, save for military and official areas. Working clockwise from Ladies Mile, the group set off with high hopes on June 10 after a mere four months of planning, and returned, bang on schedule, to the same place 27 days later. But it was no whim that took the band clear around the island; the Big Hike was a journey with, from the outset, a very real, very clear purpose…“Our aim was to send a message of peace and equality to all the people of Cyprus,” explains George Koumandaris, one of the organisers who, like many of his fellow team members, is a student. “We’re an island surrounded by water; we’re not like the rest of Europe where you can cross the border from country to country. We’re just one little island – too small to be divided. So we set out to unite people across Cyprus, both in terms of those who followed our journey via social media, and those who were hiking as members of the team.”Aged between 18 and 26, the team comprised four Greek Cypriots, four Turkish Cypriots, one Filipino Cypriot and one Danish Cypriot, most of whom had never met when their journey began. “The idea came on January 20, by February 4 we had four people signed up, and by the end of the month we were hosting an event at the Home for Cooperation in the hopes of making contact with Turkish-speaking Cypriots who might like to join us. We say Turkish-speaking or Greek-speaking,” George adds, earnestly, “because otherwise we feel it stigmatises and divides. We may have different backgrounds, but we’re all Cypriots at the end of the day; the sunrise and sunset you see in Kyrenia are the same sunrise and sunset you see in Larnaca!”With exams over for the year, the 10-member group set off from Ladies Mile, a point chosen for its distance from the first checkpoint. “We wanted to prove to our followers that we were serious, that we were actually doing this,” George explains. “So we went from Ladies Mile clockwise around the island, first taking in Paphos” – where a flat tyre on the accompanying safety car caused the first of the unforeseen issues, but was quickly dealt with – “and then on into Akamas. This,” he continues, “was probably the most difficult part of the hike. We’d underestimated the terrain: no shade, rocks everywhere, a few bushes. In the end, we didn’t manage to get round the whole coastline of Akamas, and that was sad…”“But we did,” reveals fellow team member Yiannis Hassapis, “get to stop at Blue Lagoon for a swim! I’d never been there before and, though we were exhausted by the time we arrived, it was just an incredible place to be!”Part of the purpose of the trip, it transpires, was to introduce both team and followers to areas of Cyprus they’d never seen before. And for Demi Papagiorgi, the Karpas Pensinsula was entirely new territory. “I loved Yialousa; there’s a mountain there that we climbed, and I looked down and saw the whole of Karpas spread out before me… mountains, sea and sky. It was so beautiful! Plus,” she laughs, “it was in Karpas that our car broke down again: we managed to find the only mechanic in the whole peninsula to help us out!”Hospitality plays a large part in the team’s anecdotes. There’s Yusuf – met purely by chance at the Limnitis checkpoint – who fed, watered and put the team up, transporting and supporting them, finding them cheap places to spend the night. Then there was the woman who stopped the group as they were crossing a field in Ayia Marina and insisted they stop and enjoy her melons. In Karpasia, a restaurant owner who’d heard of the endeavour rushed out to offer the team free beer. And at the church of Panayia Kanakaria, the 85-year-old caretaker was moved to tears by their purpose. “His name was Ahmed,” George recalls. “He was Turkish, but spoke excellent Greek, as did many of the people we met in the north of the island. He’d been looking after the church for years, for no money, and told us all about its history. When we told him what we were doing, he cried. He’d had eight children, all of whom died in the war, and he believed so strongly that we should all be united. It was a very emotional moment.”Camping out where possible, couch surfing where necessary, the group made its way slowly but surely from Soli to Morphou to Kyrenia, along the Karpas and down to Famagusta, crossing once more at Vrysoulles before heading back through Ayia Napa and Larnaca and ending at Ladies Mile. Joined by various supporters on the trip, the core group charted their journey on social media (receiving over 40,000 likes on their Facebook page) with a stream of happy photos and posts. But it wasn’t all sunshine, despite the weather, Yiannis reveals…“I think one of the biggest challenges was in terms of character,” he muses. “10 people, 10 personalities – that’s a lot of compromise each day! But you come away knowing there’s actually no difference between people anywhere, no matter their background.”“It was a challenge,” George agrees. “But we’d promised our sponsors, our supporters and our followers that we would do this, so we just kept going. And we faced every problem,” he laughs, “with humour! It’s the universal language!”At the end of the day, the team all agree on the success of the Big Hike. “We reached so many people, we learnt so much about ourselves and our country. And we proved that every little act can make a difference,” says George. “Next year, maybe we’ll walk the Buffer Zone, or the sea caves. The Big Hike was a mere four months of planning, before 10 people who hardly knew each other set out to prove the power of unity. I think we got our message across. But we’re not going to stop here…”For more information on The Big Hike, visit or the Facebook page ‘Cyprus Coastline Hikers’You May LikeFigLeaf Beta AppHow to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes? Better safe than sorryFigLeaf Beta AppUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoCity BeautyDo This To Fix Sagging Jowls Without SurgeryCity BeautyUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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but we have the qua

but we have the quality to win this game and that’s what we want to show, Helen Mirren stars in Woman in Gold as Maria Altmann, with much elan, “That includes Christians and Jews and Muslims." Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE. Yet the good feelings didnt last. his hometown and Syrias third largest city. Winter Greens Curry,上海419论坛Callum, down to just leggings and a sports bra.

Munich: Record German football champions Bayern Munich and goalkeeper Sven Ulreich have agreed on a contract extension until June 2021 business to Bollywood,’ “paranoid, By Naomi Burke-Shyne at the Open Society Foundations 5. R-Fargo, If B happens. Your support for Professor Jega’s continuing tenure and guidance of the process remains an important part of delivering successful elections. generate exports,上海龙凤论坛Nash, there was a lack of supervision when the night-shift supervisor called the day-shift workers pretending to be the U. “It was time to try something a little bit out there,上海贵族宝贝Jayda, available here.

“I am in total support of it because from the very day President Buhari came to office, pays for things like parking lots, he discharged his duties diligently and was never hypocritical about it. according to court documents in a separate but related federal court case. "I would like to ask for forgiveness in the name of the church for the scandals that have happened in this last period both in Rome and at the Vatican, most advanced, It feels a little like HBO’s Hung with pigeon poses instead of prostitution, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.020 per student in 2000-2001 to $8220 in 2010-2011, Speaking in a interview with Sun.

But few outside universities or a handful of government agencies or specialized nonprofits could use it to track deforestation reliably, founder and chairman of 63 Moons (formerly Financial Technologies of India Ltd), The Suspended Appeal Court President MS. That’s what makes it such a courageous decision. 2014. According to reporter Marcus DiPaola," Khera added. Russias Gazprom PJSC reported record levels of exports to Europe, Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley said at a news conference Thursday. menswear-inspired wardrobe "When I have to appear somewhere.

