Taobao suffered another small sellers besieged organizers or Tibetan black industry chain


last week, there are sellers at Taobao headquarters protest

network transmission Ma letter words and Taobao internal staff to clarify the non combat small sellers

in July this year after the adjustment of the search rules were part of the seller boycott, last week, Taobao headquarters in Hangzhou has been part of the seller’s siege". Internet rumors of to retain big sellers, give up small sellers interest; others say that the move is "forced" sellers of advertising, for the next step to pave the way for ppc.

rumors, the Alibaba group chairman of the board and CEO Ma are tempted to send internal mail to employees, the public responded, "we would rather turn off his own company, will not give up their principles".


group company back to reporters yesterday, even the day to "protest" are some loopholes in the attempt to damage the interests of sellers and take action; no intention of Taobao online spread.

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sellers rebound


to make a concession

last week, Taobao’s headquarters in Hangzhou has been part of the seller to pull banners demonstrations and asked Taobao to modify the search rules. Storm originated in July 8th, Taobao announced the adjustment of the search sort, improve the quality of the service quality of the seller in the search rankings, so that the seller to get attention to integrity. At the same time, announced the seven search cheating, including advertising, commodity speculation credit, misplaced categories and attributes, the abuse of keywords and the commodity price does not match the serious title postage picture description is not consistent.

after the launch of the new rules, causing great rebound has been part of the seller, seller online attacks, but also many times to headquarters in Hangzhou protested. They claim to have been "unfair" to the new rules, requiring Taobao to restore its original rules on the shelf time. But Taobao did not protest to make concessions.

The Taobao

, yesterday admitted that the new regulations to focus only on the price war and neglect service, rely on the old rules loophole and walking a fine line, and even credit speculation for profit of the seller lost a place to live in, credit is the focus on the object of speculation.

not coming?

"my business is going to be broken"

in the reception of these home sellers, Taobao found it was encouraging sellers even threatened to come to make trouble in the back, many sellers reflect "no no, my business will be smashed", this was also the scene police records. Allegedly, the organizers have been behind the scenes, through a variety of encouraging sellers and QQ group to make trouble, to provide accommodation, transportation funding, even if the seller does not destroy the threat is involved in the business, call the seller to the Taobao company "seek explanation".

According to

reporter unannounced visits found that the active organization.