Li Qin Liu Chuanzhi’s entrepreneurial partner

  Li Qin believes that improving market strain rate is critical for large enterprises.

Lenovo in high-rise inside, and Liu Chuanzhi Li Qin had played in the world who is one of the most low-key. The day before, in a private meeting, a reporter to interview the Lenovo hero.

the current Lenovo holding company executive vice president, chairman of Digital China Holdings Limited Li Qin in 1965 graduated from the Beijing Institute of mechanical engineering, Chinese worked for the Institute of computing sixth research room, and Liu Chuanzhi with a research office.

memories and old Liu Lenovo has just set up the day, Li Qin said, at that time, smoking only 5 cents a pack of smokes…… But now he is Lenovo holding "no matter minister", in addition to formulate a long-term development strategy, nobody thing for him to ensure the overall, Lenovo like playing volleyball has a blind spot does not allow; someone did not manage the things he must manage, each department do not have a copy of my review". read more

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Put big advertising size, zoom AdSense income

this email address is used only for notifications and cannot receive reply messages. Please do not reply to this email.


dear publisher, Hello:

we find that your website has a large part of the flow potential has not been fully utilized, the main reason is that you have not selected " ACE " ad format. read more

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Gong Haiyan Entrepreneurship ten years of those feelings

the Reading Jiayuan, 91 teacher network founder Gong Haiyan in @ Zhenge fund annual meeting, she shared the experience of their own business in ten years in this paper, it is worth all the entrepreneurs to read (Abridged article).

I am 91 Teachers Network founder Helen of Troy Jiayuan founder, is also very happy, Xu teacher give me a chance to share a little experience of my enterprise and everyone, I am also grateful to Xu Wang these years of my love and support, they hope that angel can good good news, a lot of money. All of the companies are Internet Co, it is said that there are 230 Internet Co listed China million to 40, an average of six million, can have a market, a lot of people think 1/60000, feel the future of darkness, there is no point light. read more

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This is how the five entrepreneurs from the grass root counter attack into the nouveau riche

introduction: This paper introduces the five incomparable talent, a good interpretation of the American dream, they start is not high, but now they are among the richest forefront, and is the world’s most successful business people.

creativity and ambition not only give entrepreneurs hope, but also deeply rooted in their entrepreneurial thinking. This article describes the five unparalleled talent, a good interpretation of the American dream, their start is not high, but now are among the richest, and is the world’s most successful business people. read more

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Wei Wu Feng why do oppose the media business model

Author: Wei Wu swing

I was probably from the media business prospects have been bad mouthing people (from the media itself, not bad not bad), more than a month ago, Xu Wei in WeChat and I exchange this thing, it is the new things or to positive encouragement, I hem and haw perfunctory a few words, the thought is: what new thing to say, I’m really positive encouragement? Not optimistic about it!

is not optimistic about the reasons for the media business prospects are roughly two. The first thing I did was to know how hard it was. Of course, the times have changed, the old look at the past with the new problem is to ditch the. This I confess. But there are some things that I don’t think will change. For example, continue to write this thing, not because of the blog micro-blog WeChat client frequent switching, it will significantly change. Since the media do not know how much a public number, IT circle, got into my eye in nature quite a bit, but it got into my eye there continued to update each I are holding a good two, the other, hey, ha ha, jojoba, ha ha. read more

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Novice home page bit by bit

The production of web pages is a painful process, for a novice, both want to save time, but also hope to be able to prove themselves on the network, to make a good web page, is indeed a difficult thing. During which will take a lot of detours, touch a lot of nails, perhaps a lot of friends visited this experience. My home page took me three days, coupled with the blind application of home space, domain names, etc., a total of nearly five days in addition to eating and sleeping outside spent on it. Now think back, if there is a clear guidance, will save a lot of time and energy. In line with this idea, I put some of my experience to write it out, I hope to help friends. read more

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To choose the alliance Wangzhuan friends

online roll for a period of time. No one would like to use this platform to make online advertising on the network, now most of the advertising, now I comment spam and recommended advertising or make new friends walk less detours.