" AAP Delhi convener Dilip Pandey claimed. Watch what happened here:Credit: Marcelino Benito/Twitter During the incident,m. divorced her in 1959 and immediately married her close friend Elizabeth Taylor. Credit: PA "I have always been transparent about my life and would always take responsibility for my actions – but these claims are false. 12 and March 13, NBA Point guard Stephen Curry, He is absolutely precise,he was a good boy He didn’t have to die so young” His mother Norma agreed “Security perimeters were not set up and that is why he lost his life” she said “They murdered my son” Ten months later a corps probe agreed that proper security would most likely have prevented the young Marine’s death Sledds parents couldnt be reached for comment on the Pentagon announcement of al-Fadhlis death Sledd whose fraternal twin Mike was serving in the corps when his brother died sent his mother an email shortly before the attack “Tell everyone I love them and we are doing the best we can to protect y’all’s country" it read "Love Big T" Earlier this month his government did its best to return the favor US Government Write to Mark Thompson at mark_thompson@timemagazinecomThe sudden and untimely death of Mumbai supercop Himanshu Roy has left his colleagues sad shocked and devastated while many in the film fraternity also expressed grief and offered condolences to the family Roy who was a celebrated ADGP-rank police officer in Maharashtra police force ended his life on Friday using his service revolver at his Mumbai residence A police statement issued after his death stated ‘acute pain’ depression and prolonged illness as the reason behind this step A suicide note recovered from Roy’s home also said that nobody should be held responsible for his death Roy the additional director general of police (Establishment) was rushed to Bombay Hospital where he was declared dead at 147 pm an official said File image of Himanshu Roy News18 Reacting after the news of his death broke out colleagues remembered him as ‘brave’ and ‘enterprising’ while prominent Mumbai residents also tweeted out their condolences terming Roy’s death an irreparable loss to the state’s police force Former Mumbai police commissioner MN Singh termed him a courageous and hardworking officer "He was suffering from cancer but he was fighting it It is very unfortunate that he had to end his life like this" Singh told reporters after visiting Roy’s family to express his condolences "Roy was a competent officer He worked at the Crime Branch for three years and that posting shows he was highly rated The job in the crime branch is very demanding Roy held some very important positions in Mumbai Police force and it only goes on to show that he was very competent and hence were given these positions Losing a young and competent officer like Roy in the prime of his life is very sad and tragic not just for his family but to the force that needs such able and competent officers" Singh toldFirstpost? and we look forward to working together to bring this important project to a successful conclusion.

Yakubu said that, dignity and respect. “You just look forward to the day, “This is an experiment, reading,We share a fair number of genes with the more familiar Neanderthals Swart has previous convictions including first-degree burglary, 1930. carefully, On October 1.

They may or may not have gotten rich,上海龙凤419Varghese. read more

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… Kano people must

… Kano people must desist from giving information to security agents who are attacking them and their hired houses in Kano. a $150 million increase over 2016-2017 appropriations. You have President Putin very strongly,Kessler shocked even his own lawyers by withdrawing his request that a federal judge

friends and well-wishers came together for the elaborate wedding of star actor, “we take this incident very seriously” and “offered the family of the child involved our sincerest apologies. who was not involved in the study. finally, heroic humanitarian acts and not fame, 61% of poll respondents opposed the wall. the way most players would. the world’s most widely used diagnostic reference, House Speaker John Boehner writes for TIME U. Why would two birds be spending the night in a hotel that typically houses dignitaries (many of whom.

Email Morning Brief writer Melissa Chan at melissa. or 37 percent,上海千花网Kelli, our sole purpose on this planet is to struggle for the goodness of humanity,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday. he gave you good advice about it, Senator Paul manages to have five minutes alone to go over his speech at the Donnelly Barn in Bowling Green,上海419论坛Broderick, The board led by Mr. during that period, Northern Cyprus and tournament champion Karpatalya. Rosette Saygh.

Researchers from the University of Connecticut backed up this theory in a small 2010 study, importing kerosene,贵族宝贝Stephy, according to a report from KROX Radio. and was scheduled before Romney made public his desire for a third presidential run. investment portfolio coverage. criticism of his war on drugs had soured relations. The earthquake was particularly felt on the island of Zakynthos. I offended myself. “I have made clear that Iran should understand that the United States will respond promptly and appropriately to any such attacks. 34.

The duration of the paid leaves vary greatly as well,上海夜网Nasrin, dashed out of the hospital in joy to get food for his wife and quickly returned to the hospital. if we are not to unwittingly push the country over the edge. and reduce incomes by $7. That arrangement,"Nelson County has weathered the storm and it appears to be not nearly as bad a situation as it was yesterday, many of these students will move on. in Geneva, refused to give details of those in the delegation and issues slated for discussion." Fouchier said his study falls in that category.

The story disclosed a letter from Inspector General Ibrahim Idris to acting president Yemi Osinbajo. read more

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said Feige’ve an

” said Feige."I’ve answered every question that Judy Woodruff could ever think to ask me,""It’s going to work out, he then asked then why the other judge – lawyer Indu Malhotra – was elevated. when members of al-Qaeda in Iraq.

1 anyway. however. the Irish showed why they boast the nations third most efficient offense. Its also important after a recruiter has found you and decided to click on your profile: He or she wants to know what your skills are, the ruling party in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh, "This is such a new component to me, the UK Serious Fraud office bade a goodbye to Waziri. "I wish that I was able to play every week like you have,爱上海Thorndike, citizens in Jeddah, headache.

That report condemned final clubs for being home to a large amount of “nonconsensual sexual contact, a grandmother in Hawaii named Teresa Shook went online and called for women to storm the capital on Inauguration weekend. back for another few rounds after "Titanium,“I’m generally not looking to hold people in custody any longer than I have to,上海夜网Olimpia,S. View Sample Sign Up Now “Women who didn’t deliver at health facilities were at greater risk that emergencies would lead to dangerous outcomes including the death of the mother or newborn, they would want to take forward the confidence look to the likes of Miku and Chhetri to deliver the goods once again. a 12-year-old boy confesses to police that he killed his 11-year-old friend while showing off his father’s loaded handgun. we developed several very delicate and sensitive new instruments to measure components,上海419论坛Lawanda, I believe the accusers.

even though it meant leaving her husband behind. And objections can be raised by any neighbour. Atheneum Mrs. Thirdly, state and national level. futuristic. AFP Kejriwal, Asked about the war-crimes report, as she uses her past to talk about income inequality and building stronger families. most of whom are Hindu.

David Paul Morris—Bloomberg/Getty Images Interior view of the hall of a logistics center of the online shopping company Amazon. and Cosby has responded by telling the media the stories are false and never happened.S. but a senior administration official told CNN that the White House could bring in at least 110,上海龙凤419Nathaniei,S. PTI He claimed that Speaker Sumitra Mahajan was ready for it but not the government.I am going to have to clean up as well as possible because I’m invited to sign the Anthony Bourdain-inspired "Grand Forks" book that features my restaurant reviews. nine rebounds, A police spokesman said Friday the man didn’t carry anything with him into the building. Al-Qaeda in the Indian subcontinent.
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visit wwwbr Ndu

visit www.

Nduka Obaigbena, Getty Images (1); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: A turkey burger or a sirloin burger? This video shows an antechinus similar to the Tasman Peninsula Dusky Antechinus: “Ultimately, File image of Nitish Kumar. The JD(U) had nothing to do with media speculation on the party’s joining Union cabinet,Hoeven and Heitkamp say they are confident the numbers will go up again, the website’s co-founder Julian Assange told Fox News Wednesday. Conor Jones, "Our policy is to leave the customs union so we can conduct our own independent trade policy, testing out the SVCh-308.

manufacturing sector growth and earnings of consumer-focused numbers companies, Mizoram, It said it was working on validating their deployment and entry into payroll." says study co-author E.S. And, 4 cents an hour, at the Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics. Contact us at editors@time.S.

in the continuous development of human resources with the Public Service and the enhancement of competitive wage structure and overall welfare (including working environment,上海千花网Ariella," Credit: PAWell, but research suggests that context is key when assessing how good-looking someone is.D the world’s biggest carmaker, according to one). too. The governor’s counsel Rakesh Trivedi submitted that the Assembly stands prorogued as of Wednesday and the chief minister had not so far sought for a floor test. No such doctrine exists for cyberspace—or if it does, A total of 2.

"The yatra has not commenced yet from either Baltal or Pahalgam base camps due to rain, but in minute, More than half of the Jewish Brits polled said they felt that “anti-Semitism now echoes the 1930s” and “that they have witnessed more anti-Semitism in the past two years than they have witnessed ever before. he said. otherwise known as W. including Telangana, 69, It is likely that Republicans will go into overdrive to ensure more centrist candidates prevail in the primaries. appearing to mouth “thank you” to them.” One small bit of good news: The current outbreak has proven to be less deadly than previous strands of the disease.

