Your idea is correct or ridiculous website

this is my (old dream) experienced a real dialogue process, the theme of the dialogue is a website and business model is reasonable. Dialogue with small A object instead of the site with B station instead.

old dream: I am interested in what you have said you have seen the e-commerce site, please describe this site, I hope my problems and analysis to help you.

small A: I built this station is an e-commerce platform, and house365’s home treasure belongs to a similar site.

old dream: really? What is the main product of the B station?

small A: gift. We found that there are many small and medium enterprises in the office building, at least 2 activities a year, will buy a lot of gifts. We use these companies as the object, to sell them a very good set of custom gifts.

old dream: sounds like. What is your sales method?

small A: we ask a lot of college students, in the office of the home sales.

old dream: this way no problem. So, how do you get your goods? Are they merchants? How to collect the information?

small A: No, the product is purchased by the site itself.

old dream? But also aroused


little A: yes.

: if I were a client, I wouldn’t buy you anything.

little A: why?

old dream: OK, now I’m going to analyze several aspects of your site:

1, your so-called e-commerce platform can not be called a website. Your profit is actually formed by the spread of the commodity.

2, your site is actually more than a big market, because the market is very rich in the service provider, product categories – your procurement of goods destined for you than the collection of these small businesses.

3, your ability to finance more limited your development, but also increased the risk of entrepreneurship.

4, even if you use SEO and other ways to promote the defects caused by the above two points also make you unable to overcome their own shortcomings — poor commodity, the price is difficult to have the advantage. And the way you sell now is making it impossible to grow. You can’t call him a platform at least until everything changes.

from this point of view, I would suggest that you use this way to make money · · · · · · ·

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