College admission guide

August is coming to an end, in September will come, after a long summer vacation, college freshmen will usher in the school’s school, so as to start their new life. In short, it is now the beginning of the school day, but also the freshman enrollment peak. What needs to be prepared for college? What are the procedures for college students? Xiao Bian finishing the freshman admission guide, details are as follows:

1. with all necessary documents and supplies

in the letter of admission notice, most colleges and universities will be accompanied by a new student for the preparation of the "new guidelines" or "report notes". Students in the school must be carefully read before, the above will indicate the time of student registration, registration required to bring together the documents and materials required for admission procedures and precautions. Some schools will collect information on the Internet, students should fill in the relevant content in advance.

a list of their best students, the need to prepare the goods out before starting to check whether to take, especially the admission notice, identity card, ticket (ticket), bank cards, relationship materials, account transfer card must take, and pay attention to the way you don’t lose, apply for student loans the students have to take relevant materials. If the school admissions or require students to own files, students have to take good care of their personal files, not secretly opened.

tuition and living expenses can be deposited in the bank card (college admission notice in the mail, usually enclosed a bank card, student tuition fees and living expenses in the bank card.) Students who try to bring less cash, the best points in two places. Like shampoo, soap, washing powder, hangers life there is no need to carry out activities of students, the school (near) will have a supermarket, if not drive to their own words, these things can get to school after the purchase, your luggage is too heavy, travel inconvenience.

Beware of fake "new team"


go to school students, but also pay attention to travel safety. During the new report, most universities will receive in the main train station and bus station to set up a new station, sent a car to meet new, (new guidelines will indicate the pick up time). The new personnel will generally freshmen at the station exit sign for the students, to make sure that the new identity of the person, see the name of the school, campus, not with the wrong team.

last year in the new report as part of the train station, bus station there will be some criminals posing as "new" staff students cheat money, some intermediary institutions, took the opportunity to "illegal recruitment, some travel agencies under the guise of university name, LAN tourists etc.. Students must guard against them, don’t listen to the people at the unknown source or origin.

airport and the smaller station recommended