Multidimensional analysis of deep user behavior

all of the current user behavior analysis is more than these types of modes: user registration information, custom lists, operating records, user history track, etc.. But these are only the user behavior analysis in the tip of the iceberg, in the actual process of analysis, dimension ( will be the weights of a lot of information, to build a 3 dimensional statistical analysis to refine the core information system.


for a new site, the user behavior analysis, the most is the lack of user behavior in the station. Because there is not a certain amount of data, it is difficult to determine the group characteristics by the normal analysis and the method of cluster analysis. If a new hope to have certain achievements in analyzing and mining user behavior, in the use of general statistics and case analysis will be very difficult, may be all from the trajectory tracking of the user, and then to gradually realize the precipitation. I really want to analyze characteristics of the website user groups, in the traditional statistical methods, it is difficult to complete in a very short period of time, based on this situation, making it difficult to complete in a short period of time the user behavior analysis, if completed, the results are difficult to accurately.

has more than one million for a member of the website, analyze and mine user behavior, in the traditional process of statistical analysis is the first step to separate the user, this is a very difficult thing. Only after the separation of the user, you can find valuable users, in-depth analysis, the use of traditional methods, the difficulty will be quite large.

for the above problems, or for any activity on the Internet, people can access any user process are defined, namely: a person, in a certain area, use in a network environment, a computing environment, need to look at or something, and then have a visit a web site to produce some behavior, refined analysis of these data, so as to solve the above on the depth of mining user access analysis.


dimension makes such a decomposition of their behavior process:

1, a person (gender, age, occupation)

2, in a certain area (physical address, such as: Beijing, a region)

3, in a network environment (operators, such as: Beijing Telecom ADSL)

4, the use of a computing environment (operating systems, IE, etc.)

5, the need to find or deal with something (such as: find information or browse)

6, followed by a visit to a web site to produce certain behavior (mouse event)….


site traffic statistics system, mining is one of the most important tools of user behavior, because the statistical system is a tool for the most detailed records of visitor behavior process, we apply the data mining is divided into 3 stages. "