The fate of entrepreneur Chen Zemin


first frozen Glutinous Rice Balls inventor, China quick-frozen food?? these are Chen Zemin label. He was at the helm of the "three food", have disappeared in all super quick counter.

"three Ling Glutinous Rice Balls, sweet and delicious." Over the years, this advertisement has appeared frequently in various TV channels, the brand has become a household name.

but in fact, this enterprise is not a long history, its founder Chen Zemin 50 to start a business. From 1990 the first frozen Glutinous Rice Balls born to now, with annual sales of more than 1 billion 900 million yuan; from only a single frozen Glutinous Rice Balls small factory, now has four hundred kinds of products, with only 21 years of time.

this may be just the beginning, Chen Zemin said, three to do a hundred years old.

knows that Chen Zemin knows that his success is no accident. Thanks to the first fifty years of accumulation, also depends on the type of character Chen Zemin.



‘s venture

50, should be the setting time, most people will not start work at that age. To know the fate of the age of entrepreneurship, it is likely that many people would not dare to think of things. That’s what happened to Chen Zemin.

before the start, Chen Zemin was the vice president of Zhengzhou Second People’s Hospital, family happiness, success, everything should have a 50 year old man.

but he felt that the days were not enough and the time was wasted. Although it is a vice president of a three grade hospital, only one hundred yuan a month wages can not give the family a better life.

era hero, 1989, just to catch up with the tide of reform and opening up, he came up with the idea of the sea. Around a group of business friends gradually rich up. So, Chen Zemin decided to give up the existing status and honor? Business?.

Chen Zemin is absolutely in his first start empty-handed, venture capital is fifteen thousand yuan to the neighbors borrowed. He bought an ice cream machine with twelve thousand dollars, three thousand dollars to buy other raw materials as liquidity in the market, rent a counter, set up a cold drink, called the "three Department of cold". The reason is called three, to thank the party in the third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee.

is willing to use their brains, positive innovation, three months to repay the loan. Then, Chen Zemin began to expand reproduction wholesale. The scene is booming, in order to enter the arrival, a lot of people in the middle of the night to queue.

later found in Shanghai there is a cold ice cream sandwich dog is very popular, but the introduction of the production of such equipment will be one hundred thousand yuan, this is an astronomical figure for his start-up. Chen Zemin clear principle, not a penny, with the original do ice cream sandwich ice cream produced by salt water tank. This technology is the two frozen method, which laid the foundation for the future of frozen Glutinous Rice Balls. < >