Xining to chase part of the problem of high-speed passenger rail tracking more detailed explanation

January 8th, the beauty of Xining Bus Travel Co. Ltd., Xining traffic police detachment of Beichuan squadron on all traffic drivers, tour bus driver, Xining Datong high class vehicles, passenger line driver and the Xining Datong bus line driver, the owner to carry out new traffic regulations knowledge training.

Xining traffic police detachment Beichuan squadron commander Zhang Jingguan as drivers explain in detail the revised Ministry of Public Security issued the "motor vehicle driver’s license to apply for and use of provisions" (Ministry of Public Order No. 123rd) in road traffic safety laws and regulations on road passenger transport and passenger drivers involved in road traffic violations be punished and score changes, the new content, focusing on the driving of passenger operation exceed the approved number of more than 20% of the drivers operating buses on the highway lane parking, driving passenger operation exceeds the speed of more than 20% of the illegal driving on the highway, traffic and so on reversing the retrograde motor vehicle driver, change the penalty and scoring. (author: Liu Peng)