Acquisition of Green Throttle Google Video + game set-top box program

according to foreign media reports, the game start-up company Green Throttle Games part of the business and the team has been acquired by Google, which may be ready to launch Google set-top boxes.

Green Throttle Games was founded in 2012, Huang Zhongyan was one of its founder, had developed a very popular game "guitar"; the other two are Matt Crowley and Karl Townsend, had participated in the initial development of Palm Pilot handheld computer. Prior to the news that Samsung intends to acquire Green Throttle Games, it seems that eventually fell to the hands of Google.

In addition to the development of

games, the company has launched a customized Atlas controller, via Bluetooth with its Android application, users can use the mobile phone games to the TV, get a better gaming experience on the big screen. Although the multi screen interactive group is already behind its rivals OUYA and PowerA, but Green Throttle Games believes that their starting point is different, by providing an open platform to promote the innovation of their products and create a unique ecological system. However, this technology is not really into the market, according to user feedback, although the controller has been sold on Amazon, but the function is not available.

Google spokesman did not disclose more details about the acquisition, but has confirmed this fact. Green Throttle Games team members Crowley and Townsend will be added to the Google team, while Huang Zhongyan continues to be responsible for its game company’s business. At present, the company has received a $6 million A round of financing from DCM, Trinity Ventures lead.

set-top box competition will be a major aspect of 2014. It is said that in order to compete with Netflix, the set-top box will Amazon launched at the end of March; while Apple is working with Time Warner to discuss cooperation, in April will launch a new generation of set-top box, Google now also has to catch up.

insider said the acquisition of Google has been aimed at the set-top box, Green Throttle Games controller can help Google get part of the Bluetooth control. Google to launch set-top boxes on the news there are a variety of rumors, it seems now is an indisputable fact. A few days ago, Google announced that chromecast’s product sales have broken million, which may give Google to enter the set-top box to a certain area of confidence, so the video service + multi screen interactive games may be the main business of Google set-top box.