Takeaway brand, the taste of the master of the collapse of entrepreneurship O2O hard to survive

in recent years, O2O is not only a lot of entrepreneurs compete for business opportunities, but also the highest mortality in the field of entrepreneurship. April 29th, less than a year on the line of the master’s taste in its WeChat public letter farewell letter issued, marking another O2O announced bankruptcy. The reason, as founder and CEO Fan Xinhong said in a farewell letter, has not yet achieved profitability, our funds have dried up".


taste in May 2015 officially launched, is a high-end users of food takeaway platform, as business master taste have been established in Beijing 24 Crowdsourcing distribution station and have 800 square meters of the central kitchen. read more

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Hubei’s first nternet listed companies start the business from the corridor

[Abstract] after the arrival of the gem landing day network, creating 13 consecutive daily limit, the founder of the richest woman in Hubei.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on January 26th

the last day of 2015, the day of the network and its CEO Lai Chunlin is an unusual day. On this day, the success of the success of the day landing landing gem, Hubei became the first local Internet companies listed, then create 13 consecutive daily limit, the market value of ten billion.

prior to the release, Lai Chunlin holds a 51.2% stake in the day of the network, after the release, Lai is still as high as the shareholding of up to 38%, thus greatly increased the value of the, a new generation of Hubei’s richest woman. read more

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Deputy editor of the NetEase has bright gem the end to return to the commercial nature

NetEase science and technology news January 17th news, sponsored by the NetEase science and technology NetEase Club anniversary celebration was held in Beijing, the theme of the conference is to allow business to return to the nature of business". Conference site investors, venture capital companies will be their own views on the venture capital industry in 2015, as well as the trend of the analysis of the trend of venture capital in 2016.

Ceng Guangming, deputy editor in chief of

media NetEase made an opening speech. In his speech, the light mentioned NetEase in January 2015 to build a special service platform for entrepreneurs and investors, NetEase venture Club. In 2015, there has been a wave of entrepreneurship that has never been seen in history, and there have been dramatic changes in the second half. 2015 in the first half of the talk about entrepreneurship, in the second half we are talking about the winter. read more

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Chong Chong nvestment Driven Platform Haier U+ innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base o

June 21, 2016, Haier U+ smart open platform located in Beijing, Fengtai District Haier business incubation space held a "public record" polymerization to create the future "Haier U+ innovation demonstration base of the ceremony, the Fengtai District government leadership, leadership development and Reform Commission, industry experts, Haier U+ relevant person in charge, venture capital institutions experts, U+ open platform cooperation partners and news media to witness the grand award. read more

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What is stopping entrepreneurs from going to success

entrepreneurship is always only a few brave game. Most of the people in the world are outsiders. Their understanding of entrepreneurs is limited to the most superficial level. So, everyone knows Ma and his eighteen Arhats managed to create the largest e-commerce giant story. All of Shi Yuzhu’s richest man from Chinese change led grow again for a giant strong negative experience. However, they can understand, that’s all. Even these so-called celebrity experiences but also Chuangqi are lying in bed in the story of obscenity out after a desire for success in oral, had lost its original appearance. read more

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When the boss hot star cross, Hu Yanbin to create a free online music teaching class APP

in talks about a "class profit model, Hu Yanbin said, not a product is always" Lei Feng spirit ", class to find a profit model is too easy, but the need to build the stages, through free and open mode, let more people into the experience of this product.

now, "I am a singer" the third season in full swing, from Jonathan Lee’s "the hills" to Zhang Yu’s "a long story", Hu Yanbin tried to subvert the classical music style map. His excellent performance, quickly conquered the age span of different audience groups. read more

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The nternet business is a magnificent robe, covered in Sao son

introduction: all walks of life downturn, only the Internet highlights to attract domestic funds ready to, speculators, mine owners turned LP.

1996, general Morgan Stanley, a little-known analyst wrote a "Internet Report", it contains a large number of charts and data 300 page report it will be written by Marie · Mikel has been pushed to the pinnacle of power and money.

1998, "Barron" magazine called her the "Queen of the Internet"; 1999 "fortune" magazine called her "network prophet"; "the Wall Street journal" and her Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and Warren · · Buffett, said they are three major driving force of the market "". read more

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Venture a year, everyone is how to escape the car C wheel of death

Abstract: what is the most afraid of the start-up company, first, into the wrong line; second, met the wolf.

this is the owner of the car owner Li Jian readme. Recently, the news all vehicles C round of financing of a huge sum in the industry spread like wildfire, in spite of all the official car did not respond, but the event itself is not to weaken the influence of.

in the entrepreneur of the year 3 cover will have to guard against the C round of death as the topic of the opening, mentioned more than 90% of entrepreneurs sad C turn off. However, for all cars, second-hand car market ceiling is large enough, the business model, the ultimate minimalist; the first C2C virtual mode in the Chinese consignment second-hand car industry, currently in the industry’s position is self-evident; in foreign claims numbers, both the monthly trading volume, the total turnover of bicycle, car platform source time never false false, honest and frank, step by step to walk. These, corresponding to the C round of death of several causes of death has advantages. read more

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Media will eventually change the direction of entrepreneurial tide

/ week Kanqi, co-founder of micro chain.

recently, an interesting phenomenon: the micro chain itself as a social entrepreneur App, appeared in many media column cooperation partners. Many businesses are invited to participate in the media to participate in the micro chain, such as: the annual meeting of drops express, but also as a media representative invited to attend. Wondering, a workplace social products, how to become a media


recently and several rebel media people chat, more and more feel: the boundaries of the media is disappearing, the media began to infiltrate like the Internet everywhere. read more

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