Unreasonable prices never sell YAHOO

Yang Zhiyuan

yesterday, in an open letter to YAHOO chairman Roy ·, Bostock and CEO, said that if the offer is reasonable, YAHOO is willing to sell to Microsoft. The open letter also said that YAHOO’s largest shareholder Icahn proxy battle will bring huge risk to shareholders". And Google search advertising cooperation agreement will be implemented in the near future, which is expected to bring $800 million in revenue per year for YAHOO. The board of directors agreed that Microsoft and Icahn joint acquisition of YAHOO’s plan will damage the interests of shareholders.

from Microsoft in February to $44 billion 600 million in cash and stock acquisition of YAHOO, the merger of the two war has lasted more than 5 months. In the meantime, a "White Knight" news group, Microsoft and Time Warner sold AOL negotiations, making the whole thing becomes more whirling.

in the acquisition, YAHOO insisted increases, he does not let go. In an attempt to pave the way for Microsoft and Icahn acquisition, repeatedly tried to put Yang Zhiyuan and his supporters from the board of directors, the YAHOO "have enemies in front and rear".

Yang Zhiyuan recently said no to Microsoft, YAHOO’s next step is to face the nomination of the shareholders of the general meeting of the directors of the war.