Announced a day to receive one hundred yuan free training liar project

is a forum for advertising every day, sit at home and earn three thousand month, day to earn one hundred, and claimed to be a free training, and earn three thousand a month to pay tuition one thousand and eight hundred to them, please do not believe them when they join their free training group, see the four class free training video after you buy website, 200 yuan to buy four websites, please be sure to see, actually the four stations a total of only 200M, very small, there are a lot of people where they bought very regret.. bought their website into practice, in practice the group did not have a charge out of the no matter. We understand, are silent, with training before argument is completely different. I published a group of 63067217 of their internship please don’t be deceived. They have many web forums, I also announced, now the dream network, http://s., also There are a lot of it is not released, and then announced a spent 200 yuan to join their internship group QQ, do not believe that I can ask him.QQ:383868120. read more

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Personal website alternative way to make money

personal website owners often do the station mostly hang alliance advertising, but we have other Union a way of earning money? We are not industry station, not B2C, a large number of articles, entertainment, websites and other sources of income?

I provide some ideas for your reference, I hope useful to you.

, Ali mother cat

many of my friends know mother alliance it, but you are familiar with the guest promotion? In fact, there are a lot of goods commission ratio is very high, if can through the web site to sell a commodity, Chengdu enough of your day advertising revenue, even more! You have some suggestions and Promotion Association your site goods, such as TV movie station, can promote some South Korean clothing, the game website can recommend a card, medical website can recommend the Chinese medicine ~, the association you use your head. read more

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Hubei’s first nternet listed companies start the business from the corridor

[Abstract] after the arrival of the gem landing day network, creating 13 consecutive daily limit, the founder of the richest woman in Hubei.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on January 26th

the last day of 2015, the day of the network and its CEO Lai Chunlin is an unusual day. On this day, the success of the success of the day landing landing gem, Hubei became the first local Internet companies listed, then create 13 consecutive daily limit, the market value of ten billion.

prior to the release, Lai Chunlin holds a 51.2% stake in the day of the network, after the release, Lai is still as high as the shareholding of up to 38%, thus greatly increased the value of the, a new generation of Hubei’s richest woman. read more

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