Linktechm18 Mcglaughlin diamond card preferential activities began

dear affiliate member:

yinianzhijizaiyuchun: the recent network has opened the following promotions partition

– A: diamond card special zone (network exclusive area):

this page all products only diamond card users to buy StyleType=A

: the sale of goods?

integral exchange – branded goods: StyleType=A

integral exchange – Fashion Accessories: StyleType=A read more

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2005 China B2B competition year

After the collapse of the Internet bubble, in the recovery process, different e-commerce platform is moving toward a more rational direction of rapid development, showing a thriving scene. E-commerce has become an important platform for domestic and international enterprises to expand the international market. Some time in the future, the development of e-commerce will be a real breakthrough in the field of B2B, that is, business to business e-commerce. In the upstream and downstream enterprises engaged in online business activities, rather than the basis of the network economy, it is better to focus on the development of e-commerce.

Research Report of

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Advertising new pop ads

good news! Sunshine pop Chengdu IP women’s Hospital oriented, welcome webmaster put a lot! The new release Dongsheng Albert popups, welcome webmaster put a lot of!

more information as in the League:
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the QQ:285445
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback QQ:285445 read more

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A leader must do five words

a few days ago to share with you some of my experience in the venture, said some company system in the formulation and implementation of the topic, so today we’ll talk about dry cargo, I know these are now young people, entrepreneurs really want, but also really want to see. Well then, let’s start

everyone has his own personality, some good talk some more love quiet, but as an entrepreneur, you must find a way to marketing, sales, sales to their own ideas, so that you can win enough for his companions. In fact, we all understand, today’s society has not rely on personal ability can be about the situation, to turn the tide, now rely on the team, and how to set up a team, how to let the team has a fighting force and execution, how to let the team of people you trust, and this requires marketing to today! Share five words: read more

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Taobao station promotion points you choose the right place

Hello everyone, today we talk about the promotion of new Taobao station outside the flow of access, click on the basic principles of the transaction.

station promotion is a easier said than done things, not because of what the post is difficult, but because Taobao about a commodity platform online shopping website, we as a seller, go to other sites (generally not is similar to Taobao’s trading network) publicity directly or indirectly for way of advertising. To other IP can enter the store, the best result is the conversion rate of direct purchase, certainly not to say, is to look at the way, anyway, no matter what, from increased traffic ranking based on this purpose it is easier, if the general website can add a link to the effect, as can be imagined, but if you want to, will your work most effectively to show up, or to have the skills, especially in today’s state of the industry competition is saturated, every corner of the Under the conditions of diligent can not make you reach the top, wisdom and creativity is king, we have heard a saying "genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration", heard of it, but then I saw a revision, "genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration, and achieve a genius the point is more important than 1% inspiration 99% perspiration". I don’t know which genius changed. I almost made it a motto. read more

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Announced a day to receive one hundred yuan free training liar project

is a forum for advertising every day, sit at home and earn three thousand month, day to earn one hundred, and claimed to be a free training, and earn three thousand a month to pay tuition one thousand and eight hundred to them, please do not believe them when they join their free training group, see the four class free training video after you buy website, 200 yuan to buy four websites, please be sure to see, actually the four stations a total of only 200M, very small, there are a lot of people where they bought very regret.. bought their website into practice, in practice the group did not have a charge out of the no matter. We understand, are silent, with training before argument is completely different. I published a group of 63067217 of their internship please don’t be deceived. They have many web forums, I also announced, now the dream network, http://s., also There are a lot of it is not released, and then announced a spent 200 yuan to join their internship group QQ, do not believe that I can ask him.QQ:383868120. read more

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Personal website alternative way to make money

personal website owners often do the station mostly hang alliance advertising, but we have other Union a way of earning money? We are not industry station, not B2C, a large number of articles, entertainment, websites and other sources of income?

I provide some ideas for your reference, I hope useful to you.

