Ma Xia Hui no Baidu days

used to ignore Baidu, when Google is the search engine. Later, due to the Google image is often unstable, and Baidu pictures are very stable, I used Baidu more times. Later, as a result of Baidu’s MP3 search, I use Baidu more times, the wife of such ordinary users of Baidu MP3 search is like.

wait until the National Day in 2005, just from the woman out of the startup state, in the unstable lament and unemployment boring, I made the first personal website "old man". This just understand the difference between the original website and personal web pages can be large, procedures, loopholes, art, templates…… Everything must come to himself. So some people say that the webmaster is the most understanding of the Internet, I deeply agree.

later, because of the work of 265, exposed to a lot of excellent personal webmaster, many people still have the students, because the website millionaire, a monthly income of tens of thousands of people. Talking to many friends, they are felt to engage in IT, do the Internet, although the surface is bright, in fact so many years, the collapse of the body, the money did not earn much, it’s better to do a small station. That being said, but I really want to stand 70% of the people are afraid to insist on half a year, because the personal webmaster too hard.

at the end of last year, because thenonsense reasons can not imagine, I come out from, if returned to the station in 2005 just do mind, some improvement on their website and then pass the time.

during this period, the accidental discovery of Google from the statistics the proportion of traffic sources rising up Baidu. At that time, I wrote a blog about this matter.

a few years before the new year’s day, was doing things in Luoyang. By the Internet, Baidu found antecedents drop, a day before the 6, 7000IP has only 2000IP, included the number has dropped a lot. Carefully check, some keywords high traffic dropped.

at that time, I thought, is it because I haven’t been updated frequently these days?. So back to Beijing after the update. But after a week, a look, included the number was reduced by half, and from only 2 and 300 IP, with a Google fraction.

  ask some friends stand, there is no increase in the number of measures included Baidu, Baidu said they now and pull the wool, some of them stand out only the home page, but Baidu, no way to.

  I do not believe that the search Baidu hair removal of the relevant information, see a few words:

, a Baidu in cleaning up the highly repetitive repeated data acquisition station; (I was released by hand, although most of the content is sent over the others, but should not stand and a highly repetitive, this may exclude)

two, Baidu crawler does not recognize the 301 turn, set up on their own error page 404 >