To break the old thinking to make the enterprise stand Optimization Website Ranking fly

The choice of keywords

enterprise boss is not proficient in Shanghai Longfeng, that choose the main keywords to flow, natural order; on the other side of Shanghai dragon ER taking into account the main key charges than high tail, earn well. Both lead to more enterprises will choose to abandon the main keywords, long tail keywords advantage. What are the advantages of long tail keywords? First, optimization of long tail keywords are generally rely on enterprise products to support the station page, when potential customers through the long tail keywords into the page, the product page will display directly to him, rather than the home page, also need the customer to find the information they need. Second, the long tail keywords optimization easily, the conversion rate of flow is particularly high. read more

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The website should do swagger and short


from "swagger" in this way, the author used the "user experience" to do a simple example, the reality of our own website may not only in this one link, the contents of the article, key settings and so on, can we have and they do not have the advantage, we should good at finding their own advantages, and how to develop their own advantages, to play to the extreme. But in order to catch up with the competitor’s website, I think the light is inadequate.

relative to the "swagger", "short" seems to be easier, because most of the time our website is not outstanding in the same site, which reflects our website from the comprehensive index, lower than the competitor’s website, also is the existence of their disadvantages. For example, our ranking not others, we can analysis the chain a competitors website, found that the outer chain quantity, quality, or both than we have an advantage more, this time we can use the analysis of competitors, how they do, where to do, our job is to make up the shortage of us, so slowly the advantage over competitors. read more

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But how to make money price alliance ringtonesAdvertising, Fifth Avenue shop, lifestyle Lululemon is

has no advertising and low-key expansion female yoga clothing brand Lululemon recently began to change, not only issued a no yoga pants of large advertising, also intends to settled in the most prosperous Fifth Avenue, 18 years of personal independence of conduct be broken, a little.


do the first step in price – contact sh419 agent, must be agent, otherwise it is not good to get preferential number. If the local not to do, you can enter the group, someone to help the webmaster to do the number. read more

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Cancel love Shanghai Links snapshot time to see what property exchange

, a website from

on the exchange Links, before Xi’an Shanghai dragon has written several times about the Links exchange articles, because Links is a very important factor in the website optimization, so we as Shanghai Longfeng specialist, pay more attention to the.

exchange Links specialist all pay attention to things, because if a website are not even included, not to mention ranking. This is also the Links specialist are the most basic things, corporate websites included mostly hundreds of articles, because there are not so many updates. Information portal site included are to 10000 units of measurement. read more

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Love Shanghai search Mobile Friendly standard with V1.0 detection tools on-line at the same time

The following

love Shanghai will be the introduction of specific technical standards. At the same time, in accordance with the "mobile page and site Mobile Friendly" love Shanghai, love Shanghai preferential treatment in RANK, with the mobile page will hurt the user experience, is likely to be love Shanghai transcoding.

A5 (www.admin5贵族宝贝) station network December 25th news, this day Shanghai Friendly search Mobile (mobile friendly) standard V1.0 and detection tools online at the same time, it is reported that the release is the mobile friendly version of V1.0 standard, the follow-up will continue to collect feedback and webmaster guidelines for the development of friendly Mobile released as soon as possible. read more

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Luna chubby talk Shanghai dragon optimization company in chicken ribs

search engine optimization in 08, 09 years A new force suddenly rises. by many companies to accept, since the rapid development in the industry, and now the Shanghai dragon industry, although there are still many enterprises in their internal, but to optimize the company more and more, Shanghai dragon business is more like a chicken ribs, tasteless gesture and gradually become the key point of enterprise internal friction, and today a little chubby Luna hopes to share their own, can give the company more and optimization of Shanghai dragon Er have reminded better transformation or planning ahead. read more

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Chen Xiaohuan the website home page weight distribution and the site was K after distress

? The answer is nothing more than your ordinary optimization process is cheating or the black hat means, whether it is caused by the excessive optimization results, these are general webmaster feel condition.

then I Beijing site is the real reason whether K is the situation? My answer is not necessarily. Because, in my opinion, everything is possible, as is the use of the same method to optimize, why some people can quickly make the site get good rankings while others have no results, whether this is a technical problem or love Shanghai’s own negligence. Let me dare to imagine, search engines will be wrong, is that some had good quality of the website or itself weight is very good website suddenly in a short period of time to lose weight or ranking. read more

