Underground financing transactions soaring who is the most popular trader of the nternet Co

"deep network" reported group the pancone Wang Xiao

want to become China’s richest shareholder, we have the opportunity to allow you to invest in MA (micro-blog) and Wang Jianlin, provided that at least 2 million of the funds in your hands."

the evening of May 26th, a Beijing Asset Management Co employees to "deep web" to Wanda Commercial and ant payment service financing documents, and to persuade us to invest in the phone, "the two companies are hot, don’t throw too late." read more

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Case study how to make a single article reading millions

everyone in the era of media, from the media platform, of course, will not be less. These platforms vary in style, emphasis on the field is not the same. Today to share this small case Hiquality, that is a very popular media platform: today’s headlines.

personally believe that today’s headlines Slogan played very well: you care about, is the headlines. A language to break the human nature, so that people are ashamed to admit that they had to lower his head in silence. No half dime relationship with you, even death also ought to the theatre. read more

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Baidu encyclopedia only allowed people to lead their fire door advertising lamp

Internet is also the same as the earthquake occurred in Yushu earthquake, following the Baidu was black. The two major domestic tourism website of tourism industry veteran 17u the same way network and rookie lvmama crazy ass mother against each other, delete the other entries in the Baidu encyclopedia. Are the same simple and rough way: delete entry references and further reading advertising links, by the rate of up to 90%. YISHION has always been clear that the Baidu encyclopedia is really so many ads, or Wikipedia connivance pseudo ad links to delete the link and eat the consequences of Baidu encyclopedia deep advertising door read more

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Pepper live released big data anchor 1 gifts 5 billion


mobile phone Chinese recently released the "pepper pepper live broadcast 2016 annual data", which includes products, articles, articles, the annual regional aspect, constellation, nouveau riche, anchor text, campus ultimate summary articles on live, and you want to know what may be here.

first look at the final summary, according to statistics, the total annual number of gifts received anchor pepper more than 5 billion yuan, the strongest absorption among the Sichuan woman, about 14.76% of the amount of reward is Sichuan girl away, Beijing to anchor the gold absorption capacity was second 9.42%, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong line anchor from third to fifth. read more

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National University BBS or integration has been banned outside the login

China radio network May 23rd news, more than 100 BBS from the station, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University Weiming Xixuan Keyuan forum and other stars, GUCAS Beijing and Tianjin area of more than and 50 famous universities in Beijing to participate in the "National University Network Alliance preparatory conference and the third Beijing Tianjin University BBS webmaster general assembly". The meeting was organized by the central network television center, China Youth Network association. The meeting is a big news, the delegates issued a national network of colleges and universities to build the initiative, ready to present their respective camps, independent colleges and universities BBS forum integration." read more

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Today (2007-1-19) domain deletion recommendation

domain name registration com 60 yuan / year Chinese   Beijing CN channel; 50 yuan / year Chinese new network channel    

eutrip.cn 74y.com
ltev.com< br />lvoi.com
lxzz.com CN to delete the domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

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Analysis of how to do a website for their rookie to earn a pot of gold

How do

for themselves to earn a pot of gold

do stand for what, make money, or play. If you play. Below you can be neat and quick to see it. Birds need not see. Ha ha

as most of the webmaster also want to stand to earn money. More or less can bring some comfort to yourself. The other is the sense of accomplishment

well, not long winded, look down.

one. Site theme positioning

good positioning can help you succeed 30%. Do what you can, do relatively popular, do not do illegal. Individuals do stand to do special, choose a theme to develop it. Don’t blindly choose to go, in the end you will find yourself nothing. My station is so www.pcmfw.com changed three times theme. There has been no development, and now positioning down, the flow is also slowly up. Natural flow has come, 100 IP I have earned half a dozen dollars a month. Ha ha read more

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How a player becomes a winner

earn non earned home! Make Zhan sound. From shellfish, and sound. From shellfish, related to wealth. Original: refers to the sale of profit

< mobile > do business gain, with the loss relative: make money. Make a literal meaning is to use a knife or weapons to fight, which means getting with physical or other means, known, network game with real life as a virtual economic system, each game player can be in inside trade, so I am very eager to become a money home! Now talk about my inner thoughts read more

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The Qixi Festival chain year-end activities, three gift rewards webmaster!

2008.1.15—2008.1.30 day

(1): where the activity is registered as a chain of Tanabata new users and put the code, the point is greater than 2 when the system presented a score of 800, immediately to traffic!

