Community entrepreneurship employment forum held in Beijing

in order to let more young people with innovative thinking, can be more in-depth understanding of the connotation of innovation and entrepreneurship, the koala community assistance plan held in Beijing "community employment forum", exciting content not to be missed!

3 30, sponsored by the China Social Welfare Foundation community development fund, koala community mutual aid program – Community entrepreneurship employment forum held in Beijing.

  China according to social welfare foundation community development fund Deputy Secretary General Shao Ye introduced the "heart warming project – Koala community cooperation program is jointly set up by Mr. Chinese and koala Social Welfare Foundation community development fund in 2015. The project by Mr. koala Internet platform to build a community, community organizations and community of caring people, the community of Internet public service platform, to provide day care services for the elderly, for children to open at half past four classroom, carry out extensive community activities, and for the community to solve practical problems, and promote community harmony. read more

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A VP monologue from working dog to entrepreneurial Wolf

to understand the success of a successful person, often can make themselves closer to success. This is a self VP transformation after a year of self summary, he chose the occasion of Valentine’s day and we declare. The story is very simple, said the professional managers have a dream of entrepreneurship, in the experience of the brand after the accumulation of mixed circles themselves out of business.

2004 graduated 2013, entrepreneurship, here among large and small companies for ten years, for many fabulous story, my business is the prequel to "work", and not how many wonderful stories can be worth mining.

when working on the surface and most people like to have a nine to five, Hanlaobaoshou day and I, the only difference is I very early and the boss Frank "don’t spend on me too much effort in training, don’t talk about the company’s ideal and future planning and I and don’t give me the stock, I can not play a lifetime work." This makes the boss hate teeth itch.

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How to join – grandpa’s store Ruko


Rico grandpa’s shop? High quality entrepreneurial projects, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship. Ruko joined grandpa shop, choose to join a significant advantage, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, no doubt, is a very wise choice is not?

How to join

Rico grandpa shop? To Grandpa’s Rico store? Many friends mentioned when Grandpa joined the shop Rico feel more angry, of course, no one will join success. So, let me introduce a franchise store information Ruko grandpa read more

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How to make gift stores named – find everything fresh and new

is now no special holiday, people will choose to write a gift sent to friends and family, to promote the development of the gift market, fashion gifts are often more popular, a gift shop, we must first have a nice and creative gift stores name, gift stores, give a person a kind of novel interesting, lovely and beautiful feeling, well received by the customer favorite, a good name can attract more customers to come, then how to store named gifts, up to understand it.

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Drum washing machine ten brands list

live at home, in a variety of appliances, washing machines can not be a natural. After all, the washing machine is to be used in each family, how to choose the washing machine but is still a hard question every housewife. Washing machine brand on the market so much, how to choose the right price, the quality of the washing machine is not easy, what brand of washing machine is the best? If you want to know what brand washing machine is best to first understand the washing machine brand list, to enter the list of brands are better in all aspects, their products are worth buying. read more

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Beauty industry to get customers four tips

beauty is the product of people’s consumption level rising in recent years, people’s consumption level unceasing enhancement, the beauty industry has ushered in a new development opportunity, can be said that with the improvement of living standards, beauty has become the most potential industry investment. The whole network Xiaobian to tell you what to do to join the industry investment cosmetic preparations.

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Always stick meat make money – Lo join

market has the advantage of the brand to join the project choice, is a very powerful choice. Today Xiaobian introduce a straight stick Lo meat? For small business venture, it is very wise, very powerful choice!

has joined the cause meat bars Lo food experts and media praise and attention, some well-known domestic media has given the detailed reports. National Journal of market information reported on the bar has been a special report, causing no small stir. CCTV seven sets of "the rich" column group director Duan Xudong, chief reporter sent a report group traveled from Beijing to Dandong to carry out special shooting, and in the evening of October 11, 2005, 12 at noon, in the special CCTV seven sets of "the rich" column broadcast with "money shoe Bachu wealth" as the theme. Only two months apart, the majority of the audience’s request, in the evening of December 12th, at noon on the second day of the replay, during the CCTV’s two sets of "fortune story" is also described in detail. Has been a good product once again caused a sensation in the market, increasing visibility. At the end of 10, the national press "market information" reporter for the "straight stick" interviews, with a page with "traditional business products transparent cutout of the road to riches" as the title of "stick" a series of reports. At the end of 11, "market information" request of the readers, and to always stick meat and then tell the reader Lo "in the title, the report published in the November 22nd issue of" market information ", for readers interested in things, a detailed reply is true. "Modern marketing" magazine has also been reported, at the same time, the major sites have also been publicity. Has always been more popular, deeply rooted. read more

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Cake shop can invest

our life has become easier and more enjoyable because of the cakes and desserts. This is our life can not eat every day, but must eat one of the food, coupled with the birthday cake candles to eat a traditional, so that investors invest in the cake shop a big pen.

Fresh food is

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Gem rose 4.56% win over the logic behind the cyclical stocks rose

gem once fell to let very many entrepreneurs is very depressed, after the fall, super weekend warm breezes and very warm, the gem rose 4.56% over cyclical stocks. Let’s take a look at the gem!