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A5 marketing entering the new village, Shanghai Phoenix based training course

first, this article is a "rookie" for development in all walks of life, always need a "guide" to lead "rookie" gradual growth. As more fun game, also need a NPC guide is the same reason, today I came as a Shanghai dragon industry NPC.


and second kinds of money to buy equipment? If love is the representative of Shanghai auction, as long as you have money, any word can get first. The drawback is: Everfount need money.

found constantly killing we often, around the mobs less, but can not satisfy the constant demand. This time we often need to rise to a higher place Daguai, this. read more

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Forwards ranking from user behavior on website


3, the viscosity of the website. Website user behavior specific viscosity is subdivided into a website, including access time, access depth, bounce rate, return rate and so on, these tools can be recorded. A longer residence time, visit the website page, more out of the lower rate, return rate is high, may have a positive impact on ranking for search engine.

2, website traffic. A large flow site and a no flow or small traffic site in the same target word ranking must occupy a little advantage from this, some time ago the "donkey nets" event can be seen. A micro-blog Li Kaifu teacher, to bring traffic to a new station to love Shanghai home. read more

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2012 – 2012 Shanghai rules and the Shanghai dragon love prospect on the stormy

In 2012

In fact, if you love

, let Shanghai dragon industry prospects bleak, especially as it migrant workers grassroots Shanghai dragon Er is more miserable, the adjustment strategy of condemning, unable to eat, let us only on the computer with Shanghai dragon has become a past. "Traditional Shanghai dragon" has been declining.

, Shanghai is here, but also make a lot of sense to do rankings as the traditional Shanghai dragon has certain development. Because the owners do, to their hard points or recruit good web series can be added and can hold good, fight against cheating on just the chain chain, and have a very good ranking optimization of Shanghai Longfeng still can excellent resources. However, love Shanghai query tool upgrade in the chain in December but invisible stabbed fond rank Shanghai dragon a knife. Verification of ownership of a website, the chain can query any of a website, the source of the chain, the chain of the page. Let the good resources of Shanghai dragon who have been exposed in front of people. Do people know the Shanghai dragon, competitor analysis is one of the most effective means of Shanghai dragon. The outer chain is exposed, will undoubtedly use Adsense means exposure to more than eighty percent. Love the sea through to let everyone know the chain resources at the same time, also let Shanghai Longfeng external as casually as before the chain to the rankings to weaken the influence of Shanghai dragon search engine, when this is all the owners found or know when to do so, ranking Shanghai dragon is not only to competition content > read more

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How do the external web site optimization new algorithm

The chain of Shanghai


three, the effectiveness of

love can identify your hair 99%, even this chain is not included, is displayed in the chain analysis of the Webmaster Platform love Shanghai, but we said the chain is effective, the chain has a good influence on the website. A >

many colleagues did not dare to do outside the chain, because they do the chain site right down, some people say that as long as do correlation, weight, effectiveness "will have a good effect on the website, I also think so. read more

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Discard the old Shanghai dragon concept

4, ULR length, URL length does not exceed the limit as long as the search engine can be included in the provisions of the regulations, the search engine is 200 bytes can be included, but the general URL will limit. Want to say to you is that URL is just a path search engine into the site only, regardless of the URL length, it is normal than > included

1, keyword density, from my contact webmaster, almost all care very much about keyword density, just a few days ago, there is a head through QQ asked me why my website ranking is, how much is the keyword density. I told him that I never care what keyword density, he smiled and said, don’t cheat him, he has studied my website, immediately went to the operation, and then disappears. A lot of time like this, we will go on to study ranking good website, see how they operate, how much is the keyword density, how much is the number of words, then, we think that according to their mode to do, also can get good rankings. And we do not know, what we see is the surface of things. The site is the most important content, rather than keyword density, you imitate others’ keyword density, no good article, so there is no ranking. read more

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From Shanghai Shanghai dragon love update change



my site has also become the victim of love under the change of Shanghai. Although it is not K, but the website included snapshot update anomalies, once stuck in the 7-3 number, as a medical Shanghai Longfeng, several websites I optimized, and most of the medical station is not much different, with dozens of analysis of K website, get a law, medical station the novel K station is the majority, verify the Shanghai declaration of love.

