What are the methods of foot care to the city

a shop if you do not have any way to keep the guests, such a store may be difficult to get a better operation, not to mention the long-term profitability. So, if a store can have a better operation, whether can to will be a very important deciding factor. Of course, want to, also need to master certain methods. So, what are the methods of foot care to the city?

1, products (ie facilities)

is the focus of attention and pursuit of consumers, early customers to the city by foot care products about foot care, foot care city later made famous after the customer is that the product through the foot health care city, this shift to the foot health care city must attach importance to quality, especially for new and new customers.

2, service

Foot care city reflect

value, some non technology price can impress customers is service, service characteristics should be institutionalized, standardization, standardization. So that the customer has the feeling of God, with a sense of value, you can retain customers.

3, environment

today’s society is an era of environmental consumption, a good environment will give people relaxed and happy mood, noble enjoyment. Such as interior design environment of China Liangtse, Dazu Shennong is very elegant. They are looking for the overall design of the foot health care city professional design company to be responsible for the whole project.

4, characteristic

did not have the characteristics of foot care city can not bring a sense of surprise, is feeling out of customer characteristics, is different from the other signs of foot health care city foot health care city, has its own characteristics in order to retain customers in the long-term, the foot care city long-term development.

5, masseur

massage is the customer’s "mentor", is a foot care city outside the window, many messages are conveyed from their mouths. Their work determines whether or not the old customer can stay. Cultivate their "7 hearts and 2 sex", refers to: confidence, perseverance, patience, love, dedication, sense of responsibility, ambition, initiative, tenacity.

6, member

training members, especially high loyalty membership is a magic weapon of foot care and development of the city from top to bottom, members can have a membership mail list, regular activities, so that customers get benefits and benefits. Members can engage in a sense of family and atmosphere, to become a small social groups.

7, events and promotions