What are the skills of retail stores to enhance their competitiveness

although the retail store has the advantage of convenient checkout, but it can not resist the big business too intense competition, resulting in a number of retail stores have closed down. Four years ago, I opened a small supermarket in a community, because residents are not many, just started the business is not too good, but for people with enthusiasm, and thoughtful service, more and more genuine goods at a fair price, the residents and the business has been improved. I was secretly pleased to see hope, when two large chain have settled in the community.

community chain stores have strong advantages in management, service, marketing and other aspects. Bring me a lot of pressure. Is it as individual retail store I can only sit back and watch my supermarket integrated out? Relatives relatives kindly reminder: or move early, find a place far away from the big business shop……"

looked very easy to build up the customer base is gradually disappearing, want to move and unwilling. I want to put my customers pull back, through the efforts of two years down, not only attracted many visitors often, there are a lot of repeat customers. Accumulate some experience, to share with you, I hope you can bring some inspiration to the peer.

from early to late, extend the opening hours. Most of the chain stores to work at 9 in the morning, at night to work at 10. Very convenient for some early next evening customers. I extend the opening time, undoubtedly opened convenient ways for the customer. And other chain stores to open the door, buy cigarettes and buy breakfast customers have long been satisfied with the consumer in my shop. The same night, my door is always open next evening customers. Over time, the customer simply naturally to my store consumption.

Let the consumer

two genuine goods at a fair price. Although the unified distribution chain, a large quantity favorably, there are certain advantages in terms of purchase. But the wages and the cost of the site must be much bigger than mine. Some goods are several times more profitable than my store. In order to ensure the genuine goods at a fair price on the basis of the gross profit, I have been in control of about fifteen percent. Over time, after the comparison of consumers, feel the same quality, but the price is several times, of course, they are willing to come to my shop to consume.

three give up small profit, let the customer greedy little cheap. Customers have the mentality of small cheap, appropriate to give customers pick up a small amount of money can also draw the hearts of people. Chain stores are hiring employees, 32 Fen of the money received by the cashier. Some of the staff is not high quality tight face, face expressionless, customers have questioned their attitude indifference. But if I buy 20 dollars above goods, if there is a fraction, I generally do not receive maomao. Sometimes give manufacturers free gifts, discounts, all kinds of small cheap can make customers feel happy.

four service, door-to-door. Chain stores are not