Chongqing vigorously promote new energy vehicles subsidy amount is very large

serious environmental pollution so that new energy vehicles in the current market is very popular, Chongqing in order to actively encourage people to buy new energy vehicles, the government began to issue the relevant subsidy policy! Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Finance issued the "rules for the implementation of new energy vehicles to promote the application of financial subsidy funds management in Chongqing (Trial)", the rules applicable to the central government and the Municipal Finance and promote the application of new energy vehicles subsidy application, review and grant (approval).

in accordance with the rules, in 2016, pure electric passenger cars by driving mileage were subsidized 10 thousand yuan, respectively, $30 thousand plug-in hybrid passenger subsidies of $10 thousand. Pure electric passenger car maximum subsidy of 100 thousand yuan; plug-in hybrid bus subsidy of $50 thousand. Fuel cell passenger car subsidy 100 thousand yuan, fuel cell light buses, trucks subsidies of $150 thousand, fuel cell buses, medium and heavy duty truck subsidies of 250 thousand yuan.

Chongqing to promote new energy vehicles, a large amount of subsidies, if there is a need to buy a car, you can not miss the new energy vehicles! It is reported that the central government subsidy for consumers; Chongqing city finance subsidy object is the purchase of units and individuals, on the card in the city and the use of new energy vehicles.

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