The nternet business is a magnificent robe, covered in Sao son

introduction: all walks of life downturn, only the Internet highlights to attract domestic funds ready to, speculators, mine owners turned LP.

1996, general Morgan Stanley, a little-known analyst wrote a "Internet Report", it contains a large number of charts and data 300 page report it will be written by Marie · Mikel has been pushed to the pinnacle of power and money.

1998, "Barron" magazine called her the "Queen of the Internet"; 1999 "fortune" magazine called her "network prophet"; "the Wall Street journal" and her Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and Warren · · Buffett, said they are three major driving force of the market "". read more

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Venture a year, everyone is how to escape the car C wheel of death

Abstract: what is the most afraid of the start-up company, first, into the wrong line; second, met the wolf.

this is the owner of the car owner Li Jian readme. Recently, the news all vehicles C round of financing of a huge sum in the industry spread like wildfire, in spite of all the official car did not respond, but the event itself is not to weaken the influence of.

in the entrepreneur of the year 3 cover will have to guard against the C round of death as the topic of the opening, mentioned more than 90% of entrepreneurs sad C turn off. However, for all cars, second-hand car market ceiling is large enough, the business model, the ultimate minimalist; the first C2C virtual mode in the Chinese consignment second-hand car industry, currently in the industry’s position is self-evident; in foreign claims numbers, both the monthly trading volume, the total turnover of bicycle, car platform source time never false false, honest and frank, step by step to walk. These, corresponding to the C round of death of several causes of death has advantages. read more

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Media will eventually change the direction of entrepreneurial tide

/ week Kanqi, co-founder of micro chain.

recently, an interesting phenomenon: the micro chain itself as a social entrepreneur App, appeared in many media column cooperation partners. Many businesses are invited to participate in the media to participate in the micro chain, such as: the annual meeting of drops express, but also as a media representative invited to attend. Wondering, a workplace social products, how to become a media


recently and several rebel media people chat, more and more feel: the boundaries of the media is disappearing, the media began to infiltrate like the Internet everywhere. read more

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A grass root community operation month over a million!

share / ignore Wangyeh towards finishing / Tianqi

not towards the king as a 90, is a member of numerous graduated in micro business of young people, he did 10 thousand fans for half a year, and the establishment of the more than and 100 charges of the community. He did not sell the dream, but in the sense of practice the dream, the Internet era, only a real micro electricity supplier.


Wangyeh towards science

internet science and technology news enthusiasts, brain hole open Internet electricity supplier. A real Hangzhou Ling’an farmers in Hangzhou, playing the entrepreneurial nuts. With their own efforts to practice a grass root counter attack. read more

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Grassroots media is facing a life-and-death matter big threshold

these days, we analyzed the data of 1000 WeChat group the number of public advertising orders, headline reading, average monthly number of push data behind the data changes we see a large grassroots crisis: since the media is now may have maximum since entering since to WeChat.

sample of 1000 accounts, including a total of 500 grassroots media accounts and outstanding original V account from the top 500. Two definitions of account adopted the classification method currently familiar: V outstanding original main original content, authentication account, the media attribute outstanding account; account is reproduced in the main roots, the content easy, many did not achieve certification. read more

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Pure dry cargo 2017, short video content business guide

as you know, the short video originated in 2013 in 2016 a prairie fire flame. Just say goodbye to the near 2016 is China short video industry year and surge high and sweep forward, more optimistic judgment is that it is also a big round on the eve of the outbreak.


dimension compared to graphic content monotonous, the video itself is a three-dimensional and more "IP" of the media state; and in contrast to the traditional video on the website of the content of work, because it can be embedded into the user every day each fragment of leisure time, a short video in the creation and dissemination of all more light – the new year, there will be more in homogeneity in the text on the content of entrepreneurs to short video. read more

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When it comes to money, O2O what are the clouds! Look at how Hengda Taobao 1 billion burn

lead: first team per capita cost 20 million, buy players at least at 820 million


1:0 Gordon Asia Summit Hengda Taobao!! Hengda Taobao to become the first Asian Football Club worthy of the name, in the past five years, Taobao has won AFC Champions League, Hengda Super League, FA Cup and super cup competitions a total of 10 championship.

just two weeks ago on November 6th, Guangzhou Hengda Taobao Football Club (834338.OC) in the new board officially listed.

night, Hengda Taobao released financing program. At a price of 40 yuan per share, issue of shares to 66 million 176 thousand and 500 shares, to raise funds of $152 million to $2 billion 647 million. read more

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Xu alone what kind of people are cattle people Do not care about short-term results

Abstract: "when a person is not great, he wants to do everything at the time when you can see the results, but you do some things that seem not to the point, only the rich or Ma Yun can do."

July 21st, 2015 Internet Conference held in Beijing International Conference Center, 3W coffee Chairman Xu just said, "when a person is not great, he wants to do everything at the time when you can see the results, but you do not look at the marginal things, only the rich or Ma Yun can do." read more

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Xin Xin Network founder Liu Xin just graduated from the University of WeChat gold profit

today to interview a 90 Internet entrepreneurs, his name is Liu Xin, just graduated from college a year, has set up his own company, Beijing Xin Xin Network Technology Co., ltd..

Liu Xin sat opposite me, you may not see at first glance he is a ten million wealth after 90 entrepreneurs. Friends said he was very low-key in the Internet circle, different from those very high-profile 90 entrepreneurs. But when you talk to him, you will find that he is a very thoughtful and humorous person. For the Internet has deep insight. read more

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