What are the problems of air conditioning cleaning industry

summer has come, air conditioning started useful, however, on the air conditioning internal used after winter has been very much bacteria, and the air conditioning itself because of dust pollution has brought greater loss, so that air conditioning cleaning naturally became a career before when the market demand is very big. However, although the market is large, the prospects are good, but if you want to engage in such business, but also a lot of problems. So, what are the problems of air-conditioning cleaning industry?

is the winter flu and other respiratory disease epidemic season, Beijing and other places for the beginning of 2007 influenza patients increased, Chinese Indoor Environment Committee issued a warning: prevention of influenza and other respiratory infectious diseases in winter, starting from paying attention to the indoor environment, indoor air purification and disinfection. In the days before the Shanghai city "NPC and CPPCC", Shanghai City, Liu Zhongling and Ling members also submitted proposals Kongshan respectively, focus on this issue and suggested that the public should be regularly cleaned and disinfected air conditioning system.

building "lung" bacterial contamination can not be ignored

central air conditioning is vividly called modern architecture "lung", but the building of "lung" will become a hotbed of bacteria breeding.

it is understood that the indoor and outdoor air conditioning unit in normal operation, the radiation of refrigeration or heating through the heat exchanger and air exchange and ventilation, dust, lint and debris will adsorption in the heat exchanger fin surface, adhesion, filter and air supply link parts, humid environment will in the heat exchanger fin oxide, and the accumulation of thick.

this will reduce the conduction efficiency of the heat exchanger, increase the air resistance and friction resistance, increase the work load at the same time, power consumption, reduce the use efficiency. According to statistics, only a single domestic air-conditioning power consumption of 900 kilowatt hour meter, after cleaning annual saving 135 kwh.

in addition, air conditioning in the dust is easy to breed mold, causing the user’s allergic dermatitis, respiratory infections and other diseases, the air duct is also easy to become mice, cockroaches and other places of activity. Harbin in a health supervision and inspection found that 70% central air conditioning Legionella exceeded. Legionella through the air vent into the hotel, office building, leading to lung infection, but also on human nervous system, digestive system, kidney function disturbance.

cleaning is extremely difficult yet to give enough attention to

standard central air conditioning cleaning including the main engine, water circulation system and ventilation pipe cleaning. In many large buildings in our country, the cleaning of the main engine and the water circulation system has been put into the budget. However, due to central air conditioning ventilation throughout the building interior, and cleaning up "arranged in a crisscross pattern.