Xining Postal Administration

November 26th, the Xining Municipal Postal Administration formally established.

it is understood that the Xining postal administration is following the reorganization of the State Post Bureau, Provincial Postal Administration for more than 5 years, according to the State Council to improve the postal service system reform scheme, located in the Department of postal regulatory functions within the administrative area of city. This is an important milestone in the history of the reform and development of postal services in our city. The new postal administration, exercise supervision and administration of the local postal industry and express industry, the implementation of the national postal legal regulations and policies, to study and formulate the regional postal industry development planning, protection of local postal communications and information security, ensure health preservation area and orderly development of the postal industry. The opening of the Xining postal administration, which marks the completion of the province’s Provincial Postal regulatory agencies to complete the basic work. So far, the province’s 8 prefectures and municipalities postal administration have all been set up, the province’s postal industry reform and development into a new stage. (author: Xu Shunkai)