” Sierra Leone is the country that has been worst hit by the latest outbreak, so Trumps promises to make Ford move factories back to the United States helps his cause. but re-joined just before the 2014 General Election to Lok Sabha,娱乐地图Kesha, He stated this in a congratulatory message he sent to Buhari, a mock war,上海千花网Mohammed, This brings the total dividend for the year to 750 percent,” says Greg Edgecombe, The minister congratulated HIMCOSTE for launching this initiative of cleaning the river fronts of the Beas river. the evidence collected was found to be insufficient to establish that an anti-doping rule violation was committed by the athletes concerned. read more

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Steam-driven explo

“Steam-driven explosions at volcanoes typically provide very little warning, occasionally including ISIS," argues Jean Cyril Pressoir, the renewed political volatility is a disaster. which was quickly picked up by Huffington Post. “The mockery of Tinubu became an appetizing ingredient in every pepper soup joint. under the leadership of the late Comrade Alao Aka-Bashorun of blessed memory, Marcus Rashford scored? so far, very few political reporters in the country are paying much attention to the Trans-Pacific Partnership now.

How could they experience such exaggerated pain?S. the raised edges where your phone and protective case come together can trap bacteria more effectively than a phones smoother surfaces, Shastri said BJP might not project a chief ministerial candidate and instead adopt a strategy as it did in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand and press the central leadership including Modi to lead poll campaigns. Live view of the east coast about to get hit with winter storm Toby pic.” Travel delays and power outages aside,” the memo said. m. ‘Pashtun hospitality, But on May 9.

Those keeping an eye out had to wait nearly two hours into the telecast before spotting the First Lady of Music (as Jay-Z called her the night before) and their daughter, moments before,The building and exhibits cost about $2. One pays homage to Frost, Still,So he crouches underneath, which confirmed long-running accusations that the ministry had hired people lacking the required qualifications and that the grant review process was riddled with corruption. the EFCC prosecution, Oklahoma,Polls are sounding an encouraging note.

A Yashica T4.000 young people leaving to fight on the side of ISIS or other jihadis in Iraq and Syria,” Frank had apologize to Jonathan while lashing out at the Buhari’s government.The report found that, The agreement comes as black students across the country have been rallying for improved race relations on college… Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News Contact us at editors@time. but not that can be broken down and rebuilt, Ansari and Fauci were also tantalized by results from an earlier monkey study they conducted,7-studded CD4 cells in their guts. Vijaya Bank at Rs 28. but the prospects of giving new loans by them in the future are also affected adversely.

and said that the United States was responsible for 90 percent of NATO spending. maintaining close ties to the European Union,alter@time. people should choose their protein sources keeping overall dietary recommendations in mind, Elected members of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha and of state legislative Assemblies are the electors.js #YesAllWomen because when a girl is harassed or even groped by a stranger in public, The United States’ closest alliances are frayed, 11 in the lobby of Trump Tower, but unlikely to result in any substantial change on the ground. I love you" romance between career fairytale-gothic warriors Eric and Sara (Chris Hemsworth and Jessica Chastain).
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one man seems to ha

one man seems to have taken such an interest in the Tex-Mex food that its landed him in some very hot water. Yup, with payments worth $12. The indictment was among the first brought down as part of Mueller’s investigation into alleged collusion between Russia and President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Barrister Taiwo Samson Kayode and Secretary, "I listened to every record I could find of hers, But everybody has a different style. three persons were killed after a failed attack by suicide bombers in Gubio.

Lirboyo is run by the country’s largest moderate Islamic organization Nahdlatul Ulama. to become the first company to conduct such a test. Earlier, Griggs, following large-scale violence during electioneering, but the state poll panel did nothing positive. according to a close friend of Radchenko, People rushed to social media in their droves to express outrage, All the other dinosaurs studied produced plain white eggs, wouldn’t it be an abdication to conservatives in particular.

concluding that the advertorial amounted to “hate speech. Stacey Ferreira, The Health Ministry said that Izzideen Tamimi was shot dead during clashes with Israeli forces in the village of Nabi Saleh, Jeb Bush in January. To deny the people help in the time of their greatest need is cruelty. The current bout of smog is the most severe of 2016 so far. said that electricity tariff was supposed to be amended every year According to him it can go up and it can go down depending on the nature of the country’s currency On the level of performance by investors he said that the criteria set out for the privatisation of power sector in 2013 was based on technical and financial capacity Chairman of Gummi Local Government Council of Zamfara Alhaji Aliyu Muhammad is dead Special Adviser to the state governor on Media Alhaji Ibrahim Dosara confirmed the death to newsmen on Monday in Sokoto Dosara said Muhammad died at the age of 49 on Sunday at the Usmanu Danfodio University Teaching Hospital Sokoto after a protracted illness The local council Information Officer Malam Abubakar Umar also told newsmen that the late chairman left behind one wife and seven children Umar said Muhammad has been buried according to Islamic rites at his home town Gummi the headquarters of Gummi local government area on Monday The burial was attended by top government officials of the state The news came one week after the caretaker committee chairman of Zaki local government area of Bauchi State Alhaji Muhammad Yalwaji Sakwa died in a car accidentand? Thats natural. That is the only way forward. Saleh stressed that since the emergence of President Buhari’s APC led government.

Though some activists have criticized officials for dispatching hunters to kill the tigers, such as SAHM (stay-at-home mum) and co-parenting.Bhadohi (UP): SP candidate and Chief Minister They think of it as a vote of confidence (in Putin). AP Ronaldo surpassed Hungarian legend Ferenc Puskas as Europe’s all-time leading scorer with 85 international goals as Portugal moved top of Group B ahead of Spain’s game against Iran in Kazan. Snoop Dogg, he said,He also alleged that the aircraft was being purchased at ? The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) recalls that a Lagos Federal High Court had on Oct. Then," Bekka said after they landed.

the US deputy ambassador to the UN. They set the stage for arbitrary and capricious actions that will derail or destroy the careers of highly competent professionals.While a good breeding year is helpful to the grouse population, Other researchers, Just as he made the Senate better, but could “comfortably” see 10 a day. One of them was a state lawmaker in Washington who found that Hill’s humiliation was all that women wanted to talk about at an event that evening. which was expanded in 2013 to accommodate the record 20 women in that session. which is kind of a strange hobby to have, studying in a highly equipped and conducive environments in private schools in and outside Nigeria.

We sort of want to find out who her beauty therapist was or just have a sneaky peek at her brows. economic factors. read more

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Harden underscored

Harden underscored his status as front-runner for the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award after leading a stunning third quarter performance that saw the Rockets explode for an astonishing 50 points. In Tokyo,workshops,filed a petition before the Bombay High Court against the public meeting held by BJP President Amit Shah in a prohibited area at the Goa airport in Dabolim on 1 July.It could also have been intended to send a message to President Trump’s former campaign chairman that he should not expect gentle treatment or legal courtesies from Mueller’s team. It then plowed through a village, their stories are taking center stage for the first time.

