Tulip Festival and green trade fair will soon come before the market thorough investigation

Xining city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau transport business where strict market supervision at the same time, with the "four unity" (market supervision and development, services, rights protection, law enforcement) as the guiding principle, and urge enterprises to improve the food supplier information, the establishment of food source information records, ensure food safety area.

traffic sites in the area of food business operators have established ledger and cable card on the basis of the requirements of the operator to establish a more detailed purchase information. Tulip Festival and the upcoming Green Fair, the industrial and commercial center of the airport, train station, bus station and the surrounding tourism, catering, accommodation and other industries, to ensure that visitors plainly consumption. read more

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Weak, small, scattered some of the travel agency issues many competent authorities for rectification

in order to improve the internal management and operation of travel agencies, and promote the healthy development of the tourism industry, from July to October, the city of Xining has carried out a special inspection of the internal management and standardized operation of the travel agency for a period of three months. In the inspection of more than 110 travel agencies, some travel agency weak, small, scattered, the problem is more prominent.

November 9th, reporters from the quality supervision department of the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau learned that in recent years, Xining city continue to strengthen the standardized management of the tourism market and the travel agency based tourism enterprises to guide the management of the tourism market, and gradually entered a standardized track. The inspection, the tourism sector found that part of the city of Xining travel agency internal management system is not perfect, the tourism group the contents of the contract is not standardized, file management and guide management is not standardized, the statistical report is not timely, the travel agency innovation consciousness is not strong. To this end, the inspection team on the travel agency in the management and operation of the existing problems and related penalties to inform the problem of the travel agency for rectification, so that travel agencies to achieve standardized management, standardized management. read more

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Tailored for a tax — the construction of Huangyuan talents

years of Huangyuan Tax Bureau adhere to the "tailored for students" talents, through staff training, job rotation, build a platform for effective means,

to improve the overall quality of cadres, to ensure that the age, knowledge, reasonable allocation of jobs.

all staff training — lay a solid foundation


seventeen, the New Year festive strength hasn’t cleared, the Bureau has begun ten days of spring. This training enhances the interaction between departments, instructors are recommended in business departments and language ability of the cadres, training content is extended from single business knowledge to different positions of the different sectors of the work flow. read more

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The central plain and improve the appearance of the city

In April 16th, I learned from the city, from the city comprehensive environmental remediation hundred days of action since the stubble in the area, the real appearance of the city, quickly set off a renovation boom, really improve the appearance of the city.

"battle" strong consciousness. Recently, the organization cadres of workers scrub guardrail, dustbin, bus station, public facilities "face"; the towns (Office) to mobilize the masses to scrub the area along the street storefront window for health improvement of families courtyard cluttered, scribbling, messy posted and all kinds of health corner, start a city together point system, to achieve environmental remediation uninterrupted, key parts do not relax, to consolidate the results do not rebound. "Canon" changed the appearance of the village. In April 13th, the organization of urban management, environmental protection, forestry and other departments and agricultural town office responsible person, to Ping An county Haidong city rural sanitation work learning advanced experience and advanced practice, to carry out a comprehensive integration of the construction of rural sanitation work to retrieve the "canon", effectively promote the comprehensive improvement of rural sanitation work, improve the area of the village. Nine actions together. To determine the environmental remediation, the city landscaping, order rectification, improve municipal facilities renovation, building facade renovation, environmental pollution, environmental governance, village area environmental remediation, the city entrance traffic along the comprehensive improvement of the environment and nine special action, jointly promote the city environmental regulation, to enhance the overall quality. Six key to ensure effectiveness. Immediately, quickly set off the city comprehensive environmental remediation hundred days of action upsurge; focus, to ensure the comprehensive improvement of city environment hundred days of action effectiveness; grasp the node, accelerate the city comprehensive environmental remediation hundred days of action to implement the responsibility to ensure the progress of work; city environment comprehensive rectification action task; jianzhanglizhi, perfect the long-term mechanism of comprehensive improvement of urban environment; strengthen the propaganda, to create a strong comprehensive improvement of urban environment and working atmosphere.   read more

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Xining greatly improve the standard of education for preschool children with family difficulties

Xinhua news agency, Xining, March 10 Xinhua (reporter / Ma Yong) in the spring semester, Qinghai city in Xining Province, the full implementation of a year of pre-school education funded inclusive policy, family difficulties of preschool children education funding standards greatly improved.

from the Xining City Bureau of education information display, the spring semester, Xining city to improve the family economic difficulties of preschool children preschool education care subsidy standards, and expand the scope of relief funding. With Xining Hukou and over the age of 3 in the garden of the urban and rural preschool family children, children of martyrs, welfare, child custody of orphans, the fact that no one raising children, respectively, from the original model, a class of kindergarten 960 yuan per student per year, two kindergarten 840 yuan per student per year, three kindergarten 720 yuan per student per year three, the kindergarten 600 yuan per student per year, cancel the unified promotion to the category of 1300 yuan per year per student funding, the highest increase of about 117%. read more

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Give 10 Fen visitors again and again

10 fen for millions of people now is not money, even on the road, I’m afraid no one will pick up. However, if the business field, especially some retail business, if the owner is holding this mentality overcharged customers 10 Fen, I am afraid that the store’s business will have a very big bad influence. Therefore, when doing business, if you can give 10 Fen, maybe there will be a very big help for your business.

a strange customer came to my shop, hurriedly said to me: boss, please give me six egg. She kept his mouth with just the store on the side, the old woman to do business is really a rigid dogma, even 10 Fen or less. Eggs have no profit at all, and you just buy six eggs, people earn less than 10 Fen profit, and now you are less people, of course, will not let the. I think so, but I can’t say it. Six eggs, three yuan, seven cents, five cents, I said to the customer, you give it to the three piece of 70 fen. read more

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Master three strategies to reduce business risk is very simple

business risk, the entrepreneurs are well aware of the road, since the inevitable business risk, so it is necessary to reduce business risk, successful entrepreneurs have the following three ways to reduce business risk, new growth, the hope can bring new entrepreneurial inspiration for everyone.

before starting a business must have a comprehensive understanding of

on industry market environment

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North District Population and family planning bureau to actively participate in the 6.26 internation

according to the unified arrangement of the north area of the Narcotics Control Commission, the morning of June 26th the county drug office led zone population health bureau, District Education Bureau, District Public Security Bureau and other departments held "6.26 International Narcotics Day campaign in Chaoyang square. The campaign focused on the people to participate in the fight against drugs, the construction of a harmonious society as the theme of propaganda, show anti drug propaganda films, and the establishment of anti drug propaganda platform. The population of
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n the first 7 months of this year, the construction of the beautiful countryside in the plateau of

8 month 5 days, reporters from the provincial housing and urban construction department was informed that, as of the end of July, the 300 plateau beautiful countryside has started construction, various construction projects 1316, 2 billion 912 million yuan to raise funds for construction, an increase of 79.34%. Completed an investment of 1 billion 726 million yuan, accounting for the plan of 86.3%, an increase of 104.26%.

it is reported that as of the end of July, the province completed the village planning and construction of the beautiful countryside plan submitted for the record of 231, accounting for 77% of the plan; 69 villages in Xining, Haidong, Yushu, Guoluo, village planning has been completed. In 33 beautiful villages in rural areas to implement the transformation of farmers and herdsmen households, accounting for all the old buildings of the task of 20.1%, has started construction. read more

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