Share one of the most effective group marketing methods to expand contacts, earnings are effective


group marketing methods applicable but not limited to QQ, WeChat, YY, etc. Wangwang group, will follow the know method.

tells a story first.

the difference between people is very subtle, these differences are sometimes very difficult to see, but I know that a method must be able to see the difference between people and people, this method is: look at a person’s way of doing things.

I used

in a station group inside Hunguo, hundreds of people in the group, but two people introduce all the attention, one selling tea, another is the construction site and domain name record.

sells tea conspicuous because he is the Lord of the relationship, but also the group administrator, he every day to send an advertisement in the group, in addition, rarely. Make it, we did not see what is no advertising spirit cleanliness, a day anyway, too much, can tolerate. However, after a period of time, the boy means to upgrade, every few days to turn to the inside of the group of people have made an advertisement……

another attention because he is such a windbag, who will speak with a few words, also love to answer other people’s questions, the inside of the group of people basically all know him, during the many webmaster asked him to help record the domain name, then he said not to sell tea every day advertising own, built a group, the group inside the active people away. As a result, you know, do not read the full text to understand.

group marketing, looks very simple, but to do a good job is not easy, there are two common methods, but the most effective is the third method.

a simple and rough type

our advertising is the most simple way with a big horn, to the local people, the crowd shouted: "Jiangnan leather factory boss Huang, Chihepiaodu, in 350 million, with his sister-in-law ran! We can’t hold the purse, wages, the original price is more than and 100! More than and 200, more than and 300 wallet, now all twenty!! the Yellow Bastard! You are not a man! We have been working hard for half a year for you, you do not pay! You are my hard-earned money! My hard-earned money! (this ad, I believe most people have heard of)".

, the most simple method of group marketing, is added directly to their target group, an advertisement in the group, assuming a group of at least 10 people watched with advertising information, so one day send a group of 500, there are 5000 people can see, as for the effect, see the product, look at the price see, demand. Feel tired, so to find Witkey people, see 5000 people probably spend about 100 yuan, as long as the control input and output, is definitely worth doing.

of course, the negative effect of this approach is also very obvious.

two, upgraded

it was very rough and even affect the brand image, it comes quietly, one by one by one.

method, hold >