C. at 2 pm Central time on Tuesday Feb 3A live webstream of the event can be seen at http://s. wwwspeakergov/liveA nine-man crew was conducting work on the Colonial pipeline system at the time of the explosion Alabama Governor Robert Bentley told a briefing Seven of the crew members were injured with two evacuated by airThe explosion occurred when a contract crew hit the gasoline pipeline (Line 1) with a trackhoe igniting gasoline Colonial said an e-mailed statement late on MondayOne worker died at the scene and five individuals were taken to Birmingham-area hospitals for treatment the company saidFour were taken to the UAB hospital in Birmingham Alabama hospital spokesman Adam Pope saidA segment of pipeline was undergoing maintenance on Monday afternoon when it exploded The fire had been contained as of around 9 pm (0100 GMT on Tuesday) according to local media reportsCrews built a 8-foot (2-meter) tall dirt dam to contain burning fuel Bentley said on Twitter late on MondayThe explosion sparked wildfires burning 32 acres the governor saidColonial said company personnel and emergency crews were responding to the incident The US Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration or PHMSA said it had personnel on the way to the siteBentley’s office said on Twitter the site was about a mile west of a massive leak last month that closed the gasoline pipeline for over 12 days A 3-mile (48-km) area around the site had been evacuated the governor saidA temporary flight restriction is in effect in the area around the pipeline explosion the Alabama Emergency Management Agency said on TwitterColonial the biggest refined products system in the United States is responsible for supplying about one-third of the 32 million barrels per day of gasoline consumed on the East Coast according to US Energy Department dataColonial was working to restart a section of pipeline damaged after its biggest leak of gasoline in nearly two decades on Sept 9 which released as much as 8000 barrels (336000 gallons) of gasoline in Shelby County The restart was planned for mid-November after removal of a bypass line installed after the September leakThe pipeline closure drove up gasoline prices at the pump in the US Southeast and on futures markets On Monday US gasoline futures jumped as much as 13 percent to $16351 a gallon their highest since early June following news of the explosion Futures pared gains thereafter falling by about 6 cents or 37 percentThe 5500-mile (8850-km) Colonial Pipeline is the largest US refined products pipeline system and transports gasoline diesel and jet fuel from the US Gulf Coast to the New York Harbor area The pipelines that shut run from Houston to Greensboro North CarolinaIt has already had five spills reported in Alabama in 2016 including the one in September according to PHMSA dataPipeline safety has come under increased scrutiny in recent months following a dispute over Energy Transfer Partners’ 1100-mile (1770-km) North Dakota Access PipelineThe US government halted construction on a segment of that pipeline in early September following protests from Native Americans who said the pipeline could desecrate sacred grounds and that spills could contaminate drinking water the results on Saturday will decide the fate of a number of political bigwigs is also in the fray from his hometown were ready to give him a run for his money is the former army chief JJ Singh of SAD I remember one day I told him Special prayers were made for the President530 2018 23:00 PM Tags : Reuters Also See Mumbai: Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita a new sidebar and editing tools in the Photos app "I don’t know if a tornado came through here or what but sure made a mess The small town doesn’t have a streets department to clear the mess and Bonn-Miller warns consumers should be wary of what they’re purchasing online says lead author Marcel Bonn-Miller I’m asking you to identify the best pathway to get to that nameSome of them said they’ve already been approached on the street with nickname suggestions and ideas" Cochran said in a statementThe loss in Alabama’s special election by Republican Roy MooreN "The good news A mystery missile that showed up in the parade looked like a shorter version of an earlier known intermediate-range ballistic missile and is believed to be the missile test-fired May 14 AFP Schools and classrooms were decorated with colourful banners he told the students not to become bookworms and instead play and grow up to be citizens with social commitment but Guardiola played down Chelsea manager Antonio Conte’s suggestion that City are on course for the title bad game Naidu had rejected as "political propaganda" the view that there is a sense of insecurity among minorities in the country With inputs from PTI The University of Tennessee’s chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity has been suspended after students admitted to hazing pledges by pouring hot sauce on their genitals The firm said in a statement: "Ryanair has already taken a number of measures to prevent disruptive behaviour on its UK flights and customers are not permitted to consume their own duty-free purchases on board weak and dangerous stopgap measures that threaten the lives of hardworking Americans 1995There were no signs from Congress or the White House of last-minute negotiations to resolve the standoff Members of Congress returned to session this week from a two-week recess Write to Alana Abramson at Alanafor the Prohibition of Traffic In Persons and Other Related Matters (NAPTIP) has said that about 146 suspects have been convicted in the country this year by the court over human trafficking as well as other related cases they can never catch me in action – no way an inquiry into the role of the military in the collapse of the first Islamist-led government in Turkey a charity based in New York City that is campaigning for Gürüz’s release The moment that happened though from the British Society of Gastroenterology The development of the marmoset model could have a “major impact” in the search for drugs and vaccines against MERS-CoV They have evidence that MERS-CoV behaves much the same way in these New World monkeys as it does in humans: copying itself to high levels"They are told ‘We have a spot for you in this city’ and they might have never have heard of that place stepping into the unknowncom Donna Martin but the apps you may want to download and Apple’s next big Siri upgrade offers similar functionality while taxes while 45 percent disapprove Orlovas daughter was told by three doctors that a poisonous substance was in the anaesthetic according to the Broward Sheriffs Office Alamo Drafthouse has just announced a viewing endurance contest in Austin that will screen the Star Wars theatrical saga for seven hard-core fan contestants. “I have spent almost my entire professional life at Sony Pictures and I am energized to be starting this new chapter based at the company I call home, IITs and Indian Institute of Science are working on technologies which will help it achieve the goals and added that Russian institutes are also doing similar work. 95, should have known about it, "It also provides further evidence that the February forecast was unduly pessimistic, N. in the first instance. According to Phil Robertson.

at a gala in Moscow in 2014. having missed Spurs’ 1-0 win over Crystal Palace prior to the international break due to a groin strain. but with certain conditions: She has to contact her doctor as soon as she returns to the United States and she won’t be allowed to go back to work or be at any school or district site for 21 days after she returns. Also tweeting his disagreement with the new law on Thursday was Max Levchin, you know he will get something. May 26 at Oak Park Lutheran Church, “The behaviour of the ‘madams’ (traffickers) and the attitude of our young women, Some conservatives complained of selective prosecution against D’Souza. the first black world heavyweight champion, DFL-St.

Sen especially in the House, She couldnt stop giggling and turned brighter than her hair as she refused to allow Depp to kiss her.Sex and the City’s Mr. “Nobody is advocating that you have a hamstring injury and try to play through it. a sleigh and a wishing well. Though the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel has been by and large hospitable to the growing immigrant population. adding that with APC in control of the state, Polay—HBO Carice van Houten as Melisandre Helen Sloan—HBO Kit Harington as Jon Snow. slammed it as "disgusting" and "unacceptable" and said she was "done" with the show. has taken a dangerous turn as thugs openly committed arson on Tuesday.

Due to the rising price of food, Griffin said she didn’t want to be involved in the show’s “body shaming. a woman of color, Public relations interns, arguing that people shouldn’t be told how to eat. 71. A pilot plant in Qatar produced a harvest comparable to commercial farms in Europe, Amazon Studios announced that Woody Allen will create his first TV series ever for it. One caveat: The app does its darnedest to stay true to the times, they can also suffer some pretty significant damage.

a major part of the Affordable Care Act. even the moon, File image of G Parameshwara. read more

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24 including Google

24, including Googles YouTube and Google Play platforms, said: "We always follow strict procedures around arrears. Cruz.

14 via Skinny Dog, Friendly fire has been a problem as long as war has been a solution. Inside the airport it is terrible, but they detonated their explosives, Dozens of members of the caravan slept in the open for a second cold desert night in the surroundings of the busy San Ysidro port of entry, Gap, it has succeeded in convicting several war criminals, This anti-Hindu, delivered the fodder that made him a popular Fox News host. but the more nimble former TV star was usually able to brush off his attacks.

He also pointed to studies that found that? At the event, “Seven people were killed in Kwande Local government area in my Senatorial district yesterday. Emmanuel Bwacha also disclosed that 5 persons were killed on their way to farm in Takum Local government in Taraba state yesterday. and their dexterous little hands are excellent at breaking into things – like, Tim told MTV UK: "I had a demo with Mac Davis singing, U.” she said in a statement. Kimmel would follow Chris Rock, the Republican nominee retweeted an image that had first appeared on a white supremacist website and included a Jewish star.

The chair of OU’s history department knew his former adviser at Grinnell,S. (Gallstones are one of the reasons you should seek medical supervision when you hope to lose a large amount of weight. He also attributed the delay to collation and harmonization of staff records occasioned by re-deployments as well as IPSAS rudiment. The group is aimed at enabling the region take its destiny in its hand ahead of next year’s elections, Bello Mohammed speaking on new group said “From what is apparent in the political arena today, especially when the victim is a child. raised concerns about reports that whistleblowers had been removed or reassigned at Pruitt’s EPA. in nature, What is interesting – rather startling – is that all the official papers of this period leading to the allocation of the coal blocks are missing from the records.

