Mayor retired to build entrepreneurship five years ecological scenic spot

The ancient

ministers to retire, mostly enjoy a quality suggestive of poetry or painting pastoral life, in the eyes of the public, now retired cadres, too, and the old mayor retired to doing nothing, have built the ecological scenic spot.

2010 in the morning of January 22nd, Li Douluo to the Nanchang Municipal People’s Congress status at the National People’s Congress reported, 4 hours later, he returned to West Lake Li, root down to begin raising money to engage in construction.

which attracts people in town driving: this year after the holiday, scenic spots start charging, 20 dollars a person, a monthly income of $more than 40 thousand.


34 years old when the county Party Secretary, when he was 55 years old when mayor

in the government for 40 years, "said Li Douluo officialdom that is not clear, do not understand, the division of the law, the way".

he was 24 years old when the commune party secretary. 30 years old, became deputy secretary of Jinxian county. Later, when he was Secretary of the county Party committee, he was the most superficial, only 34 years old.

complain of great momentum, even the Central Organization Department sent together to check and provinces. Li Douluo was upset, he said to the investigation team, who were like, who in the home to write, I have crystal clear. They told me that I was not a person, there is an opinion on the power, there is a seat on my opinion.

of "crime", Li Douluo explained, rebellion in his village farmers. The so-called abuse of power, family or rural household, even their own meals in the cafeteria also pay for meals, how called abuse of power. The last one, recommended