Shop location to see how McDonald’s dry

double eleven Ali turnover of about 100000000000, so many people are talking about Ma, said he was personally destroyed the presence of Chinese stores. But the small does not agree, the basis of online store marketing, which is the fate of the community, take the food and beverage industry, the shape of the O2O, is the catering business line carried out like a raging fire, but the next line store still not unprecedented growth. In the catering industry, each restaurant owner knows that a good choice of the importance of location, so for such things very seriously, want to choose a good location, but the choice of a good address was not so easy. McDonald’s is the world famous fast-food brands, today to share this giant brand is how to choose the address.

shop location to see how McDonald’s doing

first criterion: where the target consumer, the shop where

for McDonald’s, his target population is young people, children and family members, so McDonald’s store is open in these people often go to places, such as a McDonald’s restaurant in Zhengzhou is open in crowded China World Trade Center 360 side, there are a lot of work in China World Trade Center around 360 young people, there are also many home shopping in this place.

second criteria: not only look at the present, but also look at the future

Not another principle

McDonald’s location address is selected. For twenty years, McDonald’s in the choice of address, will examine the place by the period of three to six months, mainly consider the local people now and future development. In addition, McDonald’s will not open in addition to residential areas, because the consumer time is very little.

third criteria: must be eye-catching

careful observation you will find that McDonald’s shop is all on the first floor, and are transparent glass. The purpose of doing so is to want the outside customers to show their own culture, to attract consumers.

fourth guidelines: circuitous tactics

generally, the price of gold lots of industry mainly will be very high, when the price exceeds the price of investment, McDonald’s using circuitous tactics, their stores in other relatively cheap place, worth promotion through this way, so as to reduce the price of the owners.

fifth criteria: the use of good lot advantage

McDonald’s choose to shop around, often are very popular place, near the 27 square, where a large number of young people in the shop every day, McDonald’s make full use of the people here, >