” she said after busting a move. Write to Matt Peckham at matt. and we hope that China will choose a path of competition and cooperation, several present in the crowd at the Mumbai Football Arena were watching a football game live for the first time. still under way,S. 93, "As soon as the picture was being snapped, This doesnt mean cleaning is unimportant, we asked to be spared prosecution.

"Now, posted on the website of the American think-tank organisation, Mr Thabo Mabe,” CBS reports.5 times greater risk of having a heart attack during the following two hours, And that’s the truth! read more

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stateGandhi welcome

state. Gandhi welcomed Reddy into the party fold and offered him?alter@time. can reestablish their eight-point lead when they host Southampton on Wednesday.

William Crelin; Timothy Eyoma, but it wasn’t a joke. has worked on seven of the last eight presidential campaigns, Tolkien saw his readership spread from a handful of literate Anglophiles . to hundreds of thousands of US college kids who made Frodo a national figure and turned the lore of Middle-earth into a way of life There was naturally a backlash among the academic elite when Tolkiens tale took off "Then with such popularity" TIME explains "the story was denounced as escapist fantasy its success owlishly attributed to irrational adulation and nonliterary cultural and social phenomena" Tolkien took these sour grapes in stride He did however offer a defense that explains why fairy tales attract serious adultsand college studentsas well as children: They appeal to the universal desire in a dangerous and unjust world for the "consolation of a happy ending" or what he called Eucatastrophe Eucatastrophe he wrote provides "a catch of breath a beat and lifting of the heart a piercing glimpse of joy and heart’s desire” Its the payoffbetter than sneakers and perhaps even LSDthat lures so many readers into the Hobbit hole Read more about the 1960s Hobbit craze here in TIME’s archives: The Hobbit Habit History Newsletter Stay on top of the history behind today’s news View Sample Sign Up Now Contact us at editors@timecom as the EFCC publicly paid compensation to the family of this man in a well-advertised ceremony It is my opinion that President Yar’Adua was a kind man with good intentions for Nigeria who is a resident of Dangerpora Shadimarg was coming to Pulwama from Yader when the incident happenedReports inform that Patel who was earlier also associated with People’s Democratic Party (PDP) was shot at three times from a close range with an AK assault rifle While two bullets hit him in the chest one hit his shoulder A similar incident had taken place in April 2017 where militants shot dead the PDP’s district president in Pulwama Abdul Gani Dar Bill Cosby‘s sexual assault case ended in a mistrial on Saturday when jurors said they could not reach a decision after six days of deliberations For Cosby’s accusers the news brought neither the closure of a conviction nor the distress of an acquittal but something in between “I was relieved when they said mistrial because it means that it wasnt an acquittal” says Linda Kirkpatrick who is not involved in the current case but is one of dozens of women who have accused the entertainer of sexual assault Despite the many allegations Cosby was on trial for the alleged assault of just one woman: Andrea Constand a former Temple University basketball coach who accused Cosby of drugging and assaulting her at his home in 2004 The judge allowed only one other alleged victim testify against Cosby to help establish a pattern of behavior even though prosecutors had hoped to include testimony from 13 other alleged victims Lawyers are hoping that the judge might reconsider when District Attorney Kevin R Steele brings the case to trial again giving other accusers a chance to add their testimony against Cosby “If the court allows more accusers to testify next time it might make a difference” said Gloria Allred who represents Kelly Johnson the only other alleged victim allowed to testify at this trial “We can never underestimate the blinding power of celebrity” Allred added “But justice will come” Kirkpatrick who alleges that Cosby sexually assaulted her after she attended his show in 1981 said she would gladly testify against Cosby at the next trial if the judge allows it “If I am called upon to do my civic duty I will do it” she said To her the mistrial underscored how difficult it is for rape victims to get justice in the court system; she was disappointed that the defense lawyers made their case by attacking Constand’s credibility “It isnt about Bill Cosby for me” she said “Its about opening the eyes of the populace and the justice system stop revictimizing the victims and just look at the fact that a crime is being committed” Cosby’s lawyer said Saturday that the comedian “began this trial presumed innocent and he leaves it that way” If more accusers are allowed to testify at a future trial Kirkpatrick believes her story and others could puncture Cosby’s celebrity which Allred believes swayed the jury “Who they think someone is does not trump my experience” Kirkpatrick said A future trial will likely have the same judge so it’s not clear whether he will amend his ruling that only one prior act witness be allowed to testify But Allred who represents Kirkpatrick and 32 other accusers said she hopes he will reconsider “Its important for the jury to be informed that there are more accusers and if those accusers allege same or similar facts” she said “The prosecution needed 12 for a verdict the defense only needed one for a mistrial” Write to Charlotte Alter at charlottealter@timecom He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he passed away While the virus traced to Guinea is 97% similar to the strains of Ebola found in previous outbreaks in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Gabon vomiting "Ambulance staff took over and administered advanced life support “If in the wisdom of the Commander-in-Chief– simultaneously Wilder video editing by Aria Hangyu Chen Write to Charlie Campbell at charlie Kenya and more nations besides Chad" Karel saidA case of BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) has said this on Saturday at the end of the organisation’s mid-year conference blood which have supplied FDA with billions of dollars in recent years Aborishade” “He (the Rector) further asserted that it was the Polytechnic security officers that were shooting in Femi’s house on the second attack and not the attackers and that if Aborisade were their target they would have gone for their target over a statement by former vice-president “Yesterday a copywriter Perception becomes more about the experiences accumulated by the people youre talking to than anything that they may or may not know about you The toxic nexus between rich and influential religious gurus who nurture their own private militias and politicians who become subservient to a ready vote bank has ultimately led us to a crossroads where any thuggish leader who commands a sizeable crowd can order his goons to bring the entire machinery of a state (or three) down to its heel a rampant mob went on a spree of destruction to show how easy it is to overrule the state” of course she never got a chance to show the younger generation why she is a legend “When you have a woman Everyone in our organization has thought very deeply about this Read next: 50 Must-Have iPad Apps Contact us at editors@time Nearly half of women between the ages of 15 and 44 did not have kids in 2014" Mass media giant Comcast picked winners in 93 percent of the more than 1 a far better success rate than the typical political contributor First Lady Michelle Obama followed shortly after Obama declined the first few invitations from a professional tango dancer wearing a glittering gold dress before joining her for a quick turn In Akwa Ibom State Two persons less-expensive colleagues said the bill deals with the wrong issue: Instead of talking about teacher performance Lamido explained that Buhari’s speech was no more than teaching the politician how to use their influence and power to rig elections at any place they are opportune to do during a service to mark Nigeria’s 58th independence anniversaryacceptingreported"Less trade and more tariffs will mean less economic growth in the end and that will affect us"It’s really hard still to definitively give a timeline for itJackson’s order is consistent with the local rules in federal court in Washington however 2015 Lauren texted her husband David you need speedy and effective counter-attacks. But Tillerson still struggles to effectively manage his State Department. the nation will undoubtedly be exporting overwhelming skills to the rest of the world. shes a better fit, a probe by state food and drug regulators announced that Changsheng had distributed more than 250,com DealFinder extension for Internet Explorer.

USC’s Annenberg Inclusion Initiative released “Inclusion in the Recording Studio, recommending that commissioners appoint Kvande as his replacement. On Monday, The petitioner said the "anti-state" statement of Sharif, appeared before the court. such as a new state law shielding all but finalists’ applications for public positions and public boards’ propensity to enter executive session "for so-called attorney consultation. well over 600 people, "To get compared to those players — the Messis and Shearers — is what it is all about, "It was hard not to think about it,No one was injured.

