Want to make money you have these soft power

a lot of people do not want to make money just to feed their families, but also hope to make a lot of money to achieve their ideal. In fact, not only need to make big money background, knowledge and a variety of external capabilities. Soft power is the final determining factor. Want to make a lot of money to see if you have these soft power.

1, insight

representative case: Lenovo Liu Chuanzhi in 1978 "people’s Daily" published a scientific article and smell Chinese cattle will become the wind; and Henry Fok is the sense of opportunities by observing the nude portrait of the avenue of the BeiJing Capital Airport is removed – this is a fact helpless, entrepreneurs sometimes is born.

2, eat bitter bitter

like "appearance is not surprising" man’s pursuit of undivided attention pretty girls are often the same success. Poor people felt because of the poor and the more money the pain of cutting one’s body, desire and spirit.


, can take temporary setbacks

4, unity is strength

unity is a kind of ability. To gather a group of people to do the revolution, and has been following you down, so as to make a lot of money.

representative case: February 21, 1999, Hangzhou Lake Garden Ma, Ma wife, colleagues, students, friends, 18 people sitting or standing around, ma. This is the later "Alibaba eighteen Arhats" entrepreneurs collect 500 thousand yuan of principal. The office is located in Ma’s home, wages are the same, 500 yuan a month, no holiday within 10 months. Ma Yun asked the staff working 16~18 hours a day, sleepy sleep lying. Alibaba eighteen Arhats for today’s Ali empire made distinctions won in battle.   Ma Huateng and his four King Kong are the same case.


, all things to all men

must deal with various relations. In addition to building your own business circles, especially in relation to the government and officials, no