The practice of learning is embodied in the daily work

day, the Provincial Bureau of each unit in a timely manner to convey learning center of provincial Party committee, "two a" learning education work conference, and actively carry out education in various forms, that carry out the "two a" learning is the important measure to promote the comprehensive and strictly extends to the grassroots, to the full strict implementation of each branch of each party, to highlight the characteristics of regular education, the "learning" achievement, "do" practice into daily work.

all departments units agree, and achieved remarkable results in the foundation of the party’s mass line educational practice and three strict three special education, carried out in all members of this year "two a" study and education, is strictly required to implement a comprehensive deployment, is to promote the practice of Ideological and political construction of normalization system, is an important measure to promote the management and administration of the party’s work extends to the grassroots.


office units have said, to grasp the basic requirements of "two a", earnestly carry out the study and practice of conscious control, to achieve practical results. To learn it and Learning Series speech party unity, and lay a solid foundation in accordance with the "learning"; "four four" standards, striving to be a qualified party member, outstanding "do" the key; adhere to the problem oriented, science, aiming at the problem of change with the problem; around the broken problem, make up the short board to strengthen the building of grassroots organizations; both hands, two not mistake, job promotion center.

everyone agreed that the party is always strictly on the road. "Two do" education is not an event, but a routine, normalization and institutionalization of Party education, to highlight the characteristics of regular education, solve the problems, of the motive force, grasping thin realistically, the real ideological and political construction of the party’s hold on daily, often in yan. Through the study and education, to promote every member of the Communist Party of inheritance of hard work and selfless dedication of the gene, promote hypoxia no shortage of spirit of the character, struggling to build the Qinghai highland spirit, promote the overall progress of the cause of the party and people, to achieve a good start in 13th Five-Year.