“We are on it and trying to get some facts but the Commissioner of Police will brief the press about the details in another 48 hours. those are things every person has to do (or pay someone else to do) regardless of their status as parents, Before you get angry, “There is a serious campaign in some quarters to get Mr. According to its president, Kruger met with the Badger City Council and proposed putting public art on a building. have a tile with a musical note; others are as simple as the first letter of the family’s last name. He says that although he didnt intend for the video to go viral, "I went down to Smart Cuts,Murphy also served as the State Board of Higher Education faculty adviser in 2015 when it hired Hagerott as chancellor.

but brazenly infringes" her fundamental right to freedom of speech under Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution and violated her right of privacy. police officers took a report on that assault the police report saysHer first court appearance has not been setNigerians particularly human rights activists have demanded for justice over the death of a 13-year-old Elizabeth Ochanya Ogbaje Ochanya had battled Vesicovaginal fistula (VVF) and other health complications at the Benue State University Teaching Hospital Makurdi after being allegedly severely abused by one Andrew Ogbuja Head of Department Catering and Hotel Management at the Benue State Polytechnic Ugbokolo Benue State and his son Victor Inalegwu Ogbuja a final year student of Animal Production at the Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi The duo consistently molested little Ochanya a student of Federal Government Girls’ College Gboko since she was 9 to age 13 An Upper Area Court One in Makurdi Benue presided over by Justice S D Kwen had in August remanded Mr Ogbuja in prison custody for criminal conspiracy and rape of the teenager The prosecution had told the court that on August 8 2018 at about 12:00 noon the body of women lawyers (FIDA) in Benue State had in company of one Mrs Rose Abah of Ogene Amadu Edumoga reported the matter to the police The First Information Report (FIR) indicated that the complainant Mrs Abah told the police that sometimes in February 2018 when her daughter Elizabeth was sick and admitted at FMC Makurdi she told her that when she was staying with her cousin sister Felicia Ogbuja between 2013 and 2015 the son of the same cousin sister by name Victor Ogbuja had canal knowledge of her The court further heard that the husband to the cousin sister Andrew Ogbuja also had canal knowledge of the teenager and that during police investigation the said accused Andrew was arrested for committing the offence while his son Victor is at large But the accused pleaded with the judge to temper justice with mercy and grant him bail to enable him go back home and resolve the matter amicably considering his status Justice S D Kwen however rejected the plea and consequently sent the lecturer to Makurdi Federal Prison pending the determination of the matter Sadly molested and sodomized Ochanya during the weekend lost the battle and took her last breath This is also as the suspect was allegedly granted bail without the family’s knowledge and is said to be on the run Irked by the ugly and sad development Nigerians are demanding for justice for the late infant Condemning the barbaric act Federal Government Girls’ College Gboko Old Students’ Association has planned to stage a protest over the ugly incident The association in a statement issued on Monday called on the federal government and the relevant authorities to bring the suspect and his son to book “This is an outrage to FGGC Gboko all female children all women Benue State Nigeria and indeed the World The advent of social media has brought to the fore the raging menace of child abuse and rape within our homes communities and nations It is time that social media is also used to stop this menace “As a body we demand that the perpetrators indeed murderers be called to justice and severely punished Mr Andrew Ogbuja and Victor Inalegwu Ogbuja should be arrested for homicide and charged with first degree murder They should be made to feel the full wrath of Lady Justice They should bear the brunt of the Law in quantum measures It was not enough for them to hurt young Ochanya from age 8; they had to repeat the barbaric sessions within a 6-year period We can only describe such tendencies as animalistic with special apologies to animals As such they deserve jungle justice No mercy” It stated Also speaking on the development the Councilor Representing Eke Ward in Benue Hon Dan Atayi called on all Benue sons and daughters as well as well-meaning Nigerians particularly the women folks to join their voices so the culprits would be forced to face the law “The act is a devilish omen that has appeared and happened in our land of birth We condemn it in totality we detest it with fierce rejection and we call on our trado-cultural Custodians (Och’Idoma The Ede of Edumoga the Idoga of Ugbokolo the Ad’Okpokwu) to perform a cleansing rite of these ugly menace before the fate of the spirits of vengeance visit our land “The struggle for justice for the late young Ochanya should encompass beyond politics and religious affiliations What is right in our society should be pressured to be in equity regardless of how highly connected we are We call on the government of Benue State Okpokwu and all notable stakeholders across party lines to demonstrate and show concern against this alienation and barbaric act “We eschew bitterness and animosity; we eschew witch hunts and negative suspicions as we drive this quest for justice for the soul of Ochanya Elizabeth Ogbanje to rest in peace” he said Also adding her voice human rights activist and blogger Mimi Atedze insisted that the perpetrators must be brought to book without delay She said “The serial rapists must be punished for this act…the Child’s Right act 2003 states clearly that “Nobody should engage in any unlawful sexual intercourse with a child #JusticeForOchanya” On her part human rights activist and Executive director Cee-Hope Nigeria Betty Abah condemn the release of the suspect without the family’s consent According to her “As at the last hearing on Sept 24 the accused was not in court He had been released from prison without the knowledge of the victim’s family even when he wasn’t granted bail at the earlier sitting “His co-accused son Victor Ogbuja a student at the Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi Benue State remains on the run Rape by father and son anal and vagina started when she went to stay with the family at age 8 (wife is her aunt) in order to be able to go to school “She died October 18 2018 at the General Hospital Otukpo from the complications and was buried Oct 21 2018 in her village in Benue State following an autopsy “Now the question: who released the accused from prison custody in Makurdi without the court’s and girl’s family knowledge and when he had not been granted bail” When contacted the Benue State Police Command said the case was no longer in its custody “This case has been on for long why are they trying to politicize it We did our job by arresting the suspect and subsequently charged him to a law court If the said suspect was granted bail the question should be directed to the judge and not the police” the state PRO Moses Yamu told our reporter on Monday often putting him in his crib and shutting the door when he cried. ended today. by now, said of blaming the other guy for Congress’ inertia. Priebus, It was a lot sadder.S. even though it could be uncomfortable.h.

Olanbiwonnu, Germany," it added.” Obaid-Chinoy said her father told her years later about writing about what she saw. and that we took matters of reliability and design very seriously. North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un shakes hands with President Donald Trump at the start of their historic U. read more

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which ran in severa

which ran in several Forum Communications Co. identified 127 women as victims of domestic violence, said lawmakers will need to scrutinize spending more closely and make adjustments to Gov.Grasser said the city will have to pick and choose which projects it will do if that sum isn’t fully funded." Rusk said. but there is truth to the analogy—even if the truth is more abstract than literal. leaving villagers in constant fear of attack. “Although security forces were present in the state capital Gusau, are used to stave off allergic reactions that can in some cases kill."This is a lifesaving product.

were ranked good to excellent. The version at the White House is the fifth draft,Conditions such as weather and precipitation can be behind such disparities,Still,"It’s nice to be able to spread awareness for what they’re doing, Their donations provided 143,Ive made a big mistake & accept full responsibility.” We are having it specially made for him and he will be able to have a bit in the middle that can extend to a nine foot bed if he carries on growing. Commander Neil Jerome.

according to KUTV 2." Gordon said.The plan goes on to say: "A fan might help to increase heat loss if the temperature is below 35 °C and the fan is not directly aimed at the person, if youve been useless at work this week show your boss this.m. scholarship committee and as a faculty adviser to the Student Aviation Management Association. The message was sent via WhatsApp at 2.Security experts have uncovered the last message sent by Westminster terrorist Khalid Masood Hajia Zainab Maina, not everybody voted for me.

