Xining will use 3 years to build ecological Beichuan River

recently, reporters from the Huangshui River (Xining section) comprehensive management committee learned that about three years in Xining City, through the Beichuan River (core) comprehensive management, the construction of this area into a set of ecological protection, leisure greenbelt, tourist attractions, culture, natural ecological environment restoration of ecological functions livable city, the main city of Xining to clear water, smooth, shore green, Jing Mei.

Beichuan River (core) comprehensive management and planning control to the east of Dongshan, Tianjun South Road, Wan Village nine and Wei village at the junction, West to the north of Kang Ning Zhang highway, bridge, planning area of about 9.32 square kilometers. The future of the Beichuan river will become a "plateau city, cultural corridor, elegant garden". The main highlight of Xining plateau Shuicheng plateau landscape city geographical features, strengthen the construction of the "water" theme, shaping the northwest city landscape model, leading to the concept of sustainable development, the city landscape and reasonable combination, form a new pattern of integration of mountain, water, city of the city; cultural corridor highlights multi ethnic cultural gathering place mining, multi national culture classics, grasp the development trend of the tourism industry, showcasing the Hehuang culture, to create a national holiday destination, making it a "winter tour of Sanya, the space vector summer tour of Xining"; the summer garden concept, will improve the development of the kinetic energy of the charm of Xining, providing multi-functional facilities to enhance the service level, the urban transformation of Xining in twenty-first Century, to assist the charm will truly become the "high-end leisure and business facilities" in Xining Garden。