Groupon back jibian stars ran you fool

with the rapid development of e-commerce market, the past two years in the e-commerce industry chain, the most interesting is the group purchase industry and express industry, and these two industries have been staged in 2012 of well-known enterprises Mister run away. Express industry and group purchase industry itself is the most market potential of the industry, but it is because of the market potential will find many athletes participating in the "doping" after the light, many athletes have chosen to run away captive. Groupon ran back, jibian stars just run away, he will come back


group treasure back?

During the Spring Festival in

, Groupon capital chain rupture, business staff have come to beg for arrears, a time of Groupon bankruptcy voice spread quickly in the electricity industry. At that time, Groupon has been plunged into financial difficulties is very serious, when Groupon founder Ren Chunlei became the target of shelling by all. Investors do not understand him, the staff did not understand him, cooperative businesses also don’t understand him, consumers do not understand him, because in the physical world, money is the most basic survival condition, no one is obligated to understand him. May be in the limelight in the past, people calm down, look at this matter will be cast to Ren Chunlei sympathy, admiration, but in the event of the peak, he only chose to endure. After more than a month of silence, Ren Chunlei announced enough new money Groupon back. But with the money to turn the tide? Groupon telepresence back? Not necessarily, group purchase dispute is not over, then there will be more and more sites fall.

after the defeat, Ren Chunlei now also recognize that Groupon has lost the trust of the market, in order to allow businesses and consumers to choose again, Groupon, Ren Chunlei launched a "zero margin strategy". But now is not the initial stage of the development of the industry to buy, and may be able to attract new businesses, but can not attract a large number of consumers is a problem. Group purchase website of the product or service itself, the price is very low, the gross profit is not high, zero profit can have much difference with the price difference now? If in order to attract businesses to reduce the access threshold, the Groupon business cooperation service quality will decline? Now consumers buy site shopping and pay more attention to security and integrity, how Groupon can once again get the trust of consumers? Groupon wants to turn the tide, the road is very difficult.

jibian stars run

?After a final "I urge everyone to assume" the failure of SMS

in net exposure jibian stars founder Chen Ping made, all the stars will be digging out the media depth, wage arrears, transfer of assets, payment, to building agents seized air exposed one by one in front of the public a few days ago, the morning star or the star enterprise will be anxious, instantly become the industry of sinners. The morning star recalled some time ago exposed Chen Ping jibian with brother ZJS merger news should be jibian stars for the transfer of its assets and delaying a truth of the transfer of assets.