Stationmaster net broadcast Yao Jinbo had sold 1 names for hundreds of thousands of wages and coachi

1 exposure of the national husband Wang Sicong buy domain fancy tear force meaning  

June 4th news, the national husband Wang Sicong after buying, and bought the domain name. The latest information from the domain name, the domain name has indeed been in the name of Wang Sicong, the change is June 1st. Verified, domain name has now jumped to Wang Sicong micro-blog.

Suspected domain name the former owner of the circle of friends, didn’t stay for a few minutes in his account was Wang Sicong bought, Wang Gongzai fancy is the meaning of "tear force".

2 unfamiliar street, the 2 letter domain name transaction price of nearly $20 million

news June 4th, last year to $1 million 200 thousand (about 7 million 470 thousand yuan) in the overseas platform node pats "Mo Mo" 2 letter domain name, recently traced the transaction, the transaction price of nearly 20 million yuan. in June last year, the overseas domain name trading platform, with a price of about 7 million 470 thousand yuan, and became the highest price in the Sedo platform in the domain name in 2014. Only one year, this is the price of nearly 20 million yuan turnover, the appreciation of space is self-evident.

3 network security week China News Network was black and extortion, suspected DNS hijacking  

NetEase, Alipay front server downtime failure, Ctrip has not subsided long paralysis, yesterday (June 3), some friends broke the news portal: "" hacked. By visiting the China News Network website ( found that the site can not be opened, the blank page only shows:

"to make money on the back of ICBC Huang Wei 622202440202826899 hack by QQ: 3196986642

bank account is correct, Huang Wei from Chengdu, leaving the QQ, said he was framed, led to another name for "BC flagship" QQ, but no BC flagship network online, or for the preheating, or is the practical joke. Some people believe that the domain name is registered by others, the network may need to change the domain name.

4 than Wang Sicong also capricious: these science and technology chiefs spend money to buy the domain name  

After the

hit 60 million easily won the domain name, national husband overbearing President Wang Sicong recently to buy a wilful wonderful domain name, it is the 4 letter domain name 4A rare, only 26 of the world, not cheap. It is reported that Wang childe