Website recommendation Jirafe allows the shop to make money online analysis platform



was founded in 2010, the online store management platform Jirafe recently received $7 million in venture capital A round of financing. Jirafe by capital sought reasons is that it can really help the network store owners to raise revenue, there are already 5000 online stores using the Jirafe service in the past 12 months, Jirafe management of online transactions more than 100 million times.

Jirafe can help the shop owner who do management and analysis work, can let the shop more efficient, let the shop owner who focus on their core business, sales and customer service, so as to enhance the ability of online revenue. At present, Jirafe analysis services are not fully automated, but the Jirafe team said they completely automate the analysis platform is only a matter of time.

Jirafe plans to use the newly acquired 7 million financing to expand its own team, and to expand their business to the Asian market.

via I horse BY Wei Yan