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first_imgCan’t live without emails? Got to keep on top of your Tweets?Everyone knows that using your smartphone abroad can be expensive, but for some, going on holiday without it is just not an option. But there are ways to stay connected without racking up huge bills and getting stung by roaming charges. If you can’t bear to be parted from technology here are 10 top tips for staying in touch and within your holiday budget.1. Turn off data roamingThe first, and probably most important tip to remember, is make sure data roaming is switched off before you board that plane. This way you can decide when you’re online and apps won’t be running in the background, demolishing your data limit as well as your well-earned holiday spends. If you do want to access the internet outside of a Wi-Fi hotspot then you can temporarily activate data roaming. But controlling when you’re online will go a long way to making sure your smartphone costs stay low abroad. 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Screenshot everythingIf you need Google maps to navigate foreign cities, or you just want to keep a copy of your flight details handy, download maps and important documents on to your mobile before you leave home or somewhere with free Wi-Fi, then screenshot them so that you can quickly pull them up when required.3. Find free Wi-FiIt pays to scout out the free Wi-Fi hotpots in and around where you’ll be staying. Internet cafes are a cheap option, but libraries, cafes and hotels are also good places for completely free and reliable internet connection. Free hotspots are also the best place to upload photos and do all your downloading: news, music, videos and apps. So find a cute café, order up a latté and catch up on what’s going on in the world without racking up an eye-watering smartphone bill.4. Swap apps on your home screenDo you wake up in the morning and instinctively open up Facebook or check your emails before you’ve even turned off the alarm clock? This will eat in to your data limit and won’t help you control your smartphone spends. So try moving your email app to the last home page on your phone, so that your not tempted to keep checking it.5. Report lost or stolen smartphones asapIf you lose your phone or unfortunately get it stolen while abroad, report it to your provider as soon as possible. This will block any unauthorised activity and you won’t be charged for any subsequent use. If you’re not able to report it straight away then having a passcode on both your handset and SIM will make it more difficult for thieves to use.6. Do it manuallyAutomatically updating apps and downloading huge attachments will drain your data allowance. Instead, use your smartphone’s settings to switch to manual. You’ll still be able to update and receive files via email, but do this once you have free Wi-Fi connection and this will save you money.center_img 7. Use apps to stay in touchGone are the days when the only ways to reach home were pigeon post or phone box calls. Although phoning from your mobile may seem convenient, international calls can cost a small fortune. Alternatively, use your smartphone to find apps like Skype and WhatsApp which allow you to text and call home for free, providing you’re using free Wi-Fi. Plus it’s always nice to video call, even if it’s just to make everyone envious of your tan.More: Your free guide to downloading mobile apps8. Unlock itOne easy way to avoid roaming charges and smartphone expenses is to buy an inexpensive, unlocked GSM phone and a local prepaid SIM card. You’ll pay local rates and incoming calls are often free. It may mean going without internet for a few days, but there are usually plenty of computers in cafés, hotels and hostels where you can jump on to connect with friends and family.9. Leave it at home (!!!)Alternatively, get rid of it all together! It may seem like a wrench, to be parted from your beloved smartphone for a couple of weeks, but hopefully you’ll be so busy actually enjoying your holiday you won’t give a second thought to work emails or what’s going on elsewhere in the world. You never know, you might find that you can live without it, if not entirely, at least whilst the sun is shining and it’s happy hour at the hotel pool bar.More: [Disconnect with a digital detox: 5 holiday cold spots](http://Disconnect with a digital detox: 5 holiday cold spots)10. Cap itSince July of this year, all mobile broadband providers must cap your monthly roaming bills at about £44-50. Each network might quote a slightly different figure, but when you hit your limit you’ll be cut off. You can set your amount with your provider before the UK and you’ll get a warning before you completely run out. This will help you budget and save costs on using your smartphone abroad.11. Shop around for the best providerEach network offers slightly different roaming packages so it pays to shop around before you leave home to find the best, and cheapest, deals for you. Also, some providers classify the Europe ‘zone’ differently, so if you’re travelling within the EU check with them if your destination is included as this will affect your rates. Some providers might even have better deals for countries where they have special partnerships with a local provider. So shop around and you’ll be quids in.More:Top 10 best travel apps, as recommended by Skyscanner staffDownload the Skyscanner appReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img