Electricity providers who are keen on the edge of the line shop ntegration with the nternet is the

Internet era, the store in the electricity supplier under the impact of difficult, have begun to embrace the internet. Take on the past month double 11, Taylor, let each big business platform online price war between electric business at the same time, most of the line store sales dismal, or major festivals to heel, will also be a "hit" entity store the line, be taken by surprise, seems to be more sad. As the entity is so "hit" when the electricity supplier has begun the layout of the next line store, estimate the entity is confused, this walk is what Quxianjiuguo way


electricity providers who are interested in the edge of the line shop?

electricity providers play has always been changeable, if a traditional business is consumer choice shopping channels, so more and more electricity providers began to develop to the next line frequently shop, squeezing the old store space, so this channel will upgrade to "squeeze", perhaps the word will be more appropriate. The total amount of users is the ceiling, especially the local user traffic. Easy to fall from clothing to bookstores, masks and other brands, electricity providers gradually infiltrated.


brand Yin man founder Fang Jianhua once said to open 1000 stores in 2016. It is reported that, as of now, Yin line operators store already has about 70, each store can profit 1 to 50 thousand yuan per month, at the same time, Yin recruit fans, provide good conditions for joining, zero fee, zero inventory, zero soft. In addition to the Yin man, more and more brands electricity providers have begun to layout the line of stores, take the fast fashion brand, this year’s "double 11" overall sales exceeded 6 hundred million, become the apparel business sales first, the line stores have been expanding.

for clothing, because 78% of the market are online, Internet clothing brand, the downward expansion space is large, and with the traditional clothing enterprises gradually to online business platform for expansion, using its online shop customer data master to read consumer preferences, they love the product design, through sales feedback to organize inventory and decide whether to add single, this will be reduced to the minimum storage pressure, at the same time to determine more accurate customer groups. From the supply chain system, which is to get through the online and offline, and the advantages of mutual conversion.

November, the online bookstore Amazon in Seattle opened the first entity bookstore, it is reported that the bookstore books are based on analysis of data is selected books bookstore, Seattle readers to read the book. Then, with the network bookstore Dangdang also announced that 3 years will be opened in the country’s 1000 physical bookstores, and the first entity bookstore will also open in Changsha.

relative to the line below the bookstore, general network bookstore to attract readers a very important reason is low, the price is a genuine books in the store in general, such as holiday discounts, or have a membership card, generally also hit 85 or ten percent off this way, and on the Internet, the reader can store lower than >