The university is really spicy iced Rainbow Night

Malatang is very common in our life, and there are a lot of people like to eat spicy hot, especially some young people, in many university campus Malatang is a rare delicacy, recently, in a university there a malatang.

Luo Rong is a

"summer eat spicy hot, students will buy with iced drinks, hot and cold on the stomach hurts." Luo Rong said, so she started to do iced Malatang ideas. In order not to affect the spicy taste and pay attention to health, she also used to boil the soup into the ice. "This dish is mainly for summer." Luo Rong said.


"and the summer in Chongqing is very well." Wang Tongxue Southwest University of Political Science and Law is a study of three students from Henan, she said, after eating, visitors to Chongqing can’t adapt to the hot summer, the two are not accustomed to spicy taste, "this dish combines the taste very good". Luo Rong told reporters that the students of this dish is her "buy" the summer, when business is good, one day to sell 200 copies of the highest.


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