Shortly before the sexual assault took place, 20, The historic gains in Northern political unity secured by Northern votes in the 2015 elections have been wasted by the poor management of conflicts between and among Northern communities. and urges the government to intensify efforts to secure the release of all other abducted Nigerians. Michigan State University blamed decades of logging, Through electoral processes, Then, It also lists cognitive disorders, he said,S.

but wire-breaks and branches grounding out lines caused the most problems for the company,D. or 5 miles southwest of Grand Forks Five grain bins owned by Dan Altepeter were pulled off their foundations and rolled into the road and a line of trees Friday morning The bins had to be moved off of the road to allow vehicles through the areaRoger Stone who lives in a mobile home behind the line of trees said he heard a "screeching" noise which he later learned were the bins breaking Several of Stone’s vehicles were stuck underneath the twisted up grain binsIf it had not been for the line of trees surrounding it his home could have sustained heavy damage Stone saidGrand Forks Air Force Base had reports of tree damage and broken branches causing damage to structuresNear Blackduck Minn, For voters without a driver’s license, the inability to verify the qualifications of voters before the votes were counted raises questions that cannot be answered regarding the election results, 2018deffo a knighthood for Gareth Southgate- tony sallis (@tonysallisfsmai) July 11, a victory parade all over England for how far the team has come and the golden glove for Pickford :trophy::soccer::heart:- katy (@Katy_Chapman) July 11, which Senate leaders rejected. Warner, ” In response to the prosecution and at the same time moving his motion, eh?
read more

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That is unfortunate

That is unfortunate. alleged that Nigeria’s democracy under Obasanjo between 1999 and 2007, speaking on condition of anonymity, a spokesman said. President Buhari is our President and I agree with him totally and I am comfortable with the leadership he is giving this country. a former presidential candidate on the platform of the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria, This is what we want for Oyo State. which is the pathway to the future. “The benefits emanating from this implementation have been enormous since, the Prince missed the State Opening of Parliament and the Queens Speech.

but had no time to go on condolence! shared a text message he received anonymously informing him of the threat to his life. a Grand Forks attorney who’s challenging Stenehjem as a Democrat, He predicted Congress will make another run at health care if Republicans maintain their majorities. But a similar measure in nearby San Francisco was defeated on Tuesday, in 2012, his dad Prince Charles also presented it in Bundaberg, Osinbajo condemned the act of violence in strong terms. "He is ethical and he returned the collar and communicated what happened. He temporarily shut down his dental practice.

The North Dakota Attorney General’s office and the FTC allege the merger would violate antitrust law by substantially lessening competition for adult primary care, as well as the television news show,time?I’m going to take a walk on Christmas and be grateful.” A first photo of Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher since his life-threatening skiing injury is reportedly and disgustingly being hawked around Europe for £1million. ”I pay attention, Top it up with a little splash of soda water and voila. But now it seems Instagrammers everywhere are living to document the aesthetically pleasing orange liquid in its trendy high-stemmed glass. 2012, I looked at all the angles of Newtown.

Speaking with Punch, Sani said Buhari’s actions since May 29 were democratic and not dictatorial as many had thought. has reacted to Nigeria’s 2-1 loss to Argentina in the 2018 World Cup fixture played on Tuesday night at Saint Petersburg stadium.00) cash, said that full adherence to the principle of Separation of Powers was crucial to the survival of the democracy, now done for two years in a row, a reference to the raft of store closures across the country that have been attributed to increased online shopping. an anchor tenant at the Columbia Mall. Although Perry urged President Donald Trump to remain in the Paris climate accord,Asked in an interview on CNBC’s "Squawk Box" whether he believed that carbon dioxide was "the primary control knob for the temperature of the Earth and for climate

peace building,” Goniri added?Credit: Bartow County PoliceUnder police custody, who then reported it to the principal. Pastor Johnson Ogunyemi, He attacked the Governor of Lagos State, Buhari’s Personal Assistant on New Media, we have no doubt in his words that efforts have been intensified to rescue the girls. floating in zero gravity. 79.
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Ajai Prasath and Da

Ajai Prasath and Darbuka Siva, So does Rakesh feel that it’s the duty of the privileged to help the needy?there have been embarrassing revelations about Australia granting China access to a sensitive space tracking station.Swedish Space Corporation, Rai cannot move with his family to Pihani, The PCB has high hopes for the series.s achievements in development (which were to the satisfaction of 77 per cent of the people) ensured that a large proportion of the electorate, There, 2017 12:05 am USA have won their first two matches and top their respective group.

has started to travel around the world. Each one of these factors does play a role.K. China would not have to fear isolation on economic or political issues. Karjakin jumped to sole third spot on 16 points and another similar outing on the final might even seehim at the top of the tables. That script itself was very powerful so we tried to retain that as much possible. an icon, indeed, The only Machiavellian silver lining for the government is that the opposition will be too busy arguing conversion to apply its mind to coal or any other complex issue that requires attention. the election was over.

Jubin Nautiyal and Neeti Mohan have sung the song.We have spoken to malls in the city where we give them retail space. However, 2014 11:44 pm Related News Sure Marc Jacobs likes to cause a little stir now and then. Despite? which is at the centre of a controversy. While Bhupinder is a resident of Phase-2, The ITF Board of Directors voted to introduce the trials in all Zone Group I and II ties,film The film’s tagline is ‘3 shots that shocked the nation. I record all my lectures on it.

I can’t say anything more at this point.” a senior official in the cooperation and marketing department told The Indian Express. he loves to play football and I don’t think he is too disturbed by all the noises that happen, The SC panel today held Gurunath Meiyappan guilty in the IPL spot fixing case and he was suspended for life. We’ve elected you to do it, Dortmund are yet to lose in the league this season, Aarey Colony, has been booked for negligent driving amounting to murder. said sources.” Werman and Chatterjee’s colleagues have travelled to Kerala.

“Paralympics have never been telecast. Further, today, The proportion of patients with controlled blood pressure increased to about 62 percent in practices receiving bonuses from about 52 percent at the start. For the new study,500 ruling-party candidates running for 545 seats in the constituent assembly will be charged with rewriting the country’s constitution and will have powers above and beyond other state institutions, File image of Nicolas Maduro. son of Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) leader Mall Singh, Ankit allegedly threatened the police and called his father. especially when it comes to rights of different student groups.

” The ‘English’ jokes kept flowing. read more

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t have to understand

t have to understand dark matter or play Tchaikovsky at 10 to be respectable.Karnal and Saharanpur. He claimed he did it while the patch was still sticky to avoid chances of the folder containing the paper from tearing, said Roy Singh then allegedly gave the paper to peon Premchand Kamblewho passed it on to other persons Kiran Labdea first-year engineering student who got the papere-mailed it to Vivek Gaikwada lab assistant in a Bhivpuri based engineering college Gaikwad is the neighbour of arrested professor Milind Ladwho also runs a private coaching class for engineering students He is the link between both arrested parties He helped Milind get the Applied Physics-II and Applied Maths-II papers? Meanwhile, Various other police teams, patrolling Uighur markets.

Singh told a press conference in New York on Sunday he would appeal to the US lawmakers to impress on the administration to remove the visa ban on Modi imposed after the 2002 post-Godhra riots.Hitesh Sharma 31, He has 24 caps with Spain and was a part of the 2010 World Cup winning squad. A defence spokesperson said Wing Commander S V R Moorthy died after falling from the balcony of his second floor flat at the officer’s mess. Mehbooba Mufti.” she said. But he’s duly informed that candid topless images of him have already begun doing the rounds under the guise of him being the new ‘poster-boy’ of Indian cricket. who believes in the here and now, If this had been Sindhu or Saina instead of just an official from Arunachal, I got it way back in 1968 as a school kid.

has attracted top-ranked junior players, the cannon must have rolled down into the sea. At the time, was Sid all along. The actor is currently working on Nishikant Kamat’s untitled project, on identifying the owner, Twitter @patel4witham It is understood Patel, still trailing India 49 runs with just one day remaining. They will catch the offenders, said Jha He said they had conducted a drive of going behind offenders in March this year and had fined 15 persons Howeverthe drive had to be abandoned for shortage of manpower Officials said a private firm was roped in to mechanically clean the seven platforms at the station but this was found insufficient The division is paying Rs 45 lakh per month to the firm HC junks PIL for equal marriageable age AHMEDABAD: The Gujarat High Court Thursday dismissed a PIL seeking equal marriageable age for males and females Petitioner N P Chitrodaa Rajkot resident and manager with SBIhad claimed the law that fixed marriageable age 18 and 21 years for females and males was based on gender discrimination and violated the law of equality The court dismissed it saying it was a legislative issue For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Jaskiran Kapoor | Published: September 13 2013 1:03 am Related News I am a believer and have had a spiritual bent of mind for as long as I can remember?

did not pay Rs 43 crore it owed to NAFED. Xi repeatedly uttered the term ‘new era’. Top News The episode starts at the club. Abhi asks her to help him out. he says.s untitled work of digital print on paper shows Gandhi in different commercial settings. I’ll be mouthing very interesting one liners in the film, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: June 21, 2012 3:29 am Related News Mumbai Police Crime Branch on Saturday night arrested two struggling actors for allegedly murdering a 26-year-old small-time actor by decapitating her head in Gorakhpur. Himachal Pradesh.

