Henan job analysis of large data industry what popular job on the road

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University in professional, a lot of people for what job you worried, so what industry in the current market environment more popular? In October 12th, Henan province talent analysis report "in 2016 third quarter released a" talent exchange center of Henan Province, Henan Province in the third quarter job analysis job recruitment data, more than half of the province to Zhengzhou as the preferred job number, the demand for talent in trade, manufacturing, real estate three traditional industries sharply growth.

[data] 66 thousand sample data, the three quarter of the province’s employment pressure decreased by

"report" through the data acquisition of 29 information collection point to provincial city centers, County Talent Center, human resources services as the main body, according to the survey, we collected 66301 effective sample data, reflects the talent market supply and demand.

in the three quarter, the province’s information collection points were held various job fairs 325, recruitment unit 10383, providing 202348 jobs, job seekers 156515 passengers, received 98387 copies of your resume, the intention to reach (rate): 50291, the opening rate of 1.29 (opening rate = demand number / the number of job seekers). Employment reached a preliminary intention rate was 32.13%, the opening rate increased slightly compared with the second quarter, job seekers employment pressure decreases, the continuation of the one or two quarter, the employment situation is generally stable.


] analysis of the employment needs of SMEs and strong, real estate and other three industries:

in the three quarter, the recruitment of talent in the talent market demand, the state-owned enterprises of 5.17%, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan invested enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises, private enterprises, 2.84%, 82.88%.

Henan Talent Exchange Center Deputy Director Lu Yu believes that with the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" the gradual deepening of Henan Province, a large number of small and micro enterprises came into being, and gradually on the right track, the labor demand, so the total number of job growth more than the same period last year.

at the same time, talent demand in traditional industry trade, manufacturing, real estate began to pick up, counter attack. The freight volume continued to increase, in the Zhengzhou airport international trains Zheng European background and frequency increasing, especially in Henan Province, represented by Zhengzhou, the total demand for talent in cross-border trade, business trade as the main emerging retail trade rebounded sharply.

"along with the main line three or four national city housing prices continue to rise, in Zhengzhou, Luoyang, opened as the representative of the three or four line of the city, the real estate industry began to pick up, the industry employer demand for talent recommendation