, Ali mother cat

many of my friends know mother alliance it, but you are familiar with the guest promotion? In fact, there are a lot of goods commission ratio is very high, if can through the web site to sell a commodity, Chengdu enough of your day advertising revenue, even more! You have some suggestions and Promotion Association your site goods, such as TV movie station, can promote some South Korean clothing, the game website can recommend a card, medical website can recommend the Chinese medicine ~, the association you use your head. read more

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Community service O2O fourth talk entrepreneurs play

The word "

" community service O2O "is the word I at the beginning of 2013 in a reader to remind certain, this word is a bit too long nor too dry, but three key links, it can be clearly summarized in this industry first," the community "; second," third "O2O service" ".

"community", is the majority of people living in residential areas;

"service" is the service market around the community;

O2O refers to the network through the network of residents living under the seamless integration of online and offline. read more

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A pathos story of four years of College Entrepreneurship

this is a true story of college students, mainly about the protagonist of the past four years, some of the experience, and the owner of the story is me. This article is to have four years of entrepreneurship Memorial, I hope to start friends some lessons and get advanced guidance, and for their encouragement.

2008, who kicked one thousand yuan a person came to the school in Beijing, began his four year career in beijing. Poverty in rural households, tuition is a national loan, living expenses is brought home one thousand yuan. read more

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How to improve GGAD click rate

has a lot of friends with the forum have found a problem, that is now the GGAD hits in 0.05%, very miserable!

what’s the best way to improve the click rate?

1 advertising is not like advertising, pay attention to the color and the page with.

2 text ad click rate higher than picture advertising.

3 with 336*280 large rectangle, followed by the choice of 300*250 is the middle rectangle. Two the size of advertising and emissions very well together, also recommend that you use the "wide skyscrapers", of course, as long as the text, and put it in the "close to the right edge of the position. 468*60 advertising is the worst hit. read more

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4 ways to improve Google alliance Adsense revenue

Adsense do not deduct the amount, is indeed the most worthy of choice, but also the largest Adsense advertising alliance. Many webmaster asked me, how to improve the adsence income? I have 4 kinds of effective methods to introduce to everybody.

1 focuses on the best form of AdSense advertising.

currently has a total of 12 different AdSense advertising format, the webmaster can be used in accordance with the needs of AdSense format, you can also combine the AdSense advertising in 2 formats. From practice, the large rectangle (336×280) this kind of advertising has a high click through rate, medium rectangle (300×250) and 120×600 (skyscraper) this kind of advertising click rate is also good. read more

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Earn 200 (four) do DC earn the first barrel of gold

IDC hard to do? Not difficult, now many Internet companies, virtual host of this web site service, see there is no money, but the market is still very large, there are many companies open every year, many people are engaged in the business website, if the market is so big you bread, to 100 one is enough. Said in front of the network to do business, the network when the cause of view, can lay the foundation for hard work, the following I explain the day earned 200 (four): I do IDC earn the first barrel of gold. read more

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Focus talk about the most fiery four grassroots circles profitability

for the most recent period of time with the circle of friends have contacts, learn a lot, but also know a lot of the actual situation of the circle


I have been mixed on the Internet for four or five years, and today I have learned in recent years, the current situation of the grassroots circles to make a summary!

basically speaking, the network circle is divided into four circles: Taobao circle, SEO webmaster circle, micro business district, competitive product circle

first said: Taobao circle read more

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Tencent entrepreneurial base open class the road of entrepreneurship

May 10th, the theme of "the new platform, the future of the Tencent entrepreneurial base open class at the ninth session of China Internet entrepreneurs conference held in the same period, thousands from across the country to listen to the webmaster and Internet entrepreneur, lecturer lineup unprecedented: ATA CEO sun genyield, YeePay CEO Tang Bin and Stanford University School of business director of Chinese Frank Hawke (Han Cheng) three guests went to the scene, for entrepreneurs to share business experience. Among them, Mr. Sun Zhenyao in the case of inflammation of the vocal cords for everyone to finish this speech. read more

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The first video to forget one thing to be honest

is the first video to forget a truth: to be honest

was busy with my class. I was so angry when I thought about it.