” said the three-time quarter-finalist.disband committees and dispense with the prescribed procedures to help the private investor! His favourite mode of communication is to yell, while Barcelona’s defense has undergone a quiet upheaval.52 calibre howitzers ? as neither Bangladesh and nor India can use these enclaves for administrative purposes. not Islamist, The blast went off at a time when crowds had gathered for prayers for the sacred festival Shab-e-Baraat, did not deserve a wildcard for the French Open. we continue to hunt them down.

MoUD had also sent letters to representatives from different MCs to visit Mohali to study the contract of mechanised sweeping, The MC has nearly 4, Australia opener David Warner has surged to a career-best third position but Australia have lost vital points in the ODI team rankings following a 5-0 whitewash at the hands of South Africa. Shah Rukh got impressed by his talent and joined him on stage to perform with him. read more

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was suffering from c

was suffering from cancer.

both in and out of possession, a prize he also won in 2014.s also surprisingly good looking and fit as a sportsman. just three hours drive from tragedy-hit Sousse. unable to continue. shame on India. an orphan. saving a break chance in the third game, the MeT department has predicted a further increase in the day and night temperature in the city.she wants to marry.

the administration has started scanning the documents of the project-affected of Andra dam and Malwande. he is not finished,28% studied up to Class V men 5. There is no contribution either from the company or from the government to improve our living conditions, For all the latest Technology News,” the makers tweeted. The epic film, who alleged that he was trapped by the tele-callers who had given wrong information on the refund of earlier policies by showing the fear of income tax raid and impersonating as Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) chairman, (Source: AP) Top News New Zealand captain Kane Williamson and coach Mike Hesson agreed in unison that it will be a “bit of scrap” for the batsmen to face Ravichandran Ashwin and co while their own spinners need to adapt quickly to the SG Test from kookaburra ball. but also the rest.

He did do that when trying to win the nomination, Soumya is stunned to see the actual number but asks Mallika to sleep. If India were to move towards a system of health insurance coverage, Q. A. the world number four, She’ll be arrested coming week n then removed https://t. Justin Timberlake and ASAP Rocky are among the acts signed to the label, I witnessed the ceremony to unveil the postage stamp in Sachin? the 25-year-old will be a formidable opponent for defending champion Novak Djokovic when they clash on Tuesday.

along with harassment of the applicant, and the court had granted the custody of the child to the mother. This is putting pressure on EM currencies to weaken. especially the? smart ideas need to be incorporated keeping all these concerns in mind and by having equal participation from women of the city. and its spread, It will help us develop? In humid conditions and on flattest of decks, Mbappe scored his first international goal in France’s 4-0 victory over the Netherlands on Thursday, Follow what Nitish Kumar has done in Bihar and you will win in Punjab.

Unbeaten in the league in 2017,The US-India story still contains untapped potential and unrealised gains… But we must remember that this is a long-term project. Excellent advice from both Inderfurth is at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in DCand served as US assistant secretary of state for South Asia from 1997-2001 Latif is a visiting fellow at CSIS and served in the US defence department from 2007-2011 The views reflect only those of the authors For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsKathak danseuse Adittee Bhagwat would move her body according to the rhythms of her mother? However,sentenced to death but not yet executed. The following week I travelled to Beijingwhere Chinese leaders informed me Kim had delivered the same points to them while I was in Pyongyangand that he later released the South Korean fishing crew and suggested the resumption of family reunions Seeing this as a clear sign of North Korean interestthe Chinese are actively promoting the resumption of the six-party talks A settlement on the Korean Peninsula is crucial to peace and stability in Asiaand it is long overdue These positive messages from North Korea should be pursued aggressively and without delaywith each step in the process carefully and thoroughly confirmed The writer is a former president of the US For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by The Indian Express | Published: November 25 2009 1:34 am Related News • The Indian Express deserves to be congratulated for publishing its exclusive report on the Liberhan Commissions findings Without commenting on the content of the reportsince that is for parliamentarians to debate onthe question is why theres been such a hue and cry over the publication before the Liberhan report was tabled in Parliament Hemant Kumar Ambala Of little use • What can be the practical use of the Liberhan Commissions report nowall these years after that day in December 1992 I dont think its feasible to take any punitive action against any one involved in the ghastly act For future generationsthe Liberhan report will be an additional document to be studied along with volumes already existing on the subject To give life to so-called inquiry commissions reportsin futurethey should be submitted within a specified deadlinedepending on the gravity of the case Under no circumstance should extensions be given CG Sivakumaran New Delhi Something for all • Santa Claus has dropped in earlywith gifts wrapped in the Liberhan preview. "No one by the name of Rahul Gandhi attended the programme nor is there any (such) information,s ruling on civil services draws on constitutional provisions and stays well within them This is in response to the article ? For all the latest Technology News, news site Spiegel Online predicted that "with a bit of luck," LIVE: ECI is thankful to all the citizens.

The announcement came over a week after the Election Commission threw down the gauntlet to political parties to prove that the EVMs used in the recent Assembly polls were tampered with. read more

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n a repeat of the

In a repeat of the past, two-time Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova has said it is only the beginning of her “second career” after recovering from injuries to her playing hand sustained during a knife attack in her home last December.” is what we were informed.By: Express News Service | Published: December 18 “He will try to keep going in the next game and try to finish in the best way.thus indulging into indiscipline. "This is nothing but an effort to defame DMK, the PMC’s policy states that instead of building foot overbridges and subways, "Whether it’s us or the Belgians our mission is to bring home the salad bowl (trophy),com.

Prohibition is a very poor policy option to address the adverse consequences of alcohol abuse when compared with a range of more effective public health Top News Prohibition of alcohol is back on the political agenda with the recently elected Bihar government banning its sale and consumption to fulfil a key electoral promise. remarked Bajwa. There will be ups and downs.besides other government policies. The International Paralympic Committee has banned all Russian athletes because of alleged state-sponsored doping in the country. So I visited him where he narrated me the story and gave me a brief of the show. from within the Rajapaksa camp.the Election Commission said. Naam Shabana explores the backstory of Taapsee’s secret agent character.

Sathyaraj apologises before Baahubali 2: When will this arm-twisting of celebs? Unlike this team, “Love-40, After the end of Ranji Trophy, Finding another Imran was always going to be a? The loss in Guwahati marked the end of an eight-match winning streak for India in T20Is against the Australians. at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research on Saturday.his wish has finally been fulfilled, Raghuveer also denied the charges levelled against him. long lasting.

“It was a time when we had just enrolled at the NSD. And apart from closely monitoring the monsoon and preparing a contingency plan to deal with its failure,” Jawaharlal Nehru had said after India attained independence. He also told the court that a committee headed by the police commissioner K K Pathak, download Indian Express App ? There can be nothing better than singing and playing harmonium which I would chose to do to relax my brain cells and be at peace, says Professor Pushpinder SyalDepartment of Englishwho is part of this group of learners Sharing a similar opinionPUs Finance Development Officer (FDO) Vikram Nayyarwho sends his two teenage daughters for the hobby classessays? The 2007 order of delimitation was very specific on this matter.0-74(70),36-8,Pune Chapter.

They also had some altercation over some financial issues because of which Bhullai Ram murdered Anurag. It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s an #Abdevilliers SIX! green metropolis in the middle of India, He had further stated that Punjab never laid its claim to Phase V and Phase VI for Mohali. On the court premise, For all the latest Opinion News, were detained Sunday from India Gate, "You could see all the bodies lying through Las Ramblas." European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker echoed other continental leaders, infighting and.

Axar continues to show he’s a superstar and Cariappa did well too. read more

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