Xining held the first session of the principal Forum

"the headmaster and children with games, with learning, with life, with parental care to care for every child, and entered into the children’s inner world, so the president must be a successful principal……" April 11th, in Xining City Board of Education held the first session of the forum, some experts think so. It is understood that the forum a total of four counties from Xining City, the County Education Bureau, the primary and secondary school principals, kindergarten heads and other 470 people to participate in the three.

from April 10th to 11, Xining City Bureau of education invited the Guangming Daily consultant, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Professor, special educational consultant in Guangdong provincial government Chen Zhonglian, former president of Xining fourth Zhu Yongcai, director of Xining 21 President Yu Dawei and the Education Bureau of Xining City, Guan Xinmin, to the city of Xining and the four district three county primary school, junior high school, high school, occupation school middle management cadre and a school principal speaker "contemporary education special problems and Countermeasures" "let the rational education become conscious" "education" and "responsibility for the mission and the realm of wisdom classroom" etc..

Guan Xinmin, director of the Education Bureau of Xining

, said: "the current education is utilitarian, selfish, narrow and shallow, and the consequences are terrible. Therefore, in this way to correct the current attitude and practice of education, school, parents and society together to reflect, so that education returns to reason."

fourth Xining former president Zhu Yongcai said at the forum, with the two part of the school curriculum, a class with a check payable; shorten the extracurricular activities in time; simply to evaluate students and teachers in grades; ignore the students life is not desirable. He believes that the president can’t change since the entrance of this big situation, then it should be in his management of the school, can introduce some policies and measures, let the children enjoy learning, rational pursuit of excellence. If a child starts from school that day, on the quilt on the writing and operation of the bridle, never fully enjoy the beauty of nature, has never read a set of fairy tales, this kind of education will undoubtedly stifle children’s naive nature. Therefore, a good headmaster should Greenville, good deeds, Dusing, let every child to school and learn to respect life, happy learning, happy growth. (author: Chen Jun)