How to prepare for the exhibition

regularly held a number of enterprises in the investment activities of the exhibition, the exhibition planning is one of the key factors that have a good exhibition planning preparation, the exhibition will be held as scheduled.

three sampling principle:

a)   targeted, targeted   —-  means the exhibits to meet the purpose, principles, nature and content of the exhibition.

b ( ); representative, representative   —-  refers to the exhibits to reflect the high and new technology, production capacity and the characteristics of the industry.

c) is unique, unique   —-  refers to the exhibits have their own originality, so compared with other similar products, significantly different.   display methods: exhibits itself in most cases, and can not explain all of its performance, display all the features needed by other materials or   equipment and other means, to illustrate and emphasize rendering. To allow visitors to actively participate in the scene, and prepare some small packaging samples free of charge. These are in order to arouse the interest of visitors   increase the purchasing desire of businessmen.  : booth design: on the surface, the booth design should focus on the beautiful, in fact, is not so simple. Mainly to the booth to fully reflect the image of exhibitors, can attract the attention of visitors. Therefore, attention should also be paid to  . Contrary to Zhu recorded fu;.