Company fortune to open a single dog tease sister actually teach listed

360 lines, the line out of the champion, the capital market is no exception. In recent years, more and more wonderful company to seek a listing, fortune teller, dun buy Mingbi, teach a single dog, her sister, a lot of projects you want to think, but these companies have not only made in, make the best of the eye at the same time, also make a huge profit, today you check these wonderful wonderful in.

world’s first fortune teller in the UK three new board listing

fortune tellers can also be listed you believe it?

June 28, 2012, Singapore Fengshui company "Xintiandi" group listed on the London Stock Exchange, the company’s main: Feng Shui fortune, fortune teller, fortune teller, geomancy. This is the world’s first listed Feng Shui company.

, a founder: I hate people to cheat a little money I misunderstood as a fortune teller

!Peng Zhonghua, founder of

, said: "why would I lie? Those who do cheat a few hundred dollars, cheated out of his mouth," hate someone he misunderstood as a fortune teller to cheat a little money.

"our principle is to save lives, to help customers solve problems really, they really benefit will come back again". Based on the concept of service, the new world is firmly grasp the hearts of customers, 70% of the business are repeat customers.

Peng Zhonghua said that the essential difference between us and the fortune teller is a fortune teller to people is "fatalism", and the new world resigned; on the contrary, our team to teach people use all kinds of special methods, let the destiny in their own hands.

two, Xintiandi is how to serve individuals and corporate customers


personal counseling for people confused with traditional geomantic theory, positive values, face the weakness of character, recognize their own destiny. And then tell you how to change, how should you do in the future, we must first change the attitude and method of distress.

business customers: do business, home feng shui consulting services, regeneration of people’s living environment. Feng Shui is not good, how to resolve, how to change the whole environment of the hundred years of the magnetic field, so that the human body is more comfortable. If the company’s good feng shui, people in the work will be full of positive energy, good results.

in 2011, the new world group completed a total of more than 30 thousand transactions, the new 5000 yuan (about RMB 25000) or more of the total business sales of 42.7%, while nearly half of the sales from only about 3.6% of customers. Most of these big customers are businesses.

three, from the subway engineer to Asia Shui authority, he wanted to change the prejudice against the industry’s


Peng Zhonghua, the boss of Xintiandi, the first to study in the United Kingdom to study electrical engineering, a subway engineer. Later in the year engaged in the study of Yi and religious affairs, proficient in Chinese and Western culture, master multi language, first