Young people are the main reason for failure

aggressive young people is their entrepreneurial motivation, but also cause failure. Often successful entrepreneurs are relatively stable, mature thinking. Young people are the main force of entrepreneurship, they have passion and vitality, but sometimes often too good idea, always the process of entrepreneurial ideals, often lead to failure!

is too good

because young people lack of social experience, often blindly optimistic, without adequate psychological preparation. For the frustration and failure in the shop, many shop owners feel very miserable, even depressed depression. We used to shop, see the success of the example, the state of mind is idealistic. In fact, there are more failures behind success. See success, but also to see the failure, this is the real market, the only way to make the young shop owners become more rational. read more

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ABA, how to ensure the safety of the tongue

food safety issues has always been a major concern of the people, even the baby milk powder have problems, not to mention our adult diet. Then, the ABA how to ensure the safety on the tongue? Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration in accordance with the "ABA focused object, key species, key areas, full coverage, random sampling principle, sent 4 inspection teams to carry out joint law enforcement inspection Cross County 13. As of August 1st, cross law enforcement battle.

it is understood that the inspection team of Li County, Ruoergai County, Jinchuan County, ABA County food production enterprises, employees and building site canteens, catering units, supermarkets, souvenir sales, tourism shopping centers, drug distributors and medical institutions such as cosmetics shop, covering on-site inspection. Focus on checking the production and operation of the units, the health of employees, cable card, high risk medical equipment, etc.. For each key link found illegal behavior, has been assigned to the county bureau to investigate and deal with 43, including food, medicine, medicine, medicine, a total of 27 pieces, 7 pieces, cosmetics, 1 pieces. read more

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Fishing tackle shop how to profit

no matter what kind of shop opened, for any one investor, how to profit is a matter of great concern. After all, only with more profit channels, can make this business become more prosperous. Then, fishing shop how to profit?

with the current fishing craze has become increasingly popular, many people have begun to pay attention to the huge business opportunities – fishing shop profitable. Some investors can not help but eager, eager for a fight. So, how is a fishing shop with characteristics of the project, it is suitable for those who invest their profit and how? read more

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How to operate the open drugstore

cosmetics industry a lot of categories, you can choose to open the store, you can refine the classification, to find their own areas of expertise. In recent years, the field of cosmetic beauty industry development speed is very fast, has attracted the attention of franchisees. Open the drugstore how to start? If you are not very clear about this problem, you can take a look at.

Bound in

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nvestment in Hainan chicken rice shop need to pay attention to what

Hainan chicken rice is a good thing to do right now, a lot of people are very fond of Hainan chicken rice. Today, Hainan chicken rice is becoming one of the entrepreneurial orientation of investors keen, and consumers are not only eat and eat is the foundation, the mood, the dining environment has become another major consideration. If you want to invest in Hainan chicken rice, then open the store need to pay attention to what?

Chicken Rice, Hainan Style entered our lives, but also allow more entrepreneurs to set up shop, novice to choose their own location, need to know what information? Because of the factors that affected the traditional consumption habits, market and traffic, region specific markets tend to form specific values, open Chicken Rice, Hainan Style stores pay attention to what? In the choice of values, in order to adapt to the mobile population, the majority of customers shopping convenience, in the guiding principle of expanding sales, most will choose Dianzhi endpoint in the bustling city center, the city passenger transportation hub, roads and residential areas near the city and suburban traffic roads, villages and residential areas such as shopping area. read more

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Henan job analysis of large data industry what popular job on the road

When we choose

University in professional, a lot of people for what job you worried, so what industry in the current market environment more popular? In October 12th, Henan province talent analysis report "in 2016 third quarter released a" talent exchange center of Henan Province, Henan Province in the third quarter job analysis job recruitment data, more than half of the province to Zhengzhou as the preferred job number, the demand for talent in trade, manufacturing, real estate three traditional industries sharply growth. read more

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Butterfly beauty oil mask how the cost of high profit margins

now, our standard of living is getting better and better, and the quality of life is gradually increasing. In fact, the choice of investment in the beauty market, is a very wise choice. Butterfly beauty oil mask? For the success of the venture to join the business, to join the United States and the United States butterfly essential oil mask project is very good!

now our lives can not be separated from the computer, the computer for the human body radiation is very large, in order to our skin, more and more people began to choose the use of mask. Mask Xiaobian recommend the use of butterfly beauty oil mask. Do you want to make money?. Because there are more and more people choose to use the beauty of the United States and the United States mask mask, the market sales, do not want to make money is difficult. read more