3 12, ", a line of " will be responsible for Zhou Xiaochuan, Shang Fulin, three, attended the press conference, in response to domestic and foreign reporters a variety of hot topics in finance,. " a line of three will be " the relevant person in charge of the speech, especially the new chairman of the SFC Liu Shiyu on the stock market, the market is generally seen as good news for A shares. When a lot of people are still debating whether this week’s market is the growth stocks or cyclical stocks led the time, the gem in March 14th to 4.56% of the increase, to prove to the market that they are the real protagonist. read more

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Chengdu in 2016 the year of Youth National College entrepreneurship contest ended

in the national public innovation, people’s business, the call, a lot of people embarked on the road of innovation and entrepreneurship, especially in China’s institutions of higher learning, walking in the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship! December 29th, in 2016, the creation of Youth National University Entrepreneurship contest summary conference cum Youth Entrepreneurship Forum will be held in Chengdu. Song Lai, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Sichuan Provincial People’s Congress, deputy secretary of the Party group, Vice Minister of the Central School Department attended the meeting and delivered a speech on behalf of Huang Yanrong. read more

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Chongqing authentic old Hot pot franchise brand strength

in fact, our life, always can not do without such a hot pot of food. No doubt, venture capital investment in the market, is a very wise choice. Chongqing authentic old hot pot shop? Join the choice, the advantage is obvious. If you are also very excited, then, hurry up!

Chongqing hot pot to join the money?

now investors are selected to join the chain method of Hot pot shop, brand development can not understand how much? Is not reliable? These all need to go to the business sector for investors to understand, see the truth of this brand, it is necessary to headquarters is legal filing of the company or on behalf of the object and the line number the signing of the legal representative of the company is necessary. In addition, the headquarters is to join the brand will be authorized to use the franchise, headquarters must first have the brand’s trademark rights can be authorized to join. read more

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Open Manicure store how much money

a perfect makeup, not only reflected in the face, reflected in the dress, but also reflected in the hand. My sisters, are very like nails, almost every 2 weeks will go to nail shop once. Nail shop usually shop area is not large, but also to the customer nail time is not long, half an hour can be completed, is a very good project to make money quickly. I would like to open a nail shop to invest, how much money to open a nail shop?

how much does it cost to open a nail shop? (1) to open a nail shop read more

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How red car cake brand

Xiaobian like the color is red in China, the kind of festive feeling, let the joy of the natural heart. I believe many people have told me the same idea, our group of red objects will be very natural to see love, such as red car, red knot, today to recommend to you with the catering franchise brand red – red car cake.

red car cake adhering to French delicacy the liberal world is long, with all kinds of decorative cake, pastry products main products, supplemented with bread, pizza, coffee, tea or juice. Red car every shop decoration style uniform, into the red sports car, enjoy the food at the same time, but also the spirit of pleasure, physical and mental relaxation. The enterprise was founded, with excellent management, advanced business philosophy, creating a happy and efficient team, successively in Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong, Hubei, Hunan to create a chain of outlets, and gradually formed a unified brand effect, the construction of a scientific and effective management system, Chinese is south of the Yangtze River a chain of trans national enterprises. read more

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Why can Jimmy kids join hot – hot market project

we all know, small business, has been a very hot choice. Of course, the choice of a good project to join, is also very important. Why can Jimmy kids? Quality of the project, the first step to successful entrepreneurship. Why can join the Jimmy kids, what are you waiting for?

oh Jimmy kids think that children provide protection for the healthy growth of the target, the use of advanced production line production process, for many detection of clothing in all aspects, to ensure that the production process of chemical monitoring, so that each piece of production out of the clothes are safe and reliable. Small investment projects have children’s clothing? Why can Jimmy kids is a very good choice, low cost, does not need too much money, you can easily join in. read more

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Shijiazhuang Civilization Office held a send flowers Lei Feng beauty in the provincial capital – the

warm in March, held in Shijiazhuang, Lei Feng flowers to send the United States and the United States in the activities of the provincial capital, so that people in the event to learn more of the spirit of the Lei Feng. Shijiazhuang will have more than 10000 volunteers to send flowers, the shuttle in the provincial capital of the streets, for more than 6000 Lei Feng around to send flowers to express gratitude and respect.

spring March, warm and cozy. In March 1st, by the Shijiazhuang municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Shijiazhuang civilization office, Shijiazhuang Information Office organized the fourth session of the "send flowers Lei Feng beauty in the provincial capital of a large public event starting ceremony in Shijiazhuang City People’s Square held a grand. read more

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How to prevent the clothing store purchase sell – passive

whether it is Taobao, or physical store, how many people are doing business fortune. Because of this, it will attract a lot of investors into the clothing market. However, since the investment in the clothing business, naturally need to purchase. This purchase is a university asked, a careless, it is possible to allow investors to business can not adhere to.

short, clothing looks very simple, anyone can do, now do what things are difficult, only your body in which you will feel the competition is so fierce, if you do not have a good marketing strategy. If you don’t learn how to do what you want, you don’t have much to do with your business. So, how to prevent the purchase of clothing store passive marketing? read more

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love you – all handmade ice cream money to join a

handmade ice cream to join the project selection, has been a very hot choice. How do you choose to join a small entrepreneurial love ice cream? Good business projects, the success of venture worthy of trust. If you really love to join the ice cream project, is also very exciting, hurry up action!

why I love handmade ice cream shop is suitable for the middle school next to open the shop? Because I love handmade ice cream taste good, from Italy customs, and collocation of fresh fruit, let love become a large hand cream chowhound’s heart good, is a good project for entrepreneurship. And now the choice of this project, then there will be a lot of help headquarters, below we look at what the advantages of the project. read more

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