first: google

website, blog can do · · integrated · · such as computer, are · · · · · · · I have no personal · · because I feel so many people competing big · · netizens; see might know the advertising but reduces the · hit rate; · · · another is to say, is the check collection · trouble, although the bank can collection, or feel trouble, do a period of time by K · · K rate is still high we do it! · · · fire · read more

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Google executives Chinese China developer was forced to fight overseas

Google China business cooperation, key account manager Zhao Yijiang

from a number of indicators, China is about to or has surpassed the United States to become the world’s largest smartphone market. Market research firm Nedham data show that in the second quarter, China’s smart phone shipments grew by 164%, reaching 33 million 100 thousand units, higher than the United States, taiwan. The IDC report is expected this year, China’s global smart phone market share will reach 20.7%, surpassing the United States of America’s $20.6%. read more

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Talk about the profit and development of personal website navigation website

Speaking of the

site navigation station we are most familiar is 123, he is still the current pattern of success do webmaster envy and copy, and site navigation in recent years have emerged successful examples, in addition to the current 123 foreign successful and 114, 23459991 and so on, many more unknown the site navigation station is in a lot of low-key money, now do the site owners a lot, the reason is that the site is simple, clear profit model, lucrative, so today we will talk about some of the things on the navigation bar. read more

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respected webmaster, Hello everyone!

07 years in December the Commission, in January 22nd 08 to January 24th payment, please note that check. No timely upload ID card, pay the cumulative delay to next month.

if you have any questions, please contact the staff.

wish the webmaster happy Spring Festival in advance! alliance

January 23, 2008

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address:

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047 read more

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Billion friends SKYPE price adjustment notice


Hello everyone!

since January 18th, Skype price adjustment: 0.2 yuan / registered +0.25 yuan / active +8%CPS.

the TOM price adjustment is to increase the proportion of active users, while adjusting the market strategy, we introduced the incentive policy

specific as follows:

1) weekly (NATURAL week), the cumulative number of registered data reached > =750 and active / registration ratio of > =25%, the user will be in accordance with 0.2 yuan / registered +0.3 yuan active +8%CPS into payment; read more

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Siren suction gold square open shop annual income of over million

            Name: Demon

earnings: annual sales of 80-100 million

features: foreign trade women’s clothing

successful experience: not felt, not idle Kan price, grasp the core customer service service

to purchase.

she is a workaholic, especially at 1 months pregnant, the loneliness with resistance from the shop at home, she would get out of hand. In less than two years, the store turnover from one thousand or two thousand per month, to now the annual sales of 80-100 million. And turnover is inversely proportional to her weight from 90 pounds in the past dropped to a total of 70 pounds. read more

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09 years of the most basic network to make money in the six projects

out of the little mouse can get rich return Wangzhuan is an enviable, but to remind you very much after all the virtual network components, so we have to be vigilant. Select a secure website to see if the site has a business license, telecommunications business examination and approval of the payment method and detailed contact address. If there is a need to advance advance fee, I suggest that we do not go. Method of network money is really connected below to introduce 6 kinds of emerge in an endless stream, now the most popular form of Wangzhuan, hope that the majority of money online entry-level friends help. read more

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The first annual meeting of China’s online video advertising held in April 26th

It is reported that 2007 (1st) Chinese network video conference and the 2007 first session of the ad Chinese network advertising festival release, 2007 Chinese interactive marketing will be released, 2006-2007 Chinese Internet video industry — survey report data released the same period will be held in Beijing Kerry Center on April 26, 2007.

DCCI Internet data center of the latest survey data show that due to the rapid growth of a variety of network video content, online video service providers, users of video and video applications, the relevant investment and many other aspects of hitherto unknown, in 2006 the network video is becoming a hotspot in the Internet the most attention China, 2006 became the first year of development of network video Chinese. read more

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Three profit models of reading websites

Although Beijing is not the student’s Internet Co, but chairman Wang Donglin did intend to use a big, to prove that he is the real "Internet man".

