Factor analysis of investment and Entrepreneurship

do not because of impulsive and choose to invest in entrepreneurship, impulsive consequences are often very tragic. After a long process of thinking, you can invest. So, with the small series together to look at the elements of investment and entrepreneurship!

1, prepared

2, careful selection of industry and brand


to raise funds when you initially decided to join the project, and then to solve the problem is to raise funds. Because of adverse to raise money, there are a lot of people thought the shop became impossible. So, how to raise funds? First of all, personal deposits are the main source of funds. Therefore, if there is ready to shop, usually pay attention to save, as much as possible to store some start-up funds. Followed by relatives and friends. If you have some rich friends or relatives, they are the ideal object to borrow money. However, when borrowing with them, you should give them a detailed description of your shop plan, so that they will have confidence in your future repayment ability. Clear the best agreed repayment term and interest, write IOU, otherwise it will damage the feelings of contradictions. If you need more money, you can also consider bank loans. However, in general, it is not easy to apply for bank loans, you need to have real estate, real estate, as collateral. In addition, the choice of some of the early investment is less, the industry outlook is more prosperous, after the shop can quickly get the funds back to the project is also very important.