: when the first video just early development, so we need the small owners to support them and then join them politely, service attitude is very good, how to put what benefits, and even how much income of our small owners are very clear, with small owners are more and more, the first video the performance also began to gradually rise, like a wounded man, a man’s care, he will be very grateful. We are grateful for the return of the benefits of their return. read more

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Ma Haiyao how to make use of CPS million Commission

09 years occasionally in a web site to see the video, see a story about college students, one of which is a soft advertising, is the introduction of the return of the network. The return of the mode of the net is a fish marketing, his profit model is a completely CPS station. Friends who have done CPS should know how to get commission, but you will ask me, people’s Commission 10%-20% so high. My product commission is only around 5%. (I’m talking about a commission on the same product, don’t get me wrong) then I’ll tell you why he is so high, the return of this type of Web site is a fish pond. He can use the fish in the pond and his big B2C to coordinate the commission. But they will not be much higher than the Commission, he gave the user’s commission is that he gets a commission of 10% of the product to the user. For example, the user to buy a product, B2C gave him a commission of 10 yuan. This site will be 10 yuan of money to the user of 20%. This looks like a lot, and finally the user gets very little. This is the reason why they dare to use 200 thousand dollars in January to do the crazy advertising! The bigger the fish pond, the more money. You can not move? I want a private bank (including me) will be very jealous. I want to share is that if you see a new kind of thing or make money, we should learn to take the initiative to analyze. As much as possible to make people how to make money step analysis. This is a kind of progress! read more

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Login search engine failure reasons

1, the use of the framework:

within the framework of the content is usually not within the scope of the search engine grab.

2, picture text too much, too little

4, submitted too frequently

5, the website keyword density is too high

6, the color of the text with the background color.

7, dynamic web pageContent management system

8, web server transfer

9, "no independent IP address

some hosting providers in order to save money, will be assigned to the same IP users, as long as the search engine to block one of the sites, all sites under IP have been implicated in the read more

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The operation in common with online Witkey

      for Witkey website, the same three point games, the Witkey Baba as an example.

      new teaching, and through some means to make it easy to get a sense of achievement; give unique honor to senior level users do not feel the same; ensure the community fair;

New entrants


      Witkey is a community, is also a non functional website, all purposes are not directly. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out new teaching. Witkey Baba at this point do good, set up a special school for witkey. School classroom: through the reward of Witkey mode for teaching users some small technology. I think the main teaching is not in technical teaching, but in the use of the platform. read more

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How to use the search box to enhance the site’s revenue

search promotion income = search volume rate * * click promotion price, choose a good promotion potential pulled up sharply search volume of your site, so as to enhance the income of your website.

we put the search box on the site the first screen location of the page is divided into 6 parts, respectively, on the 1 navigation; navigation bar below the left side and 2 overall; navigation 3 right left; overall content is 4, the right side of the 5 bottom 6. As shown below.

if your site is a web site, suitable for the location of the following 2 style search box: read more

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Li Qin Liu Chuanzhi’s entrepreneurial partner

  Li Qin believes that improving market strain rate is critical for large enterprises.

Lenovo in high-rise inside, and Liu Chuanzhi Li Qin had played in the world who is one of the most low-key. The day before, in a private meeting, a reporter to interview the Lenovo hero.

the current Lenovo holding company executive vice president, chairman of Digital China Holdings Limited Li Qin in 1965 graduated from the Beijing Institute of mechanical engineering, Chinese worked for the Institute of computing sixth research room, and Liu Chuanzhi with a research office.

memories and old Liu Lenovo has just set up the day, Li Qin said, at that time, smoking only 5 cents a pack of smokes…… But now he is Lenovo holding "no matter minister", in addition to formulate a long-term development strategy, nobody thing for him to ensure the overall, Lenovo like playing volleyball has a blind spot does not allow; someone did not manage the things he must manage, each department do not have a copy of my review". read more

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