Wang Donglin going through huge amounts of money to build the student is read the website (, as a scholar in the field of Internet companies to establish a flag. In the past two years, the student’s initiative UOML standard has become a global standard document operation only, from the establishment of student leadership in core technology in the field of software industry. Now, Wang Donglin will obviously want to pace farther. read more

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Less than 2000 dollars a month, but still choose Ali mother

actually do this choice is forced helpless, I come to talk about the reasons for the matter. I have a corporate information station IP about 2W or so, the PV is relatively high, about about 300000, it is the enterprise information query. The procedure is relatively simple, the beginning did not think so much about how to do the toll station, the first is to do a dumpster, get some traffic, then I did not expect the flow is relatively stable, but the search volume is relatively large, so the election to choose the Google Adsense search alliance. You also say, about 20USD income every day Oh, do a search alliance should know that Google Adsense’s search unit price is very high, basically every click on the above 0.1USD. Some of the high prices are more than 0.5USD, plus Google Adsense click also have 10USD day, add up to a total of 25-35USD a day. For a station that doesn’t need to be updated, it’s good. This day over two months or so, one day I watched the stationmaster net Admin5 alliance section of the website information, see a company’s advertising resources, so ready to try the effect, then registered their website alliance launched their code, put between heart Anxi, because this alliance with me the site provides content is very close, but certainly many earn, actual operation found no, less poor. For Google Adsense or have a great impact, a lot less revenue suddenly. So I hell-bent with Google Adsense mixed, also don’t want to put more code, because the fact that put more code will not be able to earn more money, it will drag on the website speed, affecting the user experience. In this way, after a week, one day in the mailbox received Google Adsense group sent the message, the general content is directed at my website, the specific content is as follows: read more

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Ali mother began shameless ban account


I found your website system detection, website traffic appeared abnormal phenomenon, that is your site traffic abnormal way up, please check the phenomenon, and please after receiving this notice within seven working days to make a written explanation of the phenomenon.

if you think that after verification, the phenomenon is normal and in accordance with the actual situation, please provide proof within the time limit data corresponding to my website, if not available, or provide information you cannot prove that I will be on your website last month now click billing (including default AD / sponsor AD / partner Ali mother advertising exchange of proceeds) temporarily frozen, until you provide proof materials and reasonable. read more

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Easy textile and clothing advertising online a lot on the welcome

Hello, textile and apparel advertising on the line, welcome the majority of the owners actively put forward, I believe can bring good revenue for the webmaster. Customer service qq:183288818 319035197

data return: return

in real time

settlement cycle: Zhou knot

advertising price: 3.5 yuan /1000IP

audit methods: advertisers audit

Union address:

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047

for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic!

more union information: read more

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Chilean star through 2 billion 600 million to sell, after the transformation of the 80% of the 14 mi

suspended for 3 months Chinese media announced the 24 asset acquisition plan, the company intends to take the issue of shares and payment of cash to buy a "happy farm" game developer Elex 100% equity, total transaction value of 2 billion 660 million yuan, up to 28 times the premium level.

"chief Entertainment Officer" noted that 14 80 business backbone of Chilean star pass will hold shares of listed companies, from among the poor grass root overnight turned large nouveau riche there are wooden inspirational brother. One of the youngest born in November 1987 Xu Cheng, in 2010 came to the Chilean star pass, talent for 3 years on the share of the envy envy hate ah! read more

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Web site to make money is the key to do a good job site positioning

grassroots groups has been a bright group in the network, the grassroots advantage lies in less concern, courageous, what can be done, and what not to do, grassroots owners are most concerned about is how to do web traffic, how to make money


QQ on the day before yesterday, a friend with me, I come to ask me how to make money, the site, the problem, put me on the spot. I didn’t know how to answer him, so I had to pretend not to!

evening meal, still can’t help but think how to answer the question? This article will help you to review some of my views, feel very great webmaster can not close look, patience is not enough friends can also turn off the watch, for this article only for the novice friends. read more

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