Shop operators need to be cautious and old customers

has become an old customer, many shopkeepers and customers become "friends" in everyday business will not only give some concessions, but when nothing could Lara homemade, because of the attitude of the old customers, let some criminals take advantage of profitable. Therefore, the shop also need to operate cautious old customers.

as the saying goes, a resuscitation, two cooked, three times is an old friend. The shop to do business every day to patronize the shop is our old regulars for the old regular customers can not only enjoy our warm service, but also has the special service. Because the old regulars often take care of our business, we have confidence. But in the daily life of the customer is the more customers of every hue, to your store is premeditated, we treat the old regulars to be careful, not in their design.

trust, to steal money

shop these years, what kind of customer can be met, remember that there is a female customer does not work, I would go to the store and I chat every morning and afternoon, even when I am busy for my shop, or help me to take the goods, see the child, and the way to go, I she felt a great help to me, will give her some gifts to her delivery, or goods I just leave the capital, have gained my trust in her, sometimes I want to go to the toilet herself in the store.

we have become good friends, no words don’t talk, but every day I bought many goods, I told her how much money, so I put large amounts of cash she also clear where. Because there is no customer, she sat at my counter and chat with me. I have always believed that she is my friend, at least not bad motives. Such a day for more than a month, due to the occurrence of a thing, in the end, she was my first suspicion, and no longer dare to come to my store.

one morning, she was fine early over, that morning, children do not know how, wake up crying, I was because the store was busy in the morning, a lot of customers to choose goods in the store, no time to care about children, she looked at me so busy in helping children wear clothes, to make her happy, then later said something left in a hurry. I do not have this thing at ease, she often said to come, say go.

at the end of the morning, I will have to deliver goods, thousands of yuan of goods, because the amount is relatively large, I would go back on the bed of the money, when I opened the wallet suddenly shocked, the inside of the 100 yuan fifty all have no, only a few pieces of ten yuan. Ming Ming yesterday with a few thousand dollars I personally put in the bag, it will be my money take wings to itself, which, in addition to their own people, no more people come in no one will know that it is "she".