Taobao push virtual supermarket buy convenience or impact 1 shop

yesterday, located in FMCG sales of life platform Taobao purchase convenience ( formally launched, the current selection of Beijing, Hangzhou to carry out trial operation. The local people can stay at home to buy the supermarket supplies, and can enjoy 24 hours door-to-door.

positioned on platform


is responsible for the "purchase convenience" vice president of Alibaba group ran said, "buy convenience" is Taobao’s new life platform to consumer products. At present, the "purchase of convenience" relates to food and beverage, beauty care, maternal and child supplies, kitchen supplies, department stores, Home Furnishing textile etc. categories, fresh aquatic products Vegetable & Fruit until March of this year will be on the line. There are nearly 10000 kinds of commodities in Beijing. read more

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Three demons WeChat marketing

today I share with you is the theme of the three demons to WeChat marketing except, that is the mentality of the problem, is my personal experience, maybe not what level of theory, but it is really very simple. In fact, in more sense, is a reflection of it. My previous share is basically speaking community or from the media, since the brand of some of the play, in fact, my WeChat marketing is to create a personal brand, from the star road. I think this play is play, can play more better, also will be more and more fun, I say good refers to the sustainable development of the meaning of the guidelines of Scientific Outlook on Development Oh, spread of the scene or structure in WeChat this otherwise fragmented, it is difficult to rely on other means of long-term play, let others do you remember this talent is the direction and choose the best. If someone did not do so, I suggest you can play, really, I just suggest, is not a mandatory requirement, because this is not everyone can play here, this is a fact, not a blow Oh, a radish pit, not marketing materials don’t force yourself. Sometimes I think WeChat marketing is like a field test, the principle and techniques of these things are important, but the play to a certain extent in the fight is the mentality, have a good attitude to play better and more most incisive, this is the need to practice. WeChat marketing is like sex, bad mood is easy to premature ejaculation is, well, quietly put a force, since the brother was a virgin (at the same time, pushing his face and a wry smile). read more

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Love wolf management but have to know that you are not a wolf

following HUAWEI, more and more enterprises to "wolf culture" as the management of the law, they believe that in such a survival of the fittest, the survival competition in the market, just like the wolf remains of the wild fighting spirit to let yourself to an invincible position. However, enterprises in the implementation of the wolf management process has always been aware of two points:

, a beast we learn not the wolf, but the wolf really. Two, the object of management is not the wolf. read more

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Speed transit nstitute open class WeChat began marketing how to play

speed transit network November 28th news (reported Wang Yanan) Internet subversion of the traditional business model, mobile new media is to subvert the marketing environment. In the face of new media marketing new electricity supplier, enterprises should do? How to transform the traditional enterprise


by the mobile new media marketing training institutions China largest current content of new media marketing and mobile marketing services to build the speed transit network – speed transit Institute, the first phase of the open class WeChat marketing began first in the Beijing area in December 6, 2014. The special invitation led and participated in the more than and 500 WeChat public account operations and promotion work, and provide a platform for WeChat marketing services for hundreds of enterprises by teacher Liu Xiapu. read more

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Emoji why would become a marketing darling

does have effect ah

Emoji is the marketing industry and design industry to play bad thing, you must have heard. When all the companies get together to do the same thing, we have reason to ask: when this thing in the end is a fad, or may permanently alter some what.

seems, Emoji is more likely to belong to the latter.


Emoji issued a press release, Emoji is regarded as an instruction for mobile phone ordering, SONY pictures Emoji choupai movie. These can probably explain Emoji’s popularity, but companies have spent the money on the design of these expressions, the ultimate end for what read more

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know the people who make money through the nternet in Xi’an

listed below are true cases, people who make money through the Internet in Xi’an. But the money is often not our owners, ha ha, I hope to see the inspiration for everyone.

1, Taobao to make money through the seller. This group of people in Xi’an is not a few, probably more times than the webmaster. I participated in a study of Taobao University, found that many in Taobao’s treasurer does make a lot of money. One case: a girl, some disabled full-time, selling clothing in Taobao, now have to crown level, the month shipments in about 1800 or so, according to a net profit of 20 yuan, you can calculate the monthly profit of nearly 4W: read more

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The 7 WeChat keyword marketing 10000 fans must know

The birth of

WeChat actually hold the Tencent’s thigh, trot to catch up with sina micro-blog influence, backed by a good shade tree is WeChat, the product will give an appearance, in the promotion of Tencent strong resources easily billions of dollars of registered amount.

is a registered amount of billions of dollars of social products for network marketing people, is undoubtedly another advertising channel, micro-blog was the rise of the large nest have WeChat, it is a two-dimensional code flying season, follow the trend seems to be a small business the most love to play a game, so all walks of life have registered WeChat public the number of their fans, circle enclosure movement began, but whether individuals or businesses, are facing the same problem, how to get consumers to raise their mobile phone read more

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Who is exploiting the nternet wasteland

network gave birth to another batch of millionaires, many of the elite network more, but no matter how much they envy of the world, but not including his own shadow. In order to their own interests and hobbies, in order to make money to make the dream of the network, constantly in the effort, and finally, is still a grassroots, in the crawl crawl.

"eggs" under the Internet, there are 12 Internet entrepreneurs, is a representative of strange millionaire into the table class in the Internet age, most of them are children born in 80s, was dubbed the "80" label new-new generation, started to play, but hit the million wealth of these Internet era! The grassroots hero, compared with the mainstream of the Internet CEO letter, their origin is not decent, and even some humble; but compared with the general Internet users, they like a Wenzhou businessman like that unusually shrewd and diligent; they hide in all corners of the world, but the huge energy, or even change the Chinese internet. By what? By their creativity, or network ideas. read more

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2 times of the 12 network marketing tools and defects analysis

first look at two Tsinghua Science Park Enterprise Information Service Center survey data:

1, only 30% of the institutions have their own web site or network service platform.

95% managers want to use the Internet for expenditure of the agency.

What does the huge gap between

95% and 30% illustrate, and that there are too few Internet tools for the organization?.

2, the 30% network of institutions, there are 85% found their network investment does not play any role, only 15% of the agencies have received network to bring their business opportunities. read more

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Ten trends of network marketing

the first is the rapid growth of Internet users to promote the development of Internet marketing industry. The China plus Internet users, Internet cafes, and schools, plus work units, 160 million of Internet users is still relatively conservative data, the future is in fact a growth in the entire Internet users is more and more people, the actual Internet is a foundation of the whole network marketing, it is now a number, a is the consumption, also is the use of the Internet, in addition, reflected in their degree of trust on the Internet, is to let the network media become more and more important based media. read more

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