Net loan rules landing, most of the nternet giant will be born in the financial

days ago, nine well-known Internet financial platform rich group CEO Sun Lei for "business activity management information network lending intermediaries Interim Measures (Draft)" made this interpretation, he said that next year the industry will usher in a true false shuffle, platform will be completely eliminated, and the platform will be really good become more powerful in the future of the industry, there will be hundreds of billions or even hundreds of billions of market value of the enterprise. So, why Jiu Fu Lei sun will come to the conclusion that


1, net loan rules to accelerate user focus

since the event after the outbreak of a rental treasure, the entire P2P industry is shrouded in a layer of fog, such as a lot of investment users have begun to worry about P2P. Even so, at the end of many P2P platform and the outbreak of a rented treasure event run away, is to promote the "Interim Measures for business activity management network credit information agency (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") landing catalyst, which for the entire industry and investment users, is a great boon.

so, "measures" landing is the most direct such as the nine rich Sun Lei said, accelerate the elimination of control level is poor, some false wind more platform. In the approach clearly stipulates the 12 red net loan platform, which is conducive to the entire industry in the red line of the 12 norms, restore investor confidence. The approach clearly pointed out that the P2P platform is an information intermediary, not illegal fund-raising, shall not set up a pool of funds, shall not be self financing.

shall not illegal fund-raising, may establish a pool of funds can not touch the red line, also largely avoided a similar incident repeat rent treasure. The clear P2P as an information intermediary, that is, the user’s money does not go through the P2P platform, they do not have to take too much risk, then the platform will be reduced and other issues on foot. The "measures" to remove the name of Internet financial platform under the guise of pseudo fraud, save the excellent platform for compliance, legal operation, and such as Jiu rich wind control the strength of the platform will be more and more user support.

Nine rich

since its inception, has been 9 years, can be regarded as a veteran of the domestic Internet banking platform. Can the healthy and steady development so far, with the nine rich in recent years has been to adhere to the principles of "measures" are closely related. Nine rich first reached a strategic cooperation risk fund custodian bank funds and Minsheng Bank, the implementation of strict point-to-point transparent online transactions, nearly three months to nine rich 15 million 200 thousand loans reached for nine rich users net income more than more than 500 million yuan. The nine rich can get so much income is to point to point more than a single small transactions for 3000 yuan -3 million personal consumption credit, lower risk assets of creditor’s rights, the user can directly view the money by nine rich platform, 100% online transparent transactions.

is based on this, nine rich user growth has been explosive growth, has reached nearly 20 million scale, become a platform > the largest user of the domestic industry