How do make the original article keywords optimization

second will be integrated into the long tail keywords in the title, this is the most crucial step, this step as the optimization staff know is important, but it is often a kind of go, in the setting of keywords, keywords and the obvious caption is not harmonious problem. Even for keywords and keywords, some directly use the long tail word as a name of the article, and the content of the article and even the long tail keywords and there are a lot of disharmony, even is not compatible, it will lead to love to punish Shanghai. Therefore, on the contrary, the long tail word in the title and content should be consistent, and short refining, it is appropriate to control within 20 Chinese characters.

because it is a good article also requires the user to search by keyword, if the original degree is high, the quality is also good, but in the article does not user search keywords, or the keyword frequency is too small, all these will lead to the quality although high, but not a good ranking embarrassment. But if one of the keyword density is too high, or in the title, in the end of the article, there is a certain keyword stack behavior, to do so, not only to improve the rankings, even hurt the site is down right, no trace and so to improve the keywords and is not a simple matter. The author thinks that, at least from the following three aspects:

is a website to be successful, no substantial content is clearly not enough, even if it is to do some of the electricity supplier project site, also needs a variety of cases in this paper, how to get better to make these articles ranking for webmasters is undoubtedly a huge challenge, with the implementation of the original plan from Shanghai love. In a sense, the higher the degree of the original, these articles in the online show more opportunities, but want to get higher rankings but need to establish in the very clever optimization based on keywords.

third is the long tail words by context written by the way, rather than simply to keywords and keywords, reflecting a natural outflow. In fact, it is not very difficult, summarize the contents of consistent content and title of a key step is to write on, so in the article will not consciously write these words. For example, you want to marketing is a recruitment website, the content of the writing is natural and recruitment, such as you.

first select the appropriate keywords. Using the keyword index tool love Shanghai index or Google, and has a close relationship between the content of keywords, and then analyzes the love Shanghai index of these keywords, for example, you’re going to write a job interview tips, so the key word XX recruitment website is very appropriate, then you love by Shanghai index was optimized. If the recruitment website as keywords obviously will face the fierce competition in a higher degree, so based on this you can be optimized by increasing the degree of competition to choose the long tail, moderately long tail key words, love Shanghai index relatively suitable at around 100.