Rogue is not terrible fear rogue culture on the yellow marketing

no good goods business call, do not come! Major businesses, each big website, spread everywhere. Hard to the webmaster, as is their site will flow, and included the weight! How can not call! Spread go15, but the promotion method is full of tricks, you choose what? It’s? Whether the same with unfamiliar street, a famous? We have 818 "yellow" marketing today. Simple and direct three examples, beginning from the three aspects of "yellow" marketing.

, why is it called "yellow" type of marketing, from the meaning of speaking is fascinating [&]

; just perfect

example: a star of the keyboard intelligent machine promotion (see below)

I believe most of the Internet users have seen it and talked about it. Why such a long extension, in such a "fast track" of the micro-blog era, to attract attention, the reason is:

1, "engaging" content

2, "just perfect" interpret out of context

3, "slightly" witty

more than three together, firmly seize the spectators


two, why use "yellow" type of marketing, from the angle of application on the operational strategy [

] to seize.

example: a bee website (B2C mall) in November 1, 2012 to promote

Eleven double strategy

TB deep business people, the success of TB and many electricity providers to share, there are various coping strategies, but this year the "naked" of a bee a large pink


1, "the times" strategy theme: November 11th day pay attention to take off ("naked" meaning: let’s get rid of a single state, so the key point for short) replacement products, profits, tricky…… All the "naked"! At the right time, doing the right thing, and this thing "name" is also very suitable! This is the "yellow" marketing potential.

2, "one step ahead of the time difference: in November 11th, TB will use the advantages of the customer, led to large quantities of cash flow, before this, if the cash flow in advance from the preheating for a part, is also not a bad idea, so the" naked "two words to a certain extent, the flow in advance to. This is also a micro yellow marketing magnetic force.

3, micro yellow type of VI design: image characters enough to cater to the theme of the image. Micro yellow marketing tension is evident!

three, "yellow" marketing do? From the perspective of products on core value, [clear]

sleight of hand

example: a software company for its flagship system software promotion