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is still looking for business opportunities for many cybersquatting "corn bug", today is a "cold poured a bucket of cold water" bad days:

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domain name registration authority two days ago in China — Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) issued "on the further strengthening of information audit domain name registration notice", from the morning of December 14th 9, individual users in China will have no right to the domain name registration activities.

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mobile phone pornography.The introduction of the new regulations

, and the current site of the incident is closely related to the internet.

".Cn" is the representative of China’s global top-level domain name, is the Chinese logo on the internet. According to statistics, as of the end of August this year, China’s total registered ".Cn" domain name has reached 12 million 546 thousand. Compared to ".Com" domain name, ".Cn" domain name registration price is lower. In order to seize the market, the domestic part of the domain name registrar played a price war, and some even registered 3 yuan, the first year of registration of $5. A lot of "corn bug" took advantage of such a good opportunity to buy hundreds of thousands of domain names, with very low price of foreign sales. This makes the criminals taking advantage, many illegal websites began to frequent replacement of the domain name, in order to evade law enforcement supervision.

chaos, the nine ministries jointly in the mobile phone campaign exposed:

According to media reports,

is engaged in the operation of the mobile porn website suspects through the CNNIC authorized domain name registration agency or agency registered a large number of domain names, and it points to the yellow web site. Once one website was closed, the suspect by replacing the other domain quickly lets WAP website resurrection, continue to make only superficial changes to spread pornographic information.

who is responsible for the management of the source of jurisprudence site


reporter learned that, according to the "measures" the administration of Internet domain names China the provisions of article twenty-eighth, domain name registration, the applicant shall submit the domain name registration information is true, accurate and complete, and domain name registration services signed user registration protocol.

in the whole society to participate in the campaign, many legal experts think, to compress the pornographic mobile phone website from the source of the living space, it is necessary to strengthen the website domain name registration service provider and server space rental business management. In the investigation of pornographic mobile phone website operators legal responsibility, but also to investigate the domain name registrar and server space rental joint and several liability, in order to strengthen their long-term regulatory duties on the site.

CNNIC also received criticism of public opinion: Although there is no direct relationship with the domain name registration CNNIC, but CNNIC is the ".Cn" domain name licensed to a number of agents for domain name registration, in charge of relevant registration fees but did not assume the corresponding responsibility, not strictly enforce the "real name system" review objectively pornographic websites provide convenient conditions.