Sources said Baidu takeaway has completed B round of financing valuation of $2 billion 400 million

July 7th news, today there is news that Baidu takeaway has completed the B round of financing in the first quarter of this year, the valuation of $2 billion 400 million. TechWeb to verify this, Baidu takeaway insiders as of press time, yet to respond to each other.

Baidu takeaway

at the end of 2015, a Baidu takeaway financing plan in the online book outflow plan shows that in 2016 Baidu Q1 delivery will be completed 3-5 billion dollars in financing, this round of financing capital plan in four key areas, including platform construction accounted for 40%, product development, category expansion and market promotion accounted for more than 20%.

July 2015, Baidu takeaway completed $250 million A round of financing, but after the B round of financing progress is not smooth. Previously, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li in the company structure adjustment of internal e-mail said, will put more time and energy on the Internet financial, unmanned vehicles, artificial intelligence and other innovative businesses on the future, many people think it’s interpretation, takeaway business within Baidu no longer.

but in 2016 Q1 Baidu earnings conference call, Robin Li said that Baidu is still very supportive takeaway business, and continue to hold a majority stake. The conference call also revealed that a new round of takeout financing is over, and the current valuation has reached 2 billion 400 million U.S. dollars, investors for Baidu and other investment institutions.

Baidu takeaway chairman Liu Jun revealed that Baidu takeaway is the focus of Baidu artificial intelligence technology landing business, but also an important component of the future of Baidu’s core strategy.

data show that as of the end of 2015, Baidu takeaway the overall turnover of more than 8 billion, has covered the country’s more than and 120 large and medium-sized city, attracted tens of thousands of high-quality food merchants settled, now the platform registered users has reached about 30000000, more than 19000 people, single delivery personnel, daily send a single volume remained at 16-18. (Zhou Xiaobai)