(two): active period:

            point out 2000 to 5000 daily webmaster, over 100 yuan in cash awards
            point out 5000 to 10000 daily webmaster, over 200 yuan in cash awards
            point out 10000 to 20000 daily webmaster, over 400 yuan in cash awards
            point out 20000 to 30000 daily webmaster, over 600 yuan in cash awards
          & nbsp; point out daily;   more than 30000 of the owners, over 800 yuan in cash awards:
read more

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During the Spring Festival holiday notice on PR alliance!

dear alliance members, Hello everyone!

The upcoming Spring Festival

once a year, in addition to our company is also the replacement of office, the League scheduled from February 2 to February 13th, began to leave, leave a total of 12 days; the company will in February 14th (8) officially started work.

in order to ensure the webmaster ads displayed normally in the holiday period, can achieve good effect of data in advertising gold period, we have the duty service QQ in the holiday, a problem please contact with our staff, our customer service QQ: 360618788 (February 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 days. Afternoon, customer service staff will handle your problem on QQ. read more

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Why is it so difficult for professional managers

Why is it so hard to

occupation managers in business? I have a friend, age forty, has gray hair. We are in the business, from time to time will get together, talk about the recent progress, support each other. However, the most recent meeting, he was a bit depressed, said he had three years of entrepreneurship, the work is very hard, but still can not be successful, some confusion about the future. People feel frustrated, they take their own past and present a comparison, it is easy to compare my heart whispered: I really is not suitable for business? Do managers read more

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60 Huang after the first venture why do import food electricity supplier

Abstract Huang Ruo, senior retail professionals, Taobao mall, founder of dangdang.com original COO, Hua Ping capital investment adviser for billion state power network had an "circle of friends selling beef reflection: experience the" blind "WeChat", by the small living as "Uncle molested the butcher". Who anticipate a prophecy, a few months later, Huang Ruo investment and the founder of the B2C website "imported food every day 100% on the line, uncle trader little meat was moved on the business platform. read more

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Why the neglect of women’s website

I want to be a woman, a woman, a woman, a warm, a dream, a fashion and a practical one, to create a digital home for women"…… Remember that these words have been touched by the female website of the hearts of many female users, so that they have to join them, and even attracted a lot of men to come to the long view". Maybe you want to break Chinese for thousands of years "patriarchal" thought, to find the reasons that a space for one person in the network in a male world, in short, the women’s website was quite occupied "half the sky" momentum.

The status of women’s websites read more

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To choose the alliance Wangzhuan friends

online roll for a period of time. No one would like to use this platform to make online advertising on the network, now most of the advertising, now I comment spam and recommended advertising or make new friends walk less detours.

first: google

website, blog can do · · integrated · · such as computer, ifeng.com are · · · · · · · I have no personal · · because I feel so many people competing big · · netizens; see might know the advertising but reduces the · hit rate; · · · another is to say, is the check collection · trouble, although the bank can collection, or feel trouble, do a period of time by K · · K rate is still high we do it! · · · fire · read more

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Ali mother began shameless ban account


I found your website system detection, website traffic appeared abnormal phenomenon, that is your site traffic abnormal way up, please check the phenomenon, and please after receiving this notice within seven working days to make a written explanation of the phenomenon.

if you think that after verification, the phenomenon is normal and in accordance with the actual situation, please provide proof within the time limit data corresponding to my website, if not available, or provide information you cannot prove that I will be on your website last month now click billing (including default AD / sponsor AD / partner Ali mother advertising exchange of proceeds) temporarily frozen, until you provide proof materials and reasonable. read more

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Robin Li responded to employees running away they compete with me

Robin Li

[TechWeb] reported on October 12th news, Baidu CEO Robin Li recently guest CCTV "lecture you", and answered the questions from the audience.

for former Baidu employees leaving entrepreneurship, Robin Li said, "I know that Baidu has many people out of business, these entrepreneurs who later established companies, many also inherited the culture of Baidu, this is something I feel particularly gratified."

Robin Li also said, "they want to compete with me, but I must not fight. He went out to do something different from me. One thing to do, first of all have to have luck, around 2000 to do the Chinese search engine is the right time, then it becomes the possibility of large. Now go out and do a search engine, who can not do." (rain) read more

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When it comes to money, O2O what are the clouds! Look at how Hengda Taobao 1 billion burn

lead: first team per capita cost 20 million, buy players at least at 820 million


1:0 Gordon Asia Summit Hengda Taobao!! Hengda Taobao to become the first Asian Football Club worthy of the name, in the past five years, Taobao has won AFC Champions League, Hengda Super League, FA Cup and super cup competitions a total of 10 championship.

just two weeks ago on November 6th, Guangzhou Hengda Taobao Football Club (834338.OC) in the new board officially listed.

night, Hengda Taobao released financing program. At a price of 40 yuan per share, issue of shares to 66 million 176 thousand and 500 shares, to raise funds of $152 million to $2 billion 647 million. read more

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