I have been advocating the core of Shanghai dragon is the user experience, I have been in this direction. Because only meet the user experience of the website to be able to develop in a long term, by the earthquake, we should as Shanghai dragon is profound introspection. Now the Shanghai Dragon Development Software Group is not deformed, hanging black chain cheating, often ignored the most important user. read more

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Discussion on the superiority of Mo Xiang Mega Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization services

second: Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services on the site updated ranking to guide the important direction of

I have said above, Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services is the main reason analysis to some website ranking up, then what is the significance for us to make ranking, then this topic we continue a website to have a good ranking is every webmaster the dream, but the reality is the opposite, some webmaster do optimization after the Shanghai Dragon did not get a certain effect, there is a feeling of regret, why I do not use the experience of others can do, this is the social differences, a good method and he won’t share too much, because sharing out all do not have to eat, who will do well, how many minutes to put some so-called online ranking mentioned how many such people, I do not think that there are some technical people, These are your money to others, others will do to you, once you stop, ranking will. read more

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Analysis of the remedy of original articles will not be included

said the original content website once released to be included, or the second, the key lies in the weight of the website, apparently can not achieve a new website, that means for a new website to take time for operation, in addition to the website to search engine submission, although early original content not included, but to update the positive, but also continue to carry out the construction of the chain, thus completing the website weight accumulation, this process you will find the content of the website have not been included will gradually appear in the search engine, so as to realize the content of the web site included again. read more

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Analysis of complex problems standardization is the core elements of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis

But the current

standardization has penetrated into all aspects of our lives, from the examination standard, the standardization of enterprise management and so on, are ubiquitous in the standardization of indicates the utility, it can be said that the efficiency of standardization work will greatly improve the work, and effectively put the experience into several key processes thus, let many people get started quickly! So will complex problems of standardization will be a big challenge! The new Shanghai dragon diagnosis technology, even more so! read more

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From the site overnight list to see whether the site should be in the sandbox

lead: just wake up in a group inside there is a group of friends and website overnight to number from the first 100, after the discovery of the problem, the group of friends to ask? Website how? Answer: another group of friends a few days you will be the site into the sandbox. I want to say is: it might not be the case.

. A website ranking did not change, and the spatial stability is related to whether.

if so, I suggest webmaster to give up cheating methods, adjust their mentality and adhere to the daily update of high quality original articles, perhaps, or how long your website or search engine will return to gold stage, not to a lazy and abandon a profitable website for you. read more

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Jumei Chen ou, the interpretation of the 80’s nternet entrepreneurial dreams!Magic quiz Wang Hancha

before entering this field, we compared education, health care, financial management, law and other fields. Financial management, health care and other areas of high degree of user awareness, but this also led to fierce competition. Cut into the field of legal questions, because of fewer competitors, we think it is easier to cut into, although the risk is great, the opportunity is also large.

at present, China businesses and ordinary users to enjoy legal services the proportion is very low, can have legal service only 3% of small and medium-sized enterprises, individuals have a lower proportion of legal services, almost negligible. read more

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Professional, academic websites do what alliance the most profitableMad cow the most lucrative and e

5. the blog software is very special, each landing in a 1 minutes, landing after removal of COOKIE, and then landed an account, and then visit the blog, so in these blog visitors, certainly is our advertising.

we all know now only advertising can do is pay day of the Union message, it is often said that the veteran SP. Today I will tell you a few ways to operate SP. There may be some ways you’ve seen it, but it doesn’t work. Why? The execution is so bad. This is the biggest obstacle to success. SP day income has been a lot of money, of course, there are a lot of skills here, we slowly groping. read more

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Lei Jun have four prerequisites for the projectMito company will visit PO investors pressure or b

6. resumes beautiful people, such as those who have successful entrepreneurial experience;

followed by exit channels, currently available >

subsequently media broke the news that the U.S. IPO value of the figure will be more than 5 billion U.S. dollars. The Wall Street journal also reported in the MiTo IPO report that in April this year, Mito had just completed a new round of financing of more than $3 billion worth of Pre-IPO.

has no public response to the IPO news. At the MiTo World Congress in June this year, Sina Technology also interviewed Mito CEO Wu Xinhong on the issue, but he said it was inconvenient to speak. However, from the "submit the listing application" after the news, Mito related investment per capita default of the news, have forwarded congratulations. read more

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