2016 entrepreneurship need to know several major emerging industries

in a good atmosphere of public entrepreneurship, more and more people embark on the road to become rich. For first-time entrepreneurs, it is necessary to understand some of the emerging industries. So what are the emerging industries in 2016 worth the attention of entrepreneurs, the following will tell you the answer.

nanny labor services company

The basic responsibility of the

nanny service is to do all the housework. The basic working mode of the baby sitter service company is: 1) the company carries on the widespread advertisement propaganda work; 2) carries on the specialized housework training, the legal system education, the security education and the self protection education to the staff before the work.

Several members of the

quality essential: healthy, smooth and clean, honest and trustworthy, hardworking and dedicated. Nanny labor service company’s work classification rules include: 1) health clean-up work; 2) regular work; (3) special services.

convenient bag

plastic bag is the most extensive, the most common, the largest number of disposable consumer goods, bring convenience to people. Plastic bag is closely connected with people’s life, whether it is shopping in a supermarket or the market to buy food; both urban and rural areas, seasons, or everyday life, everywhere without the basic necessities of life. According to preliminary statistics, the per capita consumption of at least 1 per day, a market needs tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands per day, the market is huge, never dried up.

production of plastic bags without brand, small investment, quick returns, economic benefits continued stability. The most common market to vest bag as an example: 18 cm wide raw material can be produced per kilogram of 300-500, market wholesale price of 0.8-1 yuan per hundred, each bag sold 0.8-1 cents, the material is 2.0-2.5 yuan / kg, per bag cost for 0.4-0.5, each bag can be Li 0.3-0.6. According to the daily production of 100 thousand calculations, the daily profit of 300-600 yuan, the larger the bag, the more upscale, higher profits.

residential design

we know that building is a top priority in the farmer’s life, with the development of social economy, but also to the farmers residential practical and beautiful, individuation, more and more rich peasants in the building more carefully, in order to project, so you need to have specialized design and Research on new residential construction.

marine monopoly

natural sea water can not only sell seafood wholesalers, but also can be shipped to the city to sell a variety of seafood restaurants. They are not only fresh seafood, but also stocked in a glass cylinder to show customers that the sea is more important for them. In addition, the city needs water