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How to open glasses shop

at present, there are many investors are optimistic about the glasses store investment, but also love and fear, because the glasses retail seemingly insignificant, but is an extremely complex operating system, professional eye test, lens processing, contact lens fitting and customer service service etc.. So, how to open glasses store? Xiaobian for everyone in detail.

one thing: choose to join the chain of glasses

in recent years, the emergence of a new chain of popular glasses shop is not in the minority, but there are a lot of glasses chain no fire how long disappeared. It can be said, to join the chain almost every year to re shuffle the glasses shop, which will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of the glasses shop chain entrepreneurs choose to join. Therefore, the choice of glasses shop to join, we must stand the test of the market: chain management system has at least 5 years or more. To investigate the integrity of the franchisee, management skills, education, etc., the most important thing is to join the business philosophy must be consistent with the enterprise. Have engaged in glasses management experience; if it is entrusted with the operation, there is no need to carefully study; and directly involved in the operation, in the choice of biased when not engaged in glasses industry to join us, because have the experience, it is difficult to change the original business model and now join headquarters approval. Therefore, it can be said to have opened up a "go do" new investment in the road. read more

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Want to improve the sales of home accessories jewelry how to operate

business shop, no matter what items are to be prepared to fight a protracted war, for the first venture, no entrepreneurial experience of young people, want to sustainable development in the Home Furnishing market, business skills and sales methods is the most important thing is to grasp the industry, so as to make you better, faster to the wealth of life. Even if there is no experience of home franchisee also does not matter ah, Xiaobian for you to collect information on how to improve the sales of home accessories jewelry! How many kinds of read more

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Veterans opened a hot pot shop turnover amazing

in front of a good job, many people will not choose entrepreneurship, but chose to engage in this difficult job. But a Veterans did not think so, it quit high salary, stable work, resolutely chose to do poineering work, open one of their own Hot pot shop, now the business is booming, turnover reached 100 million yuan.

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Yu Min Ji entrepreneurial story about youth in their hometowns

in college students, migrant workers return home entrepreneurship tide, the western city must be the most enthusiastic group of cities. For example, Xinjiang Yumin County, invited students to participate in the activities of Yumin, tells the story of entrepreneurship, to encourage more young people to return home to business.

1 27, Yumin college students entrepreneurial experience in their entrepreneurial story to share with you.

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Which four retail store owners intolerable

retail business is indeed a big market, but now the industry is highly competitive, the owner of a careless, infected with a bad habit, it is possible to store business is very bad. In short, the store owner in the process of operating the store has accumulated a lot of experience, these experiences are a valuable asset.

, however, a lot of time, these experiences are derived from mistakes and setbacks, there are a lot of new retail owners, the lack of necessary experience, and ultimately lead to retail problems. The author summarizes some problems existing in retail according to their retail experience, say to share with you. These contents are summed up in a total of four, so called "do not four". read more

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Solve these problems easily open car repair shop

is now in the automotive industry continues to develop, the automotive repair industry is also becoming more and more hot, investment in a car repair shop is also good. Of course, open a car repair shop is not easy, to consider a lot of problems, first of all, we need to solve a few problems. Entrepreneurs open car repair shop several problems:

questioned by family and friends

which start repairs are not investors questioned? Friends and relatives around you often question what you are doing, and before you succeed, you can only put up with the pain! read more

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What are the skills of retail stores to enhance their competitiveness

although the retail store has the advantage of convenient checkout, but it can not resist the big business too intense competition, resulting in a number of retail stores have closed down. Four years ago, I opened a small supermarket in a community, because residents are not many, just started the business is not too good, but for people with enthusiasm, and thoughtful service, more and more genuine goods at a fair price, the residents and the business has been improved. I was secretly pleased to see hope, when two large chain have settled in the community. read more

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Saddo fish join rich new choice

in the food market, the meat to join the project, has been very hot. Because, with the continuous improvement of our living standards, the demand for delicious food has always been in the promotion. Free business, to choose to join saddo fish?

The carnivorous species

very much, and in numerous species of carnivorous fish species, is the top grade, but want to taste the most delicious fish, it is necessary for cooking techniques for high requirements, while the fish is definitely regarded as delicious, because of this, the fish will saddo enter the market has received a warm welcome, so delicious, naturally hot market. Saddo fish